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Reviews of our file and data transfer from disks and tapes. We can also extract files from optical disks with unknown filesystems and disks that appear to be blank or empty.
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Disk Transfer and Conversions News...

ZIP100 disks transfer to USB stick

The photo shows 2x Zip 100 discs along with their title sleeve. The disks are made by Iomega and are 100mb capacity. The label indicates they are PC100.
2 off Zip 100 discs with Word and Excel files

ZIP100 discs, Bedford, Bedfordshire, ....The disks dated from the late 90’s that the customer needed to have transferred to a format they can read on my Mac....

1-Step Backup Zip Disk File Recovery

A pair of PC100 ZIP disks photographed side by side.  The disk on the left is red, and the right hand one is blue. Both disks are manufactured by Iomega.
ZIP100 disks used to save .1-step backup

1-step zip disks recovery, Worcester, Worcestershire., ....The data was stored in files with .1-step extension....

Transfer Ez Drive 135 to USB

A Syquest 135mb Ez-Drive disk is shown in the picture. The label indicates 135mb Removable Cartridge and the name Syquest is embossed on the cartridge.
An Ez Drive 135 disk by Syquest

Syquest Ez-Drive 135mb, Shoreditch, Hackney, London , ....The files on the EZ Driver 135 disk were formatted in Apple Mac HFS....

Maxell CF2-d disk conversion

5 off Maxell branded CF-2 floppy disks are shown, most in their cardboard sleeve. One diskin the lower right corner is shown on it's own. The disks are laid out side by side ready for conversion.
A Maxell CF2-d disk used in Amstrad Word Processor

Maxell CF2-D disks., 54000 Nancy, FRANCE, ....The customer from France, had text data stored on the double-sided diskettes....

8 inch Floppy Disk Data Recovery Memac Engine Control System

There are 2 off 8 inch floppy disks made by 3M shown side by side awaiting us to recover the files inside the diskettes to a cd or USB. The disks are dark grey in colour and with white hand written labels. Their printed labels indicated 3M SS SD single side single density 740-0 26 soft sectors / 128 bytes.
2 Floppy Disks used in a Ship's MEMAC Controller awaiting conversion

8 inch floppy disks, Denmark, Turkey, ....They were used aboard a ship for the Main Engine Monitoring and Control (MEMAC) system by Lanng & Stelman Software (Denmark) Frederikshavn....

Disk Image from Amsoft CF2 Floppy disk by Maxell and Amstrad

A CF2 floppy disk made by Amsoft is pictured along with it's cardboard outer sleeve. The disc is awaiting a forensic disk image or sector by sector bit by bit exact copy to be made, and have it's files extracted.
An Amsoft CF-2 floppy disc used in an Amstrad computer awaiting a disk image to be taken for forensic evaluation.

Amsoft CF2 floppy disks, Warrington, Cheshire. , ....A disk image was made which saves every bit of data from the disk to a single file....

Recover Data from Unreadable ZIP disks

A close up view of the inner disc from a ZIP disk which was sent for recovery. The client had tried to read the data but due to surface contamination over the years had left the disk unreadable.
recovering data from the magnetic surface of a ZIP disk that was unreadable

ZIP disks, Hackney, London., ....The disk outer covers have been removed to expose the magnetic disk inside....

Transfer Jaz Disk files

A close up of the labels from an Iomega Mac 1GB. The disk is preformatted for the Macintosh computer. Also seen is a PC 1GB disk to the right hand side of the image.
A Mac1GB Jaz Disk in the office for file transfer

Jaz Disk, , ....The client just did not have the hardware to extract the files....

Convert Amstrad CF2 disk to Microsoft Word

There are 2 CF2 disks made by Amsoft (Amstrad) and Maxell. These disks were sent to be converted to Microsoft Word and are pictured side by side. The discs are still in their original cardboard outer sleeves.
CF2 disks by Amsoft and Maxell that were used in single head floppy drive and ready for conversion to word.

CF2 conversion, , ....The disks were previously used in an Amstrad Word Processor/Computer in the 1990's....

