MO Disk Transfer, Conversion, and Jukebox Library Export

We transfer many types of MO disks from Document Image Scanners, Medical MOD DICOM CT MRI X-Ray Angiogram Ultrasound Disks, Archive Jukebox and Flight Data Recorders
MO Disk Transfer Services

MO Disk Transfer

Our friendly team is happy to help transfer your MO disks (MOD's). We can extract the files, even when the disk appears to be unknown filesystem or corrupt. MO disks are sometimes known as Magneto Optical Disks, or MOD (particularly in medical scanner applications). We can make software programs to recover the data from corrupt or unrecognised disks. We also convert MO Optical discs used in Jukebox Storage Libraries.

MO disk Transfer and Conversions

We can transfer data and convert files from main 2 types of MO disk.

  • MO Disk 5.25 Cartridges Transfer and Conversions5.25 MO disks sometimes called MOD and WORM found in mainly industrial applications.

  • MO Disk 3.5 Cartridges Transfer and Conversions3.5 MO disks found in mainly home, domestic and small offices. They are also used in Blackbox flight recorders on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

MO Optical Disks Types, Transfer Conversion and Data Recovery

We have handled many different Optical Disks & Magneto Optical Disks (or MOD). We can transfer files even when none knows the filesystem used to store data and the disk is not recognised by the computer system. Most of these Magneto-Optical Disks are formattted to ISO Standard. They include Optical Disk Jukebox Library Auto-Changer transfers to Hard disk drive (HDD). We also make custom solutions using in-house programming to aid migration of file data out of old scanner and electronic document storage imaging management systems (ED, EDMS, DP workstations) to the exact client requirements. This is usually to enable total disposal of the old system to a more generic easily accessed system from regular Windows PC or Mac computer. It removes the expensive Maintenance / Service costs which the old system required, to a cheap easy do it yourself system. We can convert them to a more easily handled format by modern computers eg PDF, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Excel saved on DVD CD Hard Disk etc. Disk types include WORM, CCW, CC Format WORM, and Rewritable Cartridges.

Typical Magneto Optical Disk Conversions

We receive many requests to read disks and transfer the data to new hard drive or Network storage systems. Some typical file transfer requests are below.

  • Our Blackbox Flight Recorder from Airbus A330 aircraft used MO 230mb Optical Disks which we need to ame a disk iamge and extract the files
  • We have some Sony MO disks used in OpenText which are no longer recognised by the server
  • DICOM medial images stored on about 700 Magneto-Optical disks which need saving to a USB hard drive to import into out Document Management system.
  • Transfer files from 1.4 GB Magneto Optical Disks used back in the late 1900’s and early 2000’s before they were replaced with UDO disks.
  • Nobody knows which software and file system was used to write data onto these disks.
  • The only thing I know for sure is that Plasmon LF-7300 drives were used.
  • Can you help to read files from these optical disks?
  • Our MO disk jukebox can't be repaired - we nned the data off the disks
  • We have scanned document Images stored on MO disks but we cannot read them so need conversion
  • Our department scanner Sun System used ComSquared software to store files on MO disks and license is due to expire
  • We had files stored via Pegasus Investore on MO disks which we need to access the contents
  • Recover data from plasmon disks 9.1 GB part of a duke box system, Plasmon G Series PCI\SCSI which does not operate anymore.

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MO Disk Images, .dd files, Clones, and Sector by Sector copying

When we read Magneto Optical disks, we make what is called a "disk image" or "dd" file - which is a "bit by bit" copy of all the RAW data on the disk. The disk image is basically a sector by sector copy of every bit of data (ie. includes old deleted data) on the disk, not just the area occupied by files. We use this to extract the files, but also it makes an excellent archive copy of a disk which is useful for data recovery purposes as it includes areas where deleted files may still reside. Even if we cannot crack the filesystem, the disk image is an excellent way to archive all disk data (easily stored and moved and easily sent to others for filesystem analysis as they no longer need the hardware MO drive to access the data. When we do disk conversion work we always send the client a disk image as well as the extracted files.

