ZIP, REV, and JAZ Disk Transfer including Iomega 1-step and Image.113 files

We transfer files from Rev Zip Jaz Disks and Recover Data from Image.113 and .1-step backup files. Also read Mac formatted and unreadable or corrupt disks
Zip, Jaz and Rev Disk Transfer Services

Zip, Jaz and Rev Disk Transfer

Iomega ZIP, JAZ, and REV disks got you in a spin? Our friendly team is happy to help recover your data from these discs.

ZIP JAZ REV Data Recovery, and File Transfers download to CD DVD. Iomega

We have specialist knowledge for Iomega ZIP JAZ and REV disks written on Apple Mac, Windows PC, Linux, and transfer to CD DVD or convert stored files for use between pc and mac. We also read .1-step and Image.113 backup files. A popular conversion is to take photo / media/ printing press files / quark old mac zip or jaz disks and place them on cd for use in newer apple mac G3 G4 G5 computers which don't have scsi interfaces support. Alternatively similar process for Windows PC who no longer have access to Jaz Zip drives.

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1-Step One-step Backup recover files from Jaz Zip disks

One-Step Backup was a Windows 95 98 ME application for archiving data to Zip or Jaz drives. We can recover / restore the files from these disks to say a CD so you can transfer them to your modern windows microsoft computer aro Apple Mac OSX. The One-Step Backup Restore software sold by Iomega is no longer available to buy. One-Step is sometimes called Iomega 1-Step, 1Step OneStep 1 step one step Backup software

Image.113 file recovery from ZIP and Jaz disks

Some ZIP and Jaz disks store files in an archive file called "IMAGE.113". We can recover files by parsing the .113 extension file and save them to say USB or download email. The Image.113 file is a compressed store for the original files that were written to the disk.


Iomega Zip 750MB Disk's
Iomega Zip 250MB Disk's
Iomega Zip 100MB Disk's
Iomega Jaz 2GB Disks
Iomega Jaz 1GB Disk
Rev Disk 35GB
Rev Disk 70GB
Rev Disk 120GB

Our Iomega Equipment includes

Jaz 1GB Drive Jaz 2GB Drive
ZIP100 Drive
ZIP250 Drive
ZIP750 Drive
Rev Drive 35GB
Rev Drive 70GB
Rev Drive 120GB

Zip Jaz Disk Operating Systems and File Systems include
Apple Mac HFS HFS+ Disk CD DVD Transfer
Windows NTFS
Linux Ext2 Ext3 etc..

ZIP JAZ REV Disk Data Recovery File Transfer - About ZIP JAZ REV

Zip Disk Data Recovery CD TransferJaz Disk Data Recovery CD Transfer

Iomega made both products. The Zip disk covers 100mb 250mb 750mb, and contain a reflective spot underneath which differs on the three media sizes to prevent a larger disk being inserted into a smaller capacity drive. The disks are built on similar principle to floppy disks - ie a thin magnetic coated disk surrounded by hard plastic case about 90mm 9cm or 3.5 inch square. The Jaz cartridge disks are built using solid platters and are much thicker than zip disks but still follow 3½-inch size. Many are used in SCSI form on Apple Mac computers for backup/archive of photographs or image files as well as in multimedia printing systems. Iomega Rev drives have superceded the Jaz drive.

Conversions undertaken

  • Extract Paperport files from old Jaz Disk which I had used with a Visioneer scanner
  • Convert old Windows 95 files from ZIP disk
  • Recover files from Iomega One-Step backup (1-Step)
  • Transfer files from REV 35GB disk
  • Mac formatted Jaz disk 2GB file transfer
  • Apple formatted ZIP disk file conversion
  • Copy Quicken files off a Jaz 1GB disk
  • Read files from ZIP100 disk

Typical Disk error messages

Disk not Formatted error.
Disc not Formatted error.
Please insert a disk
Abort Retry Ignore
Disk unreadable
Do you wish to format this disk
Corrupted and unopenable files
Windows prompts you to format.
Damage to the disk
Files cannot be listed.
Floppy disk that contains bad sectors
Floppy disk that contains bad clusters.
Accidentally deleted files on floppy disk.
Undelete files on the floppy disk.
Virus attack or other lost files on a diskette.

Zip, Jaz and Rev Disk Transfer

Zip, Jaz and Rev Disk Transfer problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We transfer files from Rev Zip Jaz Disks and Recover Data from Image.113 and .1-step backup files. Also read Mac formatted and unreadable or corrupt disks.

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