5.25 inch floppy disk Retrieve Data

A 5.25 floppy disk which was sent to us to retrieve the data. The client was unsure if the disk still worked but simply wanted the files emailing back to them. This disk was a mini Floppy disk although by today's standards it is very large for the compared to the amount of data it holds! It was designated MD2D meaning low density 360kb.
A 5.25 floppy disk from which the user required data to be retrieved

Large Old Floppy Disks, , ....They had no idea if the floppy disk still worked, but requested us to retrieve the data and send it by email (its size was something around 50KB so no need for an external media like a USB stick....

ComSquared MO disks Conversion

MO disk used in Sun Unix scanner station. The system uysed ComSquared document management system to store documents on numbered Magneto Optical disks.
ComSquared Convert MO disks to pdf. This disk was taken from a SUN UNIX document scanner

Sun Com Squared MO disks, , ....Disk 1.3GB disks - need converted to DVD, said the email last month from USA....

Atari 5.25 floppy disk conversion

5.25 floppy disks from an Atari 810 computer which held text files from the user's dissertation, books, novels and  and essays.
Atari 5.25 floppy disk transfer

Atari computers, , ....It was popular and we often receive disks with old text based files eg University Dissertations, books , novels, essays and diaries people had typed up - not realising that one day technology would move on and their work would be locked in a time capsule....

Apple ][ Disks Recovery.

Here is an Apple 2 / Apple 2E 5.25 floppy disks that held a a book novel files written on the apple word processor software. The Apple 2E had a green screen and popular in schools and colleges when it first came out.
Apple ][ Disks Conversion.

Apple ][ Disks Recovery., , ....In the 1980s you would have had one of these in your office for word processing / spreadsheets, or your school may have had one Apple and some BBC Micros, but the Apple computer was always the one you wanted to use, with its imposing twin floppy drives mounted under the green monitor and its colourful logo....

Microware Magneto Optical Disks Conversion

MO disks from Microware undergoing transfer to CD and DVD.
Microware Magneto Optical Disks read to CD

Microware MO disks, , ....We have recently transferred 1x Dysan 100 5.25 MO disk 512 bytes/sector which was used with OS9000 and OS9 68k....

Panasonic Electronic Filing System Optical Disk Transfer

The Panasonic KV-Fxx series Electronic Filing System pictured with its 3.5 128MB MO (magneto Optical) disk drive, Floppy drive and external 5.25 Optical Disk Drive.
Panasonic KV-F510 KV-F520 KV-F511 KV-F521 Data Recovery

Panasonic Electronic Filing System KV-F510 KV-F520 KV-F511 KV-F521, , ....The scanner data is stored on MO Optical disks and we can transfer them to say TIF images to help migrate your files to modern PC Windows or Mac etc....

Syquest disk transfer to Mac CD

Apple Mac formatted Syquest disk which is ready for transfer files to CD.
Syquest disk file read to Mac CD

Syquest disk conversion, , ....until they needed them again! So fear not, email or call us for a quote....

Merging 2 file or disk copies to create one good file

Combining data from 2 identical disks or files in order. One good file will be created from reading the good sectors from each source to hopefully overwrite bad sectors from the other source.
Merge Multiple files or disk copies to create a complete file

Data Recovery, , ....There may well be a second identical file stored elsewhere - but how to make one complete good file or disk? A Dubai Contractor had an old logistics program on 5.25 inch floppy disk....

CD or DVD suddenly stopped working - Repair / Recovery

File Recovery undertaken on CD or DVD disks when they cannot be read or not recognised No Disc error.
DVD or CD no longer works - Recover Repair Data access

Data Recovery, , ....A Video or File Data CD or DVD that worked over a year ago when it was recorded, might suddenly stop playing or show No Disc / empty when read now....

EFS Extent File System data recovery inc DICOM

Dicom data recovery from MO disk (MOD). This particular disk was used in a Philips Marconi CT Medical Scanner and held data in the EFS filesystem A bespoke program was made to extract the files to enable viewing on computer using freely available DICOM viewers along with the metadata in an Excel database for easy image searching and retrieval.
EFS Extent File System file recovery inc DICOM

Data Recovery, , ....It is also used on some Philips / Marconi Select CT scanners to store Dicom images on 5.25 inch Magneto-Optical (MO) discs (MOD)....

