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Why Choose Us ???


Our Clients include ...

  • - BBC (Media Centre, Manchester)
  • - Time Inc (New York, USA)
  • - Police (West Midlands Counter-Terrorism Unit WMCTU)
  • - Police Complaints Commission (IPCC, Warrington)
  • - Ministry of Defence - Dept of Science (Porton Down)
  • - Ministry of Defence - Qinetiq (South End on Sea)
  • - National Health Service (Croydon NHS)
  • - HSBC (Head Office Canary Wharf)
  • - British Nuclear (Warrington)
  • - The British Library (Electronic Archives)
  • - Royal Ordnance Munitions Factory (Radway Green)
  • - Essex County Council, (Law Administration Dept)
  • - BAE SYSTEMS (Jetstream)
  • - Goodrich Power Systems (USA)
  • - Saint-Gobain Technology (Brøndby, DENMARK)
  • - DK Hostmaster (Copenhagen (København), DENMARK)
  • - Nuclear Generation (EDF Energy Ltd, Gloucester)
  • - Lloyds Bank (Edinburgh)
  • - Irish Stock Exchange (Dublin)
  • - TNT Couriers (Basildon. Essex)
  • - Oxfordshire County Council
  • - Northamptonshire County Council (Comms Team)
  • - Neath Port Talbot Council
  • - Wrexham County Borough Council

Some of these jobs were on day to day roles of data recovery such as failed raid arrays, SCSI systems or NAS drives. The more interesting and rewarding are those where, due to our unique expertise, we have been asked to reverse engineer old file systems, or decode a database to extract the data, or get old hardware up and running again to access an archive. This is why we are popular with some of the longest established organisations that have used computer systems dating back many years. Archive systems include electronic document management systems eg scanner, Dicoms, PCDoc, OpenText, ComSquared, Panasonic Corel etc. Approximately once a month we get an enquiry for recovery of data off an item we have never heard of before, and in most cases we have been able to get the data off it to a modern format. Perseverance is the key, along with a bit of luck. The more of these we do the better we get at it. We have pulled the data from items when no one else can, and we have built a network of contacts which means if we can't then we may be able to pass you to someone else who can.

About Us - History

Early Years

The Company was started in 2003, and was based on the personal interest in electronics hardware and computing software by the owner Howard Atherton. Howard had wanted to start his own company for many years beforehand, but it took a while to decide on the right subject matter. Apex Technology was born following start-up advice he was given years ago - if you are going to start your own business, make sure it interests you - otherwise you are not going to get out of bed in the morning! In the early years, it was more involved in Computer Forensic examination and Expert Witness services.

Expertise and Core Interests

While the Forensics work was very interesting, and certainly glamorous in the public's eye given the plethora of TV programs on the subject, the core piece of work which was of most interest was the recovering of data. This work is somewhat "geeky" but fitting for our skills. The main tools are pen, paper, patience, coffee and calculator (hexadecimal of course!).

Two areas of expertise arose which continue to be of primary interest to the company ...

1. Extracting data from old hardware that is obsolete eg 8 inch floppy disks

2. Software engineering / reverse engineer proprietary filesystems or database.

The modern day NAS drives, raid systems are all fairly interesting, and present a challenge. They certainly provide the company with its bread and butter income, and we can do these very successfully. But there is nothing quite like code cracking an ancient archive file system or database to get the data out and present it in a more modern format for Windows PC, Linux or Apple Mac, so it can be edited and given a new lease of life. It also enables migration of data off that platform, in most cases freeing up a significant amount of office space (think old MO disk jukeboxes the size of several filing cupboards!) and allow continued access to the data through modern NAS file servers, with say pdf viewers or Microsoft office applications.

Managing Director. Howard Atherton B.Eng, MSc, MIEE.

Howard Atherton APEX Technology - Data Recovery & Forensic Computing, Cheshire UK

Holds MSc Computing from Staffordshire University 2003, BSc Electronic Engineering from Hull University 1990, and is a Certified Microsoft Systems Engineer. Undertook Computer Forensics, Data Recovery and Project Engineering in UK, Dubai, Indonesia, Thailand, USA and Denmark before starting Apex Technology Ltd, primarily for an outlet for his personal interest in computing hardware, software and electronics. It gave him a socially acceptable excuse to be a geek.

We are also a member of the following:-

International Professional Data Recovery Association

IEE - Institute of Electrical Engineers
(MIEE No. 25002914)

Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce
(No. pending)

WMITA - West Midlands IT Association )
(WMITA No. Pending)


Registered Company Number : 04998885 (See Registrar of Companies for England and Wales)

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Apex Technology, Disk Conversions & Transfer Cheshire, Disk Conversions & Transfer Staffordshire.
Disk Conversions & Transfer Services Cheshire, Disk Conversions & Transfer Staffordshire, Disk Conversions & Transfer West Midlands, Disk Conversions & Transfer Warrington.