Transfer Tapes and Restore Files or Data to HDD or USB Hard Disk

We transfer files from backup tape archives to hard disk drives, usb storage. Files restored from backup software like Backup Exec, Retrospect, Unix Tar
Transfer tapes and restore files Services

Transfer tapes and restore files

Tapes need their files restoring to hard drive? Our friendly team is happy to help transfer your old tapes to recover the data, read files and save the data to hard disks or USB drives.

Transfer Data files from Tapes and Archive Storage Software

We undertake Tape Data Transfers, Tape File Transfers, to USB, HDD, CD or DVD.

Tape or Data Cartridge systems are often sequential access and therefore better suited to file backup, data archives and file data transfer between systems. There are a multitude of format battles making a large array of options including different compression ratios, and the problem is compounded by the huge variety of software used to make the tape backup originally. Often this information is not even known when people come to restore files from the tape back to a hard drive or other media. Fortunately we have expertise to read the low level data and from this we can usually determine the system and software originally used to save the files to the tape.

A List of tapes we transfer files and data from to USB or HDD is below...

  • AIT-E Turbo, AIT1 Turbo, AIT1, AIT2 Turbo, AIT-1, AIT-2, AIT-3, AIT1 Turbo mic (memory in cassette),8mm AME MIC or non MIC
  • HP Colorado Trakker and Jumbo tapes even if the password is lost or forgotten.
  • Audio DAT to CD / DVD conversion
  • DDS1, DDS2 DDS3 DDS4 DDS5 4mm DAT tape
  • DAT8 DAT24 DAT40 DAT72
  • Ditto Max, Ditto 2GB, Ditto 3.7GB, 3GB, 5GB, 7GB, 10GB, 1-Step Backup Ditto Software, Flash File
  • Travan-1 (800MB) TR-1, Travan-2 (1.6GB) TR-2, Travan-3 (3.2GB) TR-3
  • QIC 2080 (160MB), QIC 2120 (250MB), QIC 2120XL (350MB) QIC QW5122 (420MB) QIC 3000 (520MB), 3000XL (700MB)
  • QIC 3010XL (700MB), QIC 3010XLF (850MB) QIC 3020 (1GB), QIC 3020XL (1.32GB), QIC 3020XLF (1.7GB)
  • DLT 20gb 15gb 10gb 2.6gb 6gb DLT-2000 DLT-2000XT DLT-4000 DLT-3 DLT-4 DLT-III DLT-IV DLT-IIIXT
  • DLT 40/80gb 35/70gb 10gb 15gb 20gb 35gb 40gb
  • DLT-8000 DLT-7000 DLT-4000 DLT-2000 DLT-IIIXT DLTtape
  • Super DLT SDLT SuperDLT Super-DLT SDLT-320 SDLT-220 SDLT-160 320GB 220GB 160GB 110GB 80GB
  • Exabyte Mammoth Tapes, Mammoth2 M2 and Exatape Data Cartridges, Exabyte Data8 8mm tape Exatape
  • LTO Ultrium tapes, LTO1 Data Cartridge (100GB/200GB), LTO2 Tape (200GB/400GB) LTO3 Tape(400GB/800GB)
  • Travan tapes QIC TR1 TR2 TR3 TR4 TR5
  • SLR and MLR tape SLR1 SLR2 SLR3 SLR-5, SLR24, MLR1, SLR32, SLR40, SLR50, SLR60 SLR6 SLR7 MLR2 MLR3 SLR75 SLR100 SLR140
  • VXA VXA1 VXA2 VXA3 tapes VXA Max X6 X10 X23 V6 V10 V17 V23 Tape, VXA320 VXA172 80/160GB Exabyte and IBM

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    Backup Software file data recovery


    Windows Backup for 95 98 98se NT 2000 XP
    EMC Insignia Dantz Retrospect, Amanda, Arkeia Network Backup, Yosemite, Veritas Backup Exec, Symantec Backup Exec, ArcServe-IT, Seagate Backup-Exec, Vax VMS Backup, NTQuestar, Seagate Tapestor , HP Colorado, HP Trakker, HP Jumbo, Microsolutions Backpack, Iomega Ditto Max (Tecmar)
    Linux / Unix .tar .zip .gzip .z files, dump, restore xfsdump, xfsrestore
    Solaris ufsdump ufsrestore

    Computer System Data Cartridges file transfer


    UNIX LINUX AIX Apollo Domain HP SOLARIS Sun Sparc-Station
    Apple Mac Macintosh OSX OS9 OS-X OS-9

    Tape Data Cartridges data transfer

    Dysan Dell TDK IBM Imation, Iomega, HP, 3M, Seagate, Iomega Tandberg Jetmedia Verbatim Quantum Acer Lacie Compaq IBM Tecmar

    Backup Software and Operating Systems include

    Apple Mac Transfer
    Windows Backup
    Linux Tar Unix etc..

    Transfer tapes and restore files

    Transfer tapes and restore files problems that we recover data from are listed below.
    transfer files from tapes, restore files from backup archives, copy data by reading tapes and saving to usb disks or hard drives.
    We transfer files from backup tape archives to hard disk drives, usb storage. Files restored from backup software like Backup Exec, Retrospect, Unix Tar.