Batch convert PICT to BMP or JPEG

An Apple Mac PICT image file is sometimes difficult to convert especially when a batch conversion of many files is required.
PICT batch converter

File Conversion, , ....If you have files spread across a number of folders and require these batch converting to say bitmap (bmp) jpeg (jpg) or other types then call or email us for a quote....

SYJET Syquest disk file data transfer

A Syjet disk made by Syquest awaiting to have it's data read and copied to CD. These days most people have it read to USB memory stick or download.
SYJET Syquest disk file copy read transfer

Syquest Syjet data transfer, , ....The disks drives are no longer made however we can transfer from Syquest Syjet disks used on Apple Mac or PC to say CD or DVD....

Recover photos from an Iomega ZIP disk

Copying files from ZIP disk to CD.
Copy files from an Iomega ZIP disk

File Transfer, , ....According to the client there were no service providers in the Cayman Islands with an operational zip drive to retrieve the files to CD....

Convert PICT files to JPEG

Converting Pict files from old Apple Mac to JPEG .jpg files or Bitmap .bmp.
Convert PICT files to Bitmap

File Conversion, , ....Sometimes you need to batch convert a large number of the files to other formats say JPEG jpg, Bitmap bmp, for further processing....

HPP and HPD file viewers and converters

An old floppy disk containing HPP and HPD files needed converting the scanned images from the HP scanner software.
HPP and HPD Convert or view files

File Conversion, , ....The HP (Hewlett Packard) Scanner Printer software used to create documents in HPD and HPP files which cannot be easily opened or viewed....

Double Layer DVD+R recovery

A Double Layer DVD+R turned to face the recording side showing the darker rings where video has already been burnt to the disk.
Double Layer DVD-DL data recovery

Data Recovery, , ....The first DVD recordable drive from Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies features 16X DVD+R specification and 12 times the capacity of a CD at 8.5GB for a wide range of video, music, image and data storage applications.....

LS-240 Superdisk download files to CD

An LS240 Superdisk that needed it's files downloaded to CD.
Superdisk LS-240 download data to CD

Data Recovery, , ....Recently we have extracted CAD Photos Images Spreadsheets and Word Documents from LS-240 disks for several companies who find themselves without a Superdisk drive.....

DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks transfer to CD

An 8 inch floppy disk from PDP11 Dec computer which required files to be transferred off to CD.
DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks copy files to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Apex can now recover these files with their names and transfer them to a CD for use on modern PC Windows computers....

Sparq Disk convert to CD ro DVD

This Sparq disk holds 1gb of data and is ready for file transfer.
Sparq disk read files to CD or DVD

Data Transfer, , ....We can recover the files and data off these disks and read them to say a CD or DVD which can be accessed on Mac or PC.....

Mac ZIP 250-mb not mounting on desktop

A Zip 205mb that had trouble mounting on the Desktop of a Mac computer.
250MB ZIP Apple Mac disc recover files not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....Direct competitors were the Superdisk 240mb and larger capacity 200mb and 270mb Syquest drives....

Copy Apple Mac Floppy disks to CD

Copying off word documents from and old Apple Mac floppy disk.
Apple Mac Floppy disks transfer to CD

Copy Files and Data., , ....Files were often created using Clarisworks, MacWrite and Mac Write Pro documents....

ClarisWorks convert to Word

Clarisworks conversion to modern Microsoft Word or Excel undertaken via our software.
Convert ClarisWorks to Microsoft Word

Data Recovery, , ....Often these files are stored on old 3.5 inch floppies 400kb or 800kb....

Recover jpeg photos from slideshow movie DVD

Data recovery undertaken on a DVD that had a slideshow movie that could not be played back.
Recover photo images from DVD slideshow

Data Recovery, , ....We extracted the jpeg photo images from the video and saved them to a separate CD as the customer had lost the original files....

Superdisk LS-120 copy files to CD

An LS120 superdisk which is going to have its files copied to CD.
LS-120 Superdisk file data transfer to CD

Data Recovery, , ....SuperDisk is sometimes confused with SuperDrive by Apple Mac but is totally different....

