Convert Audio Music Disks and Files

Convert Transfer Import Music Files from Digital Audio Samplers and old Apple Mac Disks
Music Audio Disk Transfer and Conversion Services

Music Audio Disk Transfer and Conversion

Our friendly team is happy to help convert your old Music and Audio disks for opening and import to modern versions of Pro-Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase, Audacity editing software on Windows and Apple Mac.
Files may come from old disks, Akai Midi Audio Samplers, or previous versions of Cubase, Apple Logic and Pro Tools, Hyperprism, Emagic, E-MU 3 - just contact us if you don't see your problem mentioned as conversion ability increases all the time.

A list of disks we often see is below.

  • MO disk 230MB 640mb 540mb 128mb 1.3gb 2.3gb
  • ZIP, ZIP100
  • Jaz 1GB 2GB
  • DVD-RAM 9.4GB 5.2GB 4.7GB 2.6GB
  • Optical disk 230MB 128MB
  • 3.5 Floppy
  • Syquest 230MB 88MB 44MB 128MB
  • SCSI
  • Hard Drive

Disk Conversion and Transfer requests

A list of typical enquiries for disk Conversion, Transfer, and Import is below.

  • Convert Pro-Tools music files to WAV audio.
  • The files on the disk were Pro Tools Audio, Sd2fPTul, otherwise known as SD2 filescreated by PTul, and required conversion to WAV for importing into modern Pro-Tools on an iMac
  • Retrieve audio samples from Emu 6400 Ultra ZIP 250mb disks and burn to CD.
  • Convert EMU3 music files on Jaz and Zip disks to .WAV files
  • The DVD-RAM disks were HFS formatted on an old Mac. They wanted to re-assign the original metadata/file extensions etc in order to open each album track/song in Pro Tools
  • ZIP disk from Akai S1000 sampler files convert to .WAV audio
  • Convert Akai Music Sampler (3000xl etc) to Windows PC Wave files
  • Recover music files from Akai Sampler MO Disc
  • The files needed conversion to WAV so we could remix the whole album.
  • Jaz and Zip Disk Transfer . The band are currently rebuilding the songs for re-publishing.
  • We have Jaz disks (pro-Tools) and 1 x Zip (Akai S3000 sampler) disk that I need to retrieve the data [music files] from to load the files into 2020 iMac with Logic Pro X.
  • The files were from Pro-Tools Audio on a Mac and the disks were HFS formatted. The data needed exporting to WAV.
  • The SD2 files have to be converted to WAV.
  • I have a Verbatim DVD-RAM 9.4GB double sided disk from 2003 that has a pro tools music project on it.
  • The band are going to publish the recordings on Vinyl and needed the digital audio and tracks.
  • Transfer Jaz 1gb disk containing Apple Logic files from a recording session I did in 1997. The files didn’t have an ‘wav’ or ‘aif’ suffix but needed saving as WAV extension.
  • Retrieve Cubase song file data from an old 3.5 inch floppy disc saved from an Atari ST computer
  • Data recovery from old disks of music samples, which I needed to retrieve the data.
  • Magneto-optical disks (230 MB) and SyQuest ezflyer cartridge (230 MB, Mac formatted) from Roland S760 S770 Akai S2000 S3000 audio music samplers and need files converting to Wav or mp3 audio.
  • Convert Optical Disk used in Akai Sampler
  • Transfer MO Disk from Akai S2000
  • Pro-Tools not importing old SD2 files
  • Logic Pro not recognising SD2 files - possible metadata problem - convert files to WAV
  • Trouble importing old Pro-Tools Audio Files to Logic Pro X
  • Convert .sd2 Pro-Tools Audio Files to WAV for importing into Logic Pro
  • Convert WAVE EMAG Audio Files to WAV
  • Convert Sd2f JARO Audio Files to WAV
  • Convert Sd2f Sd2a Audio Files to WAV
  • Convert Sd2f PTul Audio Files to WAV
  • Convert EMU3 Audio Files to WAV

Music Audio Disk Transfer and Conversion

Music Audio Disk Transfer and Conversion problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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Convert Transfer Import Music Files from Digital Audio Samplers and old Apple Mac Disks.