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The CD and DVD laser attemting to read a multi-session CD or DVD. Sometimes disks that have been created in a multisession will not display all the files and folders on the CD or DVD, and hence needed their files recovering.
Recover file data multi-session CD DVD

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Roxio Direct CD, Nero drag-to-disk are two examples of the Drag-n-drop CD creation software available. Others include CeQuadrat Packet CD , Pinnacle Instant-Write, Prassi, Veritas, Sonic DLA, NTI FileCD, BHA B's CLiP. These aim to treat your CD or DVD like a removable hard drive by allowing you to highlight and drag files to the CD. They record the disks in several stages and are known as multi-session discs. Sometimes previous recordings on the disk disappear and you cannot see the files or folders visible in Windows Explorer. We can recover your data from such CD or DVD disks, and recover data from pre-vious sessions burnt to the CD or DVD. This Disk Conversions & Transfer was filed under words like File Data recovery multi session cd dvd.

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Multisession CD and DVD

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