8 inch floppy disks data recovery

Copying files from 8 inch floppy disk. These disks were used in CNC or old Word Processors, but we can convert many of them to modern Microsoft Office document files like Word or Excel.
8 inch floppy disc copy files to CD

Data Recovery and Transfer, , ....If you have ever seen one of these disk drives they look like dinosaurs of the modern floppy drives.We can recover your data from 8 floppy discs and copy the files to a CD or email them back to you....

Recover files from scratched CD

Scratch or cracked CD or DVDs undergoing video recovery.
CD shows as empty - scratch on reflective side

Data Recovery, , ....After a while you may return to these CDs / disks, and to your horror they are showing as empty and will not read - perhaps they have got scratched on the underside or cracked slightly....

Mac Iomega Jaz disks convert to PC

A Jaz Disk formatted on a Mac ready for transfer to Windows PC computer.
Apple Mac Jaz disks transfer to Windows Computer

File Conversions., , ....We can convert these for use in Company Windows PC computers by burning the data to CD's or DVD's.....

Transfer files and data from old Apple Mac Hard Drive

Transferring files and data off old Apple Mac SCSI hard drives. The desktop drives often have 50pin flat connector that looks like IDE / parallel interface but a bit bigger.
Extract files from old Apple Mac Computer Hard Disk Drive

File Data Transfer., , ....Some of these use SCSI (large 50-pin flat ribbon cable) or ATA/IDE drives such as the 80MB Quantum Pro-Drive or Connor and Western Digital WD Hard Disk....

Amstrad 3 inch Floppy Disk File Transfer

A 3 inch floppy disk from Amstrad computer having files transferred and recovered, after which they will be converted to Word or Excel documents, or even pdfs.
Amstrad floppy disc Data Recovery Conversion to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Many files were written in LocoScript Word Processor and they can be converted to MS Word while retaining most of the formatting....

Panasonic PD Cartridge Data Transfer

A PD disk cartridge by Panasonic which stored 650mb of data which will shortly undergo transfer to CD.
PD Cartridge Caddy DVD-RAM 650MB File Recovery

Data Transfer, , ....The CD / DVD-RAM disk inside the cartridges cannot be read in regular DVD-RAM or DVD or CD drives, they are only suitable for a specially made player that was only made for a few years....

DVD-RAM transfer to DVD

Converting DVD-RAM Cartridge Caddy style cases to DVD
Convert DVD-RAM to DVD

Data File Transfer, , ....The disk readers for these cartridge Type I and II disks are no longer made however many DVD-RAM disks still exist holding archive copies of data....

Akai Sampler files convert to PC Wav files

A MO disk from an Akai Music sampler that needed the music files transferred off to USB drive.
Convert Akai Music Sampler (3000xl etc) to Windows PC Wave files

Data Conversion, , ....A frequent request is to transfer music audio sound sample files to Wav from back-up disks eg Floppy or MO disks to Windows PC or Mac....

Convert Word Perfect to Microsoft Word

Word Perfect Files being converted to Microsoft Office Word for Windows or Apple Mac.
Open Word Perfect Files in Microsoft Word

Data Conversions, , ....Usually these older files are archived on floppy disks, articularly the 5.25 inch variety....

100MB ZIP disc Super-BASE file recovery

A Zip100 disc which held a copy of Superbase database that needed rescue after the computer failed to recognise the disk in the drive.
ZIP 100mb SuperBase database recovery transfer to CD

Data Transfer, , ....This was a step up from the larger 44mb and 88mb Syquest drives available at the time....

Floppy Disks not mounting on Mac Desktop

Data Recovery from an Apple MAc floppy disk that would not mount on the Desktop.
Corrupt Floppy disc not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....We can usually extract sufficient text or documents from such floppy disks to enable the files to be reconstructed.....

Superdisk corrupt files not mounting on desktop

File recovery from a Superdisk that no longer mounted on the Apple Mac desktop.
Superdisk file recovery not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....That's what happened to the owner of a Superdisk which would not mount on the Mac Desktop due to corruption of disk media....

Philips DVD Recorder unplayable DVD-RW

A DVD from a Philips DVD recorder showing up as unplayable can still have it's video data recovered
Error DVD-RW on Philips DVD Recorder

Video Recovery, , ....However sudden power failure during recording live movie on the Philips DVD Recorder resulted in an unplayable disk....

