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File Data Transfer from Disks, Data Migration, File conversion Services
File Data Transfer from Disks, Data Migration, File Conversion Services

File Data Transfer from Disks, Data Migration, File Conversion

Does your Data Conversion have you confused? Our friendly team is happy to help transfer your disk.

Transfer Data files from Disks & Storage Systems

We undertake recovery, Data Migration, File Migration, Convert to CD or DVD,DVD-RAM, Disk transfers to DVD, and Data Recovery from CD DVD.

We also undertake data recovery of unusual / proprietary filesystems that no one else seems willing to touch, to regain access to legacy data files. Call or email us to discuss your requirements.

File Conversions and Disk Transfers

Typical File and Disk Conversions we have undertaken that no one else wants to touch! ...

  • Com Squared Systems Sun UNIX document scanner imaging on MO disks converted to DVD or usb hard drive.
  • Panasonic Optical Disk Cartridge LM-R1500A 1.5GB from Panasonic DIP stations KV-F521, KV-F521U, KV-F510 & KV-F520 to PDF.
  • Panasonic, Electronic Filing System KV-F510U Microfiche Viewer to TIF KV-F520U KV-F510G KV-F510C KV-F51 KV-F510 KV-F501.
  • OpenText Integrated Document Management (IDM) converted to TIFF.
  • FileNet to TIF PDF.
  • Magneto Optical disks from Philips scanner Camtronics XA angiogram archive DICOM images to hard drive.
  • HP Scanner HPD HPP files converted to TIF / jpg / bitmap bmp.
  • DICOM Medical Images recovered from Plasmon MO and Mediscribe optical disks used in a GE Medical Imaging system scanner.
  • Marconi and Philips CT Cat Scan machines DICOMS stored on MO, MOD, Magneto-Optical disks using EFS filesystem.
  • Panasonic LF Optical Corel WORM disks with very rare file system with signatures such as IBM CRL3 and IBM CRL2, Corel/ckp.
  • Plasmon P942 double sided so called Moth-Eye disks conversions.

Data file transfer to CD or DVD services

8 inch Floppy Disk
5.25 Inch Floppy Disk
Amstrad Floppy Disk 3 inch
2.88MB Floppy Disk
Apple Mac Floppy Disk
Apple Mac Hard Disk Drive
ZIP disk
JAZ disk
Magneto Optical Disk
PD 650mb Optical Disk
Panasonic Optical LM disks
Syquest Disk
EZDrive Disk
DVD-RAM transfer to DVD

CD or DVD File Data Recovery Services

CD Data Recovery
DVD Data Recovery
DVD-RAM Data Recovery
DVD-R Data Recovery
DVD-RW Data Recovery
DVD+RW Data Recovery

Transfer of Scanned Documents saved to Optical Disks

Some proprietray scanning formats used their own file system and methods of saving to backup disks - usually Panasonic Optical types. We have developed techniques to assist in extracting the data

EDMS Electronic Document Management systems eg. PC-Doc

We have done bespoke work to extract office word, excel and pdfs from some EDMS systems which have saved the data to say Magneto Optical disks or CDs DVDs and DVD-Ram. Call or email us to discuss your requirements

Apple Mac File Transfer to CD / DVD for

- Mac Syquest / Sparq / Ezflyer File Transfer
- Mac MO Disk File Data Transfer
- Mac Tape File Transfer Data Recovery
- Mac Zip Disk CD Transfer Recovery
- Mac Jaz Disk CD File Transfer Data Recovery
- Mac Ditto Tape Cartridge Transfer
Data Recovery for Missing or Lost Folders & Files. We have the equipment to bring your lost files back. All your hard work for Graphics, Images, Photographs and Multimedia video files need not be lost forever. We recover from HFS and HFS+ Mac OS Extended file systems and CD and DVD DVD-RAM formatted in the Apple Mac Superdrive. DVD-RAM includues cartridge/caddy style DVD-RAM case Type-1 Types-2 Type-3, Type-I Type-II, Type-III. We can return your data burnt to an Apple Mac formatted CD DVD+R DVD-R DVDRW DVD+RW DVD-RAM. We also specialise in MacDraw Quark ClarisWorks Appleworks file transfers & conversions from older vintage Macintosh computers. Recover files and folders from crashed or corrupted hard disks, floppy disks, or removable cartridges.

Transfer and Recover from following File Systems

Data recovery for FAT FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
Linux with EXT2fs, EXT3, XFS, reiserfs & jfs filesystems on standalone & RAID volumes

Recover from partitions, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged
Recover files with the original time and date stamp
Recover files on network drives
Recover from all Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, NT 4.0, Windows XP and Windows 2000 systems.

Data Recovery & File Repair News..

File Data Transfer from Disks, Data Migration, File Conversion

File Data Transfer from Disks, Data Migration, File Conversion problems that we recover data from are listed below.
File Transfer, Data Transfer, Disk Transfer, Floppy transfer, MO disk Transfer, ZIP Transfer, Syquest Transfer, JAZ Transfer.
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