MO Optical Disk Drive and Jukebox Storage Libraries (includes HP StorageWorks & Surestore families)

HP Optical Jukebox 400EX HP Optical Disk Drive 1300t HP Optical Jukebox 320ex HP Optical Disk Drive 2600fx HP Optical Jukebox 330fx HP Optical Jukebox 100st HP Optical Jukebox 440ex HP Optical Jukebox 1200ex HP Optical Jukebox 40fx HP Optical Jukebox 1200mx HP Optical Jukebox 40st HP Optical Jukebox 125ex HP Optical Disk Drive 5200ex HP Optical Jukebox 160ex HP Optical Jukebox 600fx HP Optical Jukebox 160fx HP Optical Jukebox 600mx HP Optical Jukebox 200fx HP Optical Jukebox 660ex HP Optical Jukebox 20xt HP Optical Jukebox 700mx HP Optical Jukebox 2200mx HP Optical Jukebox 80ex HP Optical Jukebox 220mx HP Optical Jukebox 80fx HP Optical Jukebox 300mx HP Optical Jukebox 80st HP Optical Jukebox 300st HP Optical Disk Drive 9100mx

UDO Optical Disk Drive and Jukebox Storage Libraries (includes HP StorageWorks & Surestore families)

UDO Optical Storage (includes HP StorageWorks families) HP Optical Disk Drive 30ux HP Optical Jukebox 2300ux HP Optical Jukebox 700ux HP Optical Jukebox 3800ux HP Optical Jukebox 1000ux HP Optical Jukebox 7100ux HP Optical Jukebox 1000ux 1100ux 1900ux 2300ux

MO disk makes and types for file data extraction or data recovery

Gigamo MO disk data recovery apple macMO Disk File Data Recovery CD DVD TransferGigamo DVD CD File Transfer Data RecoveryMO transfer to CD DVD

3M ALPHATRONIX ATG Sony Fujitsu Hewlett Packard HP Hitachi IBM Imation Kodak KOMAG MaxOptix Maxell Panasonic Philips Pioneer Pinacle Media Plasmon Fuji PDO Media Rigidata Teijin TDK Verbatim, Fujitsu Dynamo Gigamo 2.3 GB Write-Once MO WORM Disks Overwrite MOD. Disks from Optical Jukeboxes and Drives.

Magneto-Optical disks were originally 5.25" or 130mm. They look like the old style dvd cartridges with a cd inside. The data is recorded on both sides of the disk and the disk has to be turned over to read the other side. The disk reflective coating can be seen by pulling back the aluminium slider. The recording is made by a laser heating the disks magnetic layer so altering its magnetic state.

The 130mm MO Disks are often employed in company document management storage and retrieval systems. Optical libraries automate loading and storing of the disks. and may hold 16 or more disks and connected by SCSI to a host computer and incorporates archive software to store indexes of data and select disks. Popular uses were for legal document storage and medical imaging. Maxoptix is a major manufacturer of 130 mm or 5.25" magneto optical drives.

The 90mm 3.5" inch MO discs were more commonly used by consumers. They look like a thicker version of a 1.44MB floppy disk. Vendors were initially NeXT and Canon followed by Fujitsu, Sony and PDO Konica Minolta. Fujitsu and Sony expanded the GIGAMO Standard to 2.3GB. Gigamo was supported by Olympus Optical, Konica Teijin Hitachi Maxell Mitsubishi Ritek, Shima Seiki. The Gigamo products were used for high-speed file backup for commercial systems such as telephone switches and Automated Teller Machines, and for storing and working with digital video and photos. They were popular with Apple Mac users.

Also legacy systems data transfer. We have handled many proprietray file system storage applications and extracted the data to more modern media for access by Windows PCs, Macs or Network storage.

5.25" inch 9.1GB MO Magneto Optical Disk (MOD) 130mm
5.25" inch 8.6GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 5.2GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 4.8GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 4.1GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 2.6GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 2.3GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 1.3GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 1.2GB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 650MB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm
5.25" inch 600MB MO Magneto Optical Disk 130mm

3.5" inch 90mm 128MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc (MOD)
3.5" inch 90mm 230MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 540MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 640MB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 1.3GB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc
3.5" inch 90mm 2.3GB MO Gigamo Magneto Optical Disc

5.25" inch Phase Change Optical Disk Cartridges

Plasmon P470C P940C P1400C P1002E P1500E
Panasonic LM-D501 LM-D501W LM-D702W LM-R1400A LM-W1400A LM-R1500A
470MB 940MB 1.4GB 1.0GB 1.5GB.

Recover media from following magneto optical drives and jukeboxes ....