Supercalc conversion to Excel Spreadsheet

Supercalc files being converted to Microsoft Excel.
Convert SuperCalc to Microsoft Excel

Data Recovery, , ....However with the demise of DOS in most business areas The documents that were made under it lie unused - but may still be valuable....

Jaz Disk Transfer to DVD

A Jaz disk about to have it's files transferred to USB or DVD.
Iomega Jaz Disk File Recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....However often the drives require SCSI connections not readily available on many modern Mac's....

Apple Mac Syquest Disk file transfer

A Syquest disk that has been used in an Apple Mac. This particular disk is 230mb as used in the EZFlyer drives.
Syquest Discs from old Apple Mac

Data Recovery, , ....However they still contain valuable data and files that often needed on modern projects or for modification of old design drawings....

Panasonic Superdisk camera photo recovery

A Superdisk that was used to store photos in a Panasonic Camera.
Superdisk Photo recovery from Panasonic PV-SD4090 and PV-SD5000

Data Recovery, , ....We recently recovered jpeg files from a Canadian who could no longer access the disk to retrieve the images....

Trouble reading or copying files from CD or DVD

Analysis of CD and DVD that are slow to read and show the files and folders and also had trouble copying data to the computer can be recovered.
Difficult reading data from CD or DVD, or computer hangs during copying

Data Recovery, , ....Sometimes files and folders are shown but the computer hangs or copies files very slowly, or stops half way through reading files....

Recover Images and Text from corrupt files

Recovering Word Documents from a ZIP disk
Recover Photos and Text from corrupt Word Document

Data Recovery, , ....This is what one insurance company found after a report was saved to a ZIP disk a few years ago....

Syquest Apple Mac Disk transfer files to CD

An 88mb syquest disk that stored files from an old Mac computer.
Read old Apple Mac Syquest Disks to CD

Data Transfer, , ....The Syquest disks still hold much useful data from the past and frequently we recover Apple Mac files and documents stored on these Syquest data cartridges, often restoring the files to CD or DVD for use in modern Mac and PC's without Syquest Drives.....

PC-Doc-SE 9.1GB MO Disk Data Transfer

A Magneto Optical Disk that was used to store scanned documents is shown with it's slider cover open and ready for data recovery to DVD.
PC-Doc-SE 9.1GB MO disks file recovery transfer

Data Recovery, , ....The files are often stored on 9.1GB MO Disks (MOD) and as happened in the latest project they were to be transferred to a NAS device for easy distribution to the company....

ZIP disk file recovery

A Zip100 disk that had its files saved after becoming corrupt.
ZIP100 disk with files not properly saved to media or corrupt

Data Recovery, , ....You often only find out later that the files won't open correctly....

Trouble reading Superdisk files

A SuperDisk that had problems opening and reading files in the computer.
Problem copying files from Superdisk

Data Recovery, , ....A disk was sent to us when the computer user had trouble opening files and problems in reading files from the removable media....

Trouble copying or accessing files

Windows Explorer going very slowly to display files due to poor sector reading from the hard disk - bad areas developing on the hard drive.
Problem accessing or slow copying files and folders

Data Recovery, , ....This sometimes happens after the computer is shut down unexpectedly from a power cut....

DVD-RAM Type1 Cartridge transfer to DVD

Data being transferred from DVD-RAM cartridge Type 1. Also Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 dvd-ram can have their files transferred.
Type-1 DVD-RAM Caddy file data transfer to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....We recently received an Apple Mac Formatted TDK 5.2GB double-sided DVD-RAM Type-1 Caddy Cartridge style disk containing Backup Archive data....

DVD-RAM cartridge Type-1 5.2GB File Transfer

Transferring Apple Mac DVD-RAM to USB or DVD
Mac DVD-RAM cartridge data transfer to dvd

Data Recovery, , ....However we transfer files from such disks for PC and Apple Mac Formatted types including 5.2GB double-sided Type-I Backup / Archive transfer to DVD-R....

