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Merging 2 file or disk copies to create one good file

Combining data from 2 identical disks or files in order. One good file will be created from reading the good sectors from each source to hopefully overwrite bad sectors from the other source.
Merge Multiple files or disk copies to create a complete file

Data Recovery, It sometimes happens that when you read a file or an old floppy disk from an archive that it is corrupt or only partially read correctly. There may well be a second identical file stored elsewhere - but how to make one complete good file or disk? A Dubai Contractor had an old logistics program on 5.25 inch floppy disk. An area of the file was corrupt and could not be read from disk. However we found a second copy of this software in a Computer Software Museum in the USA. This 2nd copy could also not be read correctly. We managed to read both files and merge the good parts into a single file allowing the program to operate correctly. Simply call or email us with details for a quote..

EFS Extent File System data recovery inc DICOM

Dicom data recovery from MO disk (MOD). This particular disk was used in a Philips Marconi CT Medical Scanner and held data in the EFS filesystem A bespoke program was made to extract the files to enable viewing on computer using freely available DICOM viewers along with the metadata in an Excel database for easy image searching and retrieval.
EFS Extent File System file recovery inc DICOM

Data Recovery, The Extent File System EFS was used in early Linux/Unix based machines. It is also used on some Philips / Marconi Select CT scanners to store Dicom images on 5.25 inch Magneto-Optical (MO) discs (MOD). We have received Sony EDM-4100C MO disks where the data was not showing and the disk appeared blank. We have recovered the files to CD or DVDs so if you have trouble reading such disks then call us for EFS data recovery..

PCDOCSE Document Management System - Extract office files

PCDOC by Softco was an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) which could store scanned documents to MO disks like the one in the photo. A popular conversion is to read the MO disks and convert the files to PDF, often stored on a NAS, Network Drive or USB disk windows formatted.
PCDOC-SE extract recover files and Documents

Data Recovery, PCDOCSE was a document storage archive and retrieval system attached to a database. We have recovered the files stored on Magneto Optical disks and tied these up with the database to restore documents to allow user access. The files were stored on Magneto Optical disks but each disk did not have any file structure and appeared blank in a Windows PC Linux and Apple Mac. We extracted the files, file names and revision number and named each file accordingly. The end result was the client restored these separate files on a Hard Drive Network Storage device (NAS) for sharing among the company employees..

Batch convert PICT to BMP or JPEG

An Apple Mac PICT image file is sometimes difficult to convert especially when a batch conversion of many files is required.
PICT batch converter

File Conversion, Apple Mac computers sometimes used PICT files to store image, photos or graphics.We have tried some widely available software for doing this and found it clumsy or unrelaible when batch converting from many different folders at once. If you have files spread across a number of folders and require these batch converting to say bitmap (bmp) jpeg (jpg) or other types then call or email us for a quote. Timescale usually 1-2 days depending on quantities..

HPP and HPD file viewers and converters

An old floppy disk containing HPP and HPD files needed converting the scanned images from the HP scanner software.
HPP and HPD Convert or view files

File Conversion, We convert HPP and HPD files to be viewable on PC and Mac computers. The HP (Hewlett Packard) Scanner Printer software used to create documents in HPD and HPP files which cannot be easily opened or viewed. Just email or call us for a quote..

ClarisWorks convert to Word

Clarisworks conversion to modern Microsoft Word or Excel undertaken via our software.
Convert ClarisWorks to Microsoft Word

Data Recovery, ClarisWorks was very popular with Apple Macintosh users for Office documents, drawings, presentations, databases, and spreadsheets. Often these files are stored on old 3.5 inch floppies 400kb or 800kb. We are often called on to convert these files to CD so people may use them on modern Macs eg system OSX or Windows systems with packages like Microsoft Office..

Recover jpeg photos from slideshow movie DVD

Data recovery undertaken on a DVD that had a slideshow movie that could not be played back.
Recover photo images from DVD slideshow

Data Recovery, We had an interesting case of a DVD slideshow movie which had jpegs and mp3 added using Windows DVD maker program. We extracted the jpeg photo images from the video and saved them to a separate CD as the customer had lost the original files. If you have any unusual requests - just let us know by email or call us now..

Old Word Processor and other File Conversions

Converting word processor floppy disks.
Convert Files from old Word Processor formats

Data Conversion and Transfer, File conversions - including databases sylk msworks dbf and word processors from BBC micro, Brother, Canon, chiwriter, appleworks, ACTA, Word Perfect, Mac Paint, Mac Excel, WriteNow, Xerox Diablo, Dec Decmate. The files can be stored on old 5.25. 3.5 and 3 inch and 8 inch Floppy disks including those used by Amstrad CPC and PCW computers. We can place the files on to a CD..

Convert Word Perfect to Microsoft Word

Word Perfect Files being converted to Microsoft Office Word for Windows or Apple Mac.
Open Word Perfect Files in Microsoft Word

Data Conversions, Word Perfect is one of many file types we convert to more common MS Word for using in modern PC or Mac. Usually these older files are archived on floppy disks, articularly the 5.25 inch variety. We can save the converted files to CD..

Supercalc conversion to Excel Spreadsheet

Supercalc files being converted to Microsoft Excel.
Convert SuperCalc to Microsoft Excel

Data Recovery, The DOS Spreadsheet program SuperCalc was the fore-runner to Microsoft Excel. However with the demise of DOS in most business areas The documents that were made under it lie unused - but may still be valuable. Companies often contact us for converting Supercalc to Excel so they can use it under Windows PC or even on a Apple Mac Excel..

Recover Images and Text from corrupt files

Recovering Word Documents from a ZIP disk
Recover Photos and Text from corrupt Word Document

Data Recovery, A file may be saved or archived to a disk but when you come to read it back it may not open correctly. This is what one insurance company found after a report was saved to a ZIP disk a few years ago. They came to read it again and the disk would not allow copying of the file. We successfully recovered sufficient photos and text from the Word document report to enable them to reconstruct it for a recent legal case..

Trouble copying or accessing files

Windows Explorer going very slowly to display files due to poor sector reading from the hard disk - bad areas developing on the hard drive.
Problem accessing or slow copying files and folders

Data Recovery, Sometimes Windows Explorer will show you the files and folders but will not allow copying or opening them. This sometimes happens after the computer is shut down unexpectedly from a power cut. Even after re-booting the PC you are unable to access the documents and settings user folder. Or perhaps the floppy disk does not allow copying of visible files or folders. We can successfully recover your data and lost files, repair folder access troubles and restore data to another hard disk CD or DVD...

Windows Blue Screen boot up data recovery

The BSOD blue screen of death is shown and occurs in Windows when it crashes and needs data recovering.
Windows BSOD computer not booting up

Data Recovery, A common exception error seen by Windows users is the Blue Screen of Death or BSOD. We have recently seen an influx of SATA hard drives and RAID-0 systems failing to boot u due to this error. We can repair / recover your files and folders from such system crashes..

Data File Transfer Conversion Migration from old Disks and FileSystems

Data File Transfer Conversion Migration from old Disks and FileSystems problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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