SONY RMO-S561 5.25" 9.1GB MO DISC SCSI Drive
HP 9.1G Optical Drive C1113M SMO-F561-01
Sony SMO-F561 optical drive (SMOF561)
201248-000 9.1GB Optical Magneto
Sony SMO-S551 5.2GB MO optical drive
Sony SMO-F551-99 5.2GB MO optical drive
Sony SMO-F541 5.25 IN. H/H 2.6GB
Sony SMO-D501-21 Internal 650mb 5.25"
HP SureStore Optical 600fx drive
HP SureStore Optical 1300Tdrive C2550A/B/C
HP SureStore Optical 2600fx drive C1114F
HP SureStore Optical 5200ex drive C1114J
HP SureStore Magneto-Optical Jukeboxes 80fx, 160fx, 200fx, 160ex, 320ex, or 400ex
Optical libraries such as Hewlett Packard 40XT,
Sony SMO D501-13 in AKAI DD-1000 digital audio-workstation

Sony ReWriteable RW Optical Disks

EDM-1DA1-s 512KB Sector 500MB 600MB
EDM-1DA0-s 1KB Sector 650MB
EDM-128 128 MB
EDM-230 230 MB
EDM-540 540 MB
EDM-640 640 MB EDM-640B
EDM-640CDF EDM-600B 600 MB MBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-650B 650 MB MBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-650C MO-disks (5.25" , 1024 bytes/sector , double-sided , rewritable , 650 MB , cartridge-type).
EDM-1300 1.3GB Write-Once Optical Disk
EDM-1301 Rewritable 1.3GB Write-Once Optical Disk
EDM-1200B 1.2 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-1300B 1.3 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-2300B 2.3 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-2300CWW RW 2.3GB
EDM-2600B 2.6 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-2600C 2.6 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-4100B 4.1 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-4800B 4.8 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
EDM-5200B 5.2 GB GBytes 2048 Byte/sector
EDM-8600B 8.6 GB GBytes 2048 Byte/sector
EDM-8600C 8.6GB RW
EDM-9100B 9.1 GB GBytes 4096 Byte/sector
ED1-9100B 9.1 GB GBytes 1024 Byte/sector
ED5-9100C 9.1 GB GBytes 512 Byte/sector
EDM-9100C/2 9.1GB RW

Sony Write Once WORM Disks

CWO-650-B 650 MBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-1200B 1.2 GBytes 512 Bytes/sector
CWO-1300B 1.3 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-1300C 1.3 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector CCW
CWO-2300B 2.3 GBytes 512 Bytes/sector
CWO-2600B 2.6 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector CCW
CWO-2600C 2.6 GBytes 1024 Bytes/sector
CWO-5200B 5.2 GBytes 2048 Bytes/sector
CWO-5200C 5.2 GBytes 2048 Bytes/sector CWW
CWO-8600B 8.6 GBytes 2048 Bytes/sector
CWO-9100B 9.1 GBytes 4096 Bytes/sector
CWO-9100C 9.1 GBytes 4096 Bytes/sector

HP Rewritable RW & WORM Optical Disks

HP C7984A 9.1GB 4096b/s Write-Once
HP C7983A 9.1GB Rewritable 4096 bytes/sector
HP C7987A 9.1GB RW Rewritable 1024 bytes sector
HP C7986A 8.6GB WORM Write-Once
HP C7985A 8.6GB RW
HP 88145J 4.8GB Write-Once
HP 88147J 5.2GB 2048bps
HP 88146J 5.2 GB Magneto-Optical WORM Disk 2048bps
HP 92279F HP 2.3GB 512bps
HP 92279T 1.2GB R/W
HP 92280A 650MB 1024bps RW
HP 92280F 2.6GB Rewritable Magneto Optical Disk
HP 92280T HP 1.3GB 1024bps Magneto-Optical WORM Disk
HP 92843
HP 92290F 2.6GB 1024bps Write Once WORM Magneto Optical Disk
HP 92290T 1.3GB 1024bps

Plasmon MO Media P1200E 1.2GB Rewritable disk - 512 byte/sector P1300E 1.3GB Rewritable disk - 1024 byte/sector P1300W 1.3GB CCW WORM disk - 1024 byte/sector Plasmon P1402 1.4GB Write Once Optical Disk Cartridge
P2300E 2.3GB Rewritable disk -512 byte/sector Plasmon P2600E 2.6GB Rewritable
Plasmon P2600W CCW Write Once Optical Disk 2.6 Gigabytes WORM
Plasmon P4100E 4.1GB
P4800E 4.8GB Rewritable disk - 1024 byte/sector Plasmon P4800W 4.8GB WORM JukeBox Certified Disk
Plasmon P5200W 5.2GB
P5200E 5.2GB Rewritable disk - 2048 byte/sector Plasmon P9100E 9.1GB 4096b/s R/W MO Rewritable
P9100W 9.1GB CCW WORM disk - 4096 byte/sector