Old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

A CD and Zip Drive shown together ready for transfer of files and data.
Vintage / old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

Data Recovery, , ....File conversion from these zip disks to CD and DVD are undertaken by Apex Data Recovery....

Mac CD data recovery not mounting on desktop

This CD or DVD had trouble mounting on a Mac. The Mac just showed the spinning beachball when trying to access the disk.
CD DVD Apple Mac disk not mounting desktop file data recovery

Data Recovery, , ....It will have trouble displaying files and folders on the disk and often leave the spinning ball when trying to mount the disk on the desktop.....

Multi-Session CD DVD recovery

The CD and DVD laser attemting to read a multi-session CD or DVD. Sometimes disks that have been created in a multisession will not display all the files and folders on the CD or DVD, and hence needed their files recovering.
Recover file data multi-session CD DVD

Data Recovery, , ....Others include CeQuadrat Packet CD , Pinnacle Instant-Write, Prassi, Veritas, Sonic DLA, NTI FileCD, BHA B's CLiP....

Superdisk transfer to CD for QA data retention

A SuperDisk requiring file transfer to CD.
Superdisk transfer to CD for Quality Assurance Data Storage

Data Recovery, , ....The CAD drawings and spreadsheets required transferring to CD or USB memory stick so that the data could be accessed and read....

Superdisk files convert to CD

A Superdisk shown together with a CD. Superdisk conversions are now becoming more popular when saved to USB flash memory.
Convert Superdisk Data Files to CD

Data Recovery, , ....This includes disks by Imation, Panasonic, Maxell, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Intel and IBM....

Windows Blue Screen boot up data recovery

The BSOD blue screen of death is shown and occurs in Windows when it crashes and needs data recovering.
Windows BSOD computer not booting up

Data Recovery, , ....We have recently seen an influx of SATA hard drives and RAID-0 systems failing to boot u due to this error....

Mac Tape File Transfer

Transferring a Retrospect backup archive from tapes that were originally written under mac OS9.
Mac Retrospect Tape File Transfer

Data Recovery, , ....However with the cheapness of hard drives and optical media, many older tape drives are no longer in use or companies find themselves without the expertise to operate them....

Formac not mounting on desktop - data recovery

Recovery if data from a Formac Firewire drive used on an Apple Mac.
Data recovery Formac partition lost not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....We sometimes receive calls of either a missing lost partition, the drive remains silent and not spinning up when powered, or that the drive is not mounting on the desktop....

Syquest 270mb 3.5 inch disk data transfer to CD

A Syquest 270mb removable cartridge that was sent for conversion from Apple Mac to Windows Computer.
Syquest 3.5 Removable Cartridge file data transfer

Data Recovery, , ....No one thought they would need it until they did, and then they did not have a suitable Syquest 3.5 inch drive to transfer to Syquest to CD....

88MB Syquest Disk Data Recovery

Data Recovery from an 88mb Syquest Removable Cartridge.
Syquest 88mb Removable Cartridge Data Recovery

Data Recovery, , ....One University Geography and Earth Sciences department suddenly needed ground survey data stored on an old 5.25 inch 130mm Syquest Removable Data Cartridge but had no Syquest drive to read the data....

Gigamo 90mm MO disk data file transfer

A Gigamo disk in our lab ready for data transfer to USB flash drive.
Gigamo Data Recovery File Transfer to CD DVD

Data Recovery, , ....The drives have SCSI interface - something which is less common in work-horse PC's and Macs today, having been taken over by SATA....

Supercalc floppy disk convert to Excel

Supercalc spreadsheets being recovered from 5.25 floppy disk and converted to Microsoft Excel office.
Supercalc convert to Excel file held on DOS floppy disk

Data Recovery, , ....We have successfully recovered Supercalc files and transferred them to CD for several large engineering firms....

5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for QA data retention.

Disk Imaging for Data Retention from old floppy disks to meet quality assurance standards.
5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for Quality Assurance Data Storage

Data Recovery, , ....There were about 70 disks a mixture of DS-HD and DS-DD 5.25 inch vintage disks which were required for Data Retention Quality Assurance Requirements BS5750....

