Disk Transfer and File Conversions to modern Windows PC or Mac OSX

Disk Transfer from many types of disks includes MO, Optical, UDO, Floppy, Syquest, Jaz, Zip, Rev, Superdisk and Tapes. File Conversions and On-Site work undertaken
Disk Transfer, Conversion, Copying, Reading, and Recovery Services

Disk Transfer, Conversion, Copying, Reading, and Recovery

We undertake Disk Transfer work to make files accessible under modern Windows or Mac OSX systems.
Disks may require conversion, reading, exporting, extracting and copying their data files to USB, hard drives, or download to ftp or email.
This may be because you are upgrading or migrating old disks from a document scanner or file server to a new document management (EDMS) platform.
Alternatively, you no longer have the disk drive or software program or application to open the old disk as it was discarded years ago.
In order to open the files, sometimes disk conversion or file conversion is required.
This may be due to the disks's filesystem being unknown, not recognised, not mounting, requesting to be formatted, or appearing to be corrupt.
Many old disks use unique or proprietary filesystems, but we can reverse engineer these to allow file access.
We aim to place your data into simple formats that only require Microsoft Office applications or pdf viewers, so removing the need for expensive licence agreements.
In many cases we can save data in Word, Excel, CSV, XML, Access, Databases, along with document ID numbers and Metadata stored in searchable tables accessed by Excel and easily exported.
Our friendly team is happy to help transfer your disk's data and files to modern OSX Windows PC formats to regain access to old data.

Transfer Data files from Disks & Storage Systems

We can convert your disks, recovery data from unreadable disks, transfer files and convert for use in modern windows pc computers. We specialise in data recovery of unknown filesystems / proprietary filesystems that no one else seems willing to touch, to regain access to legacy data files.
We can reverse engineer file formats and file systems for the purposes of interoperability.
Call or email us to discuss your requirements.

List of File Transfers and Disk Conversion

Below is a list of Disk Conversions,File Transfers, and data recovery we have been asked to perform over the years. Just contact us if your specific data transfer or conversion is not shown below, as we are likely to do it, or else we probably know someone else who can help you. The more conversions we do, the better we get at it, and over the years we have heard almost all types of data conversion, or disk transfer. Our contacts in the data recovery industry mean we are likely know a company who can help if we are unable convert a file or extract a file from a disk.

  • Zip Disks: 100MB 250MB 750MB Apple Mac, DOS, Windows Formatted disks.
  • Jaz Disks: 1GB 2GB Apple MacDOS, Windows formatted disks.
  • Rev Disks: 35GB 70GB 120GB Apple Mac, Windows Formatted Disks.
  • Floppy Disks, 5 inch, 5.25 inch, 8 inch, 3 inch, Amstrad, Apple, Mac, Macintosh, Word Processor, Electronic Typewriter, PC, DOS, Windows, Word Processor Disks.
  • UDO UDO2 30GB 60GB WORM, Rewritable.
  • Optical Disk Jukebox, Disk auto-changer, Optical Disk Libraries,Optical Library.
  • Optical WORM Disks , Write Once Disks, Optical ReWritable Disks.
  • MO disks, Magneto Optical Disks, MO disk Jukebox, Auto Changers, Disk Library, Gigamo, MO Write Once, MO WORM Disks, MO ReWritable Disks.
  • FileNet MO disks, Optical Disks, Unreadable Disks, Unrecognised disks, File Migration.
  • OpenText MO disks, Optical Disks, Unreadable Disks, Disk not recognised, Data Migration.
  • Unisearch Unix Imaging System, Sun Workstation, Com Squared MO disks, Optical Disk Transfer, Conversion to PDF.
  • Optical Disks, Unreadable Disks, Unrecognised disks, Migration.
  • Panasonic, Plasmon, Corel Backup Optical Disks Conversion, Extract Files.
  • PCDOC MO disks,Hard Disk Cache Files, Migration, File Conversion to TIFF and PDF.
  • Extract Files from Optical Disks to NAS for file sharing and easy access by Windows PC or Apple Mac OSX
  • Electronic Filing System, Document Management System, Electronic Filing Cabinets,Scanner Systems, Paperport MAX files, EDMS, Migration, convert to PDF.
  • DVD-RAM conversion to DVD, CD Data Recovery, DVD Data Recovery.
  • LS-120 LS-240 Superdisk Apple Mac, Windows PC, DOS.
  • Syquest 44MB 88MB 200MB Disks, Sparq Disks, EzFlyler Disks,EZ135, EZDisk, Syjet Disks.
  • On Site File Migration, Disk Conversion, File Transfer.
  • Apple, Mac, SCSI, IDE, Firewire, PowerBook, Laptop, Macintosh, Hard Disk Drive HDD Transfer.
  • DICOM, Optical Disk, MO disk, CD, DVD, PACS system, X-Ray, Angiogram File Transfer.
  • PET CT MRI CAT scanners mo optical disk tansfer and DICOM image recovery from corrupt disks.
  • Microsoft FILE Database conversion used on Apple Mac.
  • Migration of file data out of old scanner and electronic document storage imaging management systems (ED, EDMS, DP workstations) and convert to PDF.
  • Linux / Unix EFS filesystem.
  • Sun Systems data recovery.
  • Merging 2 corrupt files to create one good file.
  • Copy Files, Extract Files, Read Disks, Read Files, Recover files, from old disks.
  • SCSI SATA IDE ATA PATA USB Internal External ISA Slot Controller Card HDD HD Hard Disk Hard Drive.
  • Electronic Filing Cabinet, Electronic Document Management System (EDMS or DMS).
  • Document Image Processing (DIP) Workstation Scanner System Scanned document storage COLD storage Laser Disk Microfiche viewer
  • Computer Workstation Restore Backup Archive Software.
  • Apple Mac OSX Classic OS7 OS8 OS9 G3 G4 G5 PowerPC PPC Intel iMac iBook MacBook.
  • Windows PC Microsoft DOS MS
  • Convert to PDF TIF TIFF JPEG JPG
  • Word Perfect Word Processing Word Processor MS Microsoft Word Editing Edit.
  • Disk File Output Input Transfer Convert Extract Migrate Copy Read Import Export Recover Restore Save.
  • Disk Inserted Errors Corrupt Faulty Sector Disk Error Not Recognised Not Formatted Not Readable Unreadable Sectors Not Recognized.

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Disk Transfer, Conversion, Copying, Reading, and Recovery

Disk Transfer, Conversion, Copying, Reading, and Recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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Disk Transfer from many types of disks includes MO, Optical, UDO, Floppy, Syquest, Jaz, Zip, Rev, Superdisk and Tapes. File Conversions and On-Site work undertaken.

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