Verbatim 87896 650MB Optical
Verbatim 94124 9.1GB CCW 4096b/s Write Once 5.25" MO Optical Disk WORM
Verbatim 89573 1.7GB Rewritable
Verbatim VBR5B2-RW 600MB Rewritable
Verbatim 89109 1.3GB Rewritable Magneto Optical Disc
VERBATIM 91250 640MB Magneto Optical Media 2048 Bytes/Sector Disk
Verbatim 93897 5-2GB-CCW Write Once WORM
Verbatim 1.2gb
Verbatim VBW5K2 1.2GB CC Format
VERBATIM 94121 8.6GB Magneto Optical Disk RW MO
Verbatim F640 Rewritable Optical Disk MO
Verbatim 91204 2.6GB RW
Verbatim 92841 4.1GB Rewritable Optical Disk
Verbatim 92843 5.2GB Rewritable Magneto-Optical Disk
Verbatim 92846 Optical 4.8GB CCW WORM disk

Philips 1.3GB Magneto Optical Media 2048 Bytes/Sector Disk GIGAMO UPC 4021587030781
Philips 2.6 GB PDO
Philips MO 230 PDO 230MB
Philips MO 1.3GB Magneto Optical Disk Rewritable MO-Disk
PHILIPS 2.6GB Rewritable
Philips MO230 Macintosh Magneto Optical Disk
PHILLIPS 2.3GB MO-Disk Rewritable Magneto Optical Disk

IBM 99F8497 OPTICAL DISK IBM 2.6GB WORM IBM 59H4789 CCW Write Once MO 5.2gb Worm Optical Disk 2048b/s 2 Sided
IBM 99F8517 2.6GB Permanent Write Once Optical Disk Carytridge WORM 1024 bytes/sector
IBM 09G7343 Worm 1.3GB MO Optical Disk Write Once 1024 bytes
IBM 09G7344 1309MB Rewritable Optical Disk Cartridge

IMATION 3M 46617 2.6GB RW Optical Disk
Imation 44266 128MB Rewritable Optical Disk 3.5" MacIntosh Format 512 bytes/sector

Maxell-ma172-s0 2.6gb rewritable
Mitsubishi Kasei MKR5B2 500MB

3.5 inch 90mm Proprietary system MO disks file recovery

Shima Seiki MO disk data recoveryShima Seiki Rewritable Magneto Optical Disk SMO-230
We have received an increasing quantitity of these disks as they near end of life and start to show signs of wear. Do not attempt disk scans or automatic repairs under windows as this has the effect of deleting files and folders that cannot be read properly - simply email or call us for a quote to recover the disk as soon as possible. The less that happens to it the better.

Typical Disk error messages

Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk

Magneto-Optical MO Disks Data Recovery for Folders & Files

We have specialist equipment & knowledge for Sony MO Disks to bring your lost files back. We also do data CD DVD Disc transfers for Magneto Optical MO Disks or convert MO Disks to CD or DVD

Magneto-Optical MO Disk Operating Systems and File Systems include

Apple Mac HFS HFS+ MO Disk CD DVD Transfer
Windows NTFS
Linux Ext2 Ext3 etc..

MO Typical Disk Cartridge error messages

Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk

MO Transfer to DVD or CD include

Verbatim Sony Maxell Fujitsu TDK Imation Hewlett Packard HP MaxOptix Optimem, Sharp, Cygnet, DISC, NKK, Fuji PDO Media Teijin IBM, Panasonic, Dynatek Pioneer, Kodak, Laser, Magnetics, Wang, Ricoh, Plasmon, Pinnacle Micro, Hitachi, Canon, ATG, Toshiba, LMSI, Niko.
Magneto Optical MO Disk Cartridge to CD Disc
Magneto Optical MO Disk Cartridge DVD Disk

MO Disk Transfer

MO Disk Transfer problems that we recover data from are listed below.
mo files transfer unknown unrecognized not recognized filesystem read copy magneto optical disks 5.25 inch 3.5 9.1gb dicom MOD document management storage system.
We transfer many types of MO disks from Document Image Scanners, Medical MOD DICOM CT MRI X-Ray Angiogram Ultrasound Disks, Archive Jukebox and Flight Data Recorders.

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