DS-HD Floppy Data Download to CD

Downloading files from 1.2MB DS HD (high density) floppy disk.
1.2MB Floppy DS-HD 5.25 inch file data download to CD

Data Recovery, , ....A building was to be extended and to save money the old Survey and CAD data stored on 1.2MB Floppy disks was to be re-used....

Data Recovery merging 2 floppies to make one good file

Combining and merging the data from 2 floppy disks in order to produce one good file. An old software program was resued from 2 identical but faulty disks with bad sectors. The Good sectors from each disk were read ok then merged together to make a complete working copy of the program.
Rebuild File from merge of 2 identical 5.25 Floppy disks to make one good file

Data Recovery, , ....So it was for a Dubai Consultant who needed a palette loading program extracted from a 1.2mb (1.6mb un-formatted) DS-HD floppy disk....

Jaz 2GB Disk download to DVD

A 2GB Jaz Disk that was used in an Apple Mac scsi drive, and now ready for downloading the information to a DVD.
2GB Jaz disk file data download to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....There are still many in circulation but the access to working ZIP or Jaz drives is diminishing....

Jaz 1GB Disk data transfer

This 1GB Jaz disk was used in an Apple Mac and sent to us for transferring the data to DVD or USB.
1GB JAZ disk file transfer to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....We often receive disks from the 90's used by Apple Mac users which we transfer data to DVD for use in modern Macs.....

Syquest file transfer and data recovery

An 88mb 5.25 inch Syquest Data Cartridge.
File Transfer Data Recovery old Syquest Disks

Data Recovery, , ....SyQuest SyJet up to 1.5GB SQ1500 Disk Cartridge, SyQuest Sparq up to 1.0GB Disk Cartridge....

Syquest 270MB 105MB disks data recovery

A syquest 3.5inch 270mb data cartridge sent to us for file transfer.
Syquest 3.5 inch 270mb 105mb disks download files to CD

Data Recovery, , ....The 270mb and 105mb 3.5-inch versions were competitors to Bernoulli (Iomega) 44 MB and Ricoh 50 MB cartridge....

Apple Format DVD-RAM cartridge type 2 file recovery

Type 2 DVD-RAM from an Apple Mac with cover opened
Mac DVD-RAM typeII data recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....We have received a number of Apple Mac DVD-RAM typeII cartridges which we have transferred to DVD for use in the customers modern Apple Macs.....

DVD-RAM Type II Cartridge transfer to DVD

DVD-RAM 4.7gb cartridge ready for data transfer
DVD-RAM Type 2 Cartridge transfer to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....We can transfer the DVD-RAM Type-2 disks to DVD for use in more conventional DVD readers and players.....

Magneto-Optical MO disk file recovery to CD or DVD

A Magneto Optical disk made by Philips stored in it's orginal jewel case shortly before having it's archive files recovered.
Philips MO disk data transfer to CD or DVD

Data Recovery, , ....The disks still read ok - we often find this type of media does store data reliably, it was just they did not have access to an Magneto-Optical drive to extract the data.....

500GB Lacie d2 Quadra Hard Drive Data Recovery

A Lacie D2 firewire hard disk being recovered to a USB hard drive.
Data Recovery Lacie d2 Quadra HDD

Lacie, , ....It includes a Shortcut Button to start any application and is bundled with EMC Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows and Apple Mac OS.....

Ditto Tape conversion transfer and file extraction

A Ditto Max tape cartridge made by Iomega, including Flash-File logo. Later these tapes were made by Tecmar, but we can recover the files from them. We can also re-attached the tapes when they have become de-spooled from the reel.
Ditto Tape conversion transfer and file extraction

Ditto and Ditto Max data recovery, , ....The service includes cases for re-spooling tapes when the tape has become detached from the drive wheel or hub....

Convert Unix tape to CD

A Unix tape that was made by 3M, model DC6150. This QIC-150 cartridge held CAD drawings that needed to be extracted and saved to a CD.
Unix tape convert to CD or DVD

Data Recovery, , ....They no longer had a Unix computer system or QIC tape player to extract the data....

