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We transfer files from CD & DVD disks including data recovery from empty and unreadable disks, discs not finalized, and DVD-RAM conversions, unreadable discs
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Convert Windows Slideshow DVD to Jpegs

The corner of the DVD data side where files are burnt to the disc. This particular DVD had a slideshow movie on it that the customer needed converting to .jpg files.
DVD with slideshow pics convert to jpegs

Croydon, Kent
We had a DVD slideshow movie with music track. We wanted to extract the images to jpeg from the video since the original pictures were lost. So glad you can do this for me!. Thank you. I'm sure you will agree they are worth every penny!.

DVD not recognised by player 'No Disc'

Analysis of a DVD surface using a magnifying glass to represent dvd recovery.
DVD will not play video - appears empty No Disc error

St Andrews, Guernsey
TraxData DVD+R 4.7GB. The video data worked over a year ago when it was recorded from VHS to DVD+R fine on all types of players. After a year the DVD recently reads 'No Disc'. Tried on other DVD players and PC to no avail.WOW that was quick. Thank you very much. Once again thanks for the excellent service..

CD photo recovery ripped label

Data recovery from a CD
CD ripped label data recovery

Birkirkara, MALTA
CD-R 700MB with damaged/ripped/torn label. The reflective side of the CD appears to be ok - just scratched top side. I have just a few minutes ago received the recovered pictures on cd as well as the damaged one in perfect condition.I have watched the photos retrieved. They are all in excellent condition. I would like to thank you for your excellent and professional service withwhich you helped me put my mind at rest. Whilst thanking you once again, I send my best regards to you and all personnel in your establishment..

Memorex CD-R re-formatted recover overwritten file data.

CD data recovery
Data Recovery from Formatted Memorex CD-R

Yarm, Stockton On Tees
The CD was accidentally re-formatted. Thank you very much indeed for the data which arrived on Saturday. I was delighted to get my data back, especially since everyone else that I have spoken to told me that, once the corrupt file had overwritten the cd, I had lost the original file for good. I am so glad that I hadn't given up and thrown the cd away. If I meet anyone else with a similar problem, I will certainly be recommending you. I still can't quite believe that I have all my work back. I will be keeping two back up copies from now on!.

DVD disk from home video recorder recovery

DVD from a Video recorder
Recover video from DVD Video Recorder

St Helier, Jersey
4.7GB DVD recorded on home Video player from the video camera. The disk now shows no videos. And will not play back. - already sent to Rapid Data Recovery but they were unable to assist. thanks very much for this, I appreciate that you are a professional in all regards. Definitely in this case that you get what you pay for.Thanks again.

DVD-RAM data transfer

DVD-RAM in for file recovery
DVD-RAM file recovery

Flagship Ltd, Belfast
4.7GB DVD-RAM Type IV 4 rewriteable / reinscriptable single sided required files to be copied to a CD /DVD. We have received the dvd this morning, I have checked the disc and it now reads fine and we have access to the data again... this is good news! Thank you for your time and the excellent service..

Recovery files from scratched CD-R

CD Data recovery
Data Recovery CD-R - scratched disk

Maxell CDR recovery. CD scratched and would only show empty folder - no files.Thank you for your confirmation on the recovery. I have received the CD ROM with the recovered data fine..

CD-RW Data Recovery - Recover Lost files and photographs

A CD showing the burn side where files are stored ready for data recovery.
Recover Lost files CD

Consultant Cadbury-Schweppes PLC, Edgbaston Birmingham UK
CD-RW Data Recovery - lost images files after burning latest session. Many thanks for sending some recovered photographs in advance for my meeting. Your help is greatly appreciated and your expertise is envied! I will try to look after my files better next time..

Data Recovery Sony Mavica Photo CD-RW

Sony Mavica CD storing photos and used in old Sony Camera
Sony Mavica Camera CD Photo Recovery

Director of Technology, Franklin County, USA
I arrived back in my office today and received the disk that was sent from your company. I am elated. You did a great job of recovering the greater majority of the pictures. It appeared that only three or four were damaged and they were still usable??.Thank you for the business cards. You guys run a service that we hope that we never need; however, it is good to know that you are out there if we need you.On the issue of hard disks, does this include server hard disks as well. I have Novell and Windows servers and just wondered if you would be a resource for these as well. Thanks again for your work and professionalism. I appreciate it.

Finalize Camcorder DVD with Disc/Disk Error

Camcorder DVD recovery
Finalise Sony DVD with Disk Error

St Albans Herts UK
Many thanks I received the DVD on Saturday. I was really pleased with the recovery, footage of our son which would be impossible to repeat! I would recommend you in the future for a great service; fast and excellent results..

Finalise corrupt Sony mini-DVD

A Sony mini-dvd that had trouble finalising video.
Video Recovery DVD would not finalize

London N8
Sony mini DVD - final minute of recording was corrupted, camera would not allow disk to finalise. Marvelous!! Well done!! I'll pay today! Many many thanks..

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We transfer files from CD & DVD disks including data recovery from empty and unreadable disks, discs not finalized, and DVD-RAM conversions, unreadable discs.