QIC Tape Lost or Forgotten Password Data Recovery

A QIC-80 tape cartridge with it's outer case removed exposing the tape reel mechanisms. These small tapes were  often used in HP Colorado Backup, Windows 95, 98 backups, Seagate and Backpack we have been able to recover the files even when the password was forgotten or the drive belt snapped.
QIC Tape Cartridge Data Recovery - Forgotten Password

Data Recovery, , ....Such tapes were often used on Windows (possibly NT 4 or Windows 95 / 98), the software that wrote the data to the QIC80 tape may be HP Colorado, BackPack by Micro Solutions and many others....

AIX CPIO tape file transfer to CD

A DC6150 tape used in AIX Unix system undergoing file transfer. The tape needed files restoring via CPIO backup program.
IBM 6150 AIX cpio backup tape files to CD

Data Transfer, , ....The other day we received IBM 6150 Tape Data Cartridges from 1994.Similar tapes are made by Graham Magnetics (Epoch DC), 3M & Verbatim DC 6150....

Colorado Tape copy files to CD

An HP Colorado backup tape that was used in Tracker Jumbo and Surestor cassette drives. These were re-badged QIC Mini-Cartridge with capacity 250mb and 680mb and can be read to USB, CD, DVD or hard drive.
HP Colorado Tape Cassettes copy files

Data Copying File Transfer, , ....We can recover the files from these QIC and Travan cartridges and transfer them to CD for reading on modern Mac or Windows PCs.....

Audio DAT Tape Convert to Wav files

A Maxell Audio DAT cassette with music recordings that needed to be converted to CD or USB drive.
Transfer Audio DAT to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Tapes are often 60 or 90 minutes in length and recorded to a 4 mm magnetic tape contained in a casstte cartridge....

LTO Ultrium Tape Transfer

An LTO Ultrium tape drive front face in black used to read LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3 data cartridges and save files to a hard drive.
LTO Ultrium Tape Data Recovery

Data Transfer, , ....The service includes LTO1 LTO2 LTO3 LTO-1 LTO-2 LTO-3 data cartridges.....

Sun Solaris Exabyte Mammoth Tape data recovery

A Dysan Exabyte Mammoth 8mm tape used on a Sun Solaris. The software used to back data up to the tape was unknown but we managed to read the low level data to work out it was saved using ufs-dump facility. So we used ufs-restore to extract the files to USB hard drive and DVD.
Mammoth Exabyte Sun Solaris ufsdump tape data recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....A client had such a 2.3GB Dysan Exabyte tape written with ufsdump under Sun Solaris Operating System (OS)....

UNIX QIC Travan tape data transfer to CD

A QIC travan tape used in a Unix system to operate CNC machine.. The files were stored using tar so we restored them to a CD and made the files readable on a Windows PC.
QIC Travan 150mb tape Unix data transfer to CD

Data Recovery, , ....An engineering company had CNC machine data stored via Unix system to QIC tapes using TAR program but now found themselves without a UNIX system, tape drive and someone to operate it all!....

Quantum DLT Tape File Transfer to DVD

A series of DLT tapes shown lined up in a row. The tapes were used with Retrospect on an old Apple Mac under OS9 software. They had their data read and transferred to DVD and USB hard disk.
DLT tape Retrospect backup transfer files to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....The design of the tape drive was such to minimize wear on the tape and they have provided a reliable removable storage media....

Design CAD data DAT Tape download to DVD

A DAT tape shown at an angle to the camera. The original computer system or software was unknown but it held some vital CAD drawings that needed to be downloaded to USB.
DAT Tape AutoCAD files download to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....A CAD design company near Leeds found it had to do modifications on an old CAD files steelwork design drawings archived on DAT tape which they did not know the computer or software used to store the data....

DC-6150 QIC-150 6

A DC6150 Tape by 3M shown with it's cassette cartridge cover. This tape was used in a Unix/Linux computer system to back files up but the client no longer had the reader to extract the data, but needed it saving to a Windows PC USB.
Convert Unix DC-6150 QIC Tape to CD

Data Recovery, , ....They no longer had a Unix system or tape reader to extract the data....

Disk Transfer and Conversions

Disk Transfer and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Disk Conversion Transfer File Recovery Repair Read Files Data.
Reviews of our file and data transfer from disks and tapes. We can also extract files from optical disks with unknown filesystems and disks that appear to be blank or empty..