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We recover documents from corrupt disks, old filesystems, electronic document management systems, MO and Optical Disks, File Servers, DICOM, PACS, MODs MO discs
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Convert disks from Document Archive Systems, old filesystems and recover data and files Reviews...

ClarisWorks Documents extracted from Mac Floppy Disks

ClarisWork conversion for an old Mac floppy disk MF2.DD.
Apple Mac ClarisWorks Documents converted fromFloppy Disks

San Francisco, CA USA
Mac micro floppy disks Maxell MF2.DD Double Sided Double Density Double Track 135tpi circa 1994. The disk contained Claris Works documents and the customer no longer had a compatible floppy disk drive. Great work! Thanks so much !!!.

Convert Apple Mac PICT conversion to PC (batch)

Data Recovery
Batch convert Apple Mac PICT files

After recovering some archive images from Magneto Optical disks we discovered they were in Apple Mac PICT format and needed converting for viewing on a Windows PC. There were thousands of Apple PICT files requiring a batch converter - thank you for the conversion which saved us many days work..

Convert Microsoft File Database

A floppy disk from an old Apple Mac which held a copy of Microsoft FILE database. This was an old database format that needed converting to Excel.
Transfer Microsoft File Database to Excel

Microsoft FILE database was stored on Apple Mac MFD floppy disks. This was a very old database application software which needed to be transferred off the floppy disks and converted for opening on a PC say as text , excel spreadsheet or csv. Just to confirm that the data all appears to be fine. Very many thanks for all your help..

QIC Windows95/98 Backup file - extract files

QIC file recovery
QIC Win95/98 backup files- recover of files

Perth, Australia
There were 3 QIC files that had been used to archive / backup a Windows95/98 computer in 1980s. The QIC files stored many files and folders and these needed to be extracted so they could be restored on to a Mac computer to allow Word for Mac to open them. The files extracted files were emailed back. Thankyou for your efforts I have now got the extracted files..

Convert .HPD files to readable format

File Conversions for HPD HPP scanner document files.
Read .HPD files on Windows

There were several old Hewlett Packard hpd. files which needed conversion into readable files on a Windows XP PC computer. The original application used to create the files and the system used was no longer available and probably around 15 years old. HotDocs player and FileCure from Paretologic were both unsuccessful at opening the files. The files were converted to tiff and pdf files. The conversion is great, thanks!.

Recover DSS files from Olympus DS-2300 dictaphone XD card

An Olympus Voice recorder that used XD card and recorded files to DSS format.
Olympus DS recorder recover deleted DSS files

Audio files recovered that were accidentally deleted from a 64MB xD Card recorded on Olympus DS-2300 Digital Voice recorder / player / dictaphone. The .DSS / Wav (wave/sound) files were mistakenly deleted. The recovery was a big relief. Thanks for that..

Convert old Word Processor files for use on modern computer

A 3.5 inch floppy disk together with a CD. Files will be transferred off the floppy to the CD.
3.5 floppy disk files converting to Microsoft Word

Paignton, Devon
I had some old 3.5 inch Floppy Disks which had publishing data possibly created in Word Perfect or Word Star. Unable to access the files atall,. Someone had managed to open a file but it was full of strange symbols/characters. The file is text for a bibliography and may contain symbols from an old keyboard that might not be compatible with modern day machines like Apple Mac or Windows XP. I needed to be able to read the files for editing on a modern computer eg Microsoft Word. Many thanks for these (converted) files..

Restore access to Panasonic LM-R650-A Cartridge

A Panasonic LM-R650 PD disk that would not show up during an attempt to copy files from it on the computer.
Repair File Access to Panasonic LM disk

West Melborne, Palm Bay, Florida USA.
Maroon Panasonic LM-R650A cartridge - PD 650MB disk. It was recognizes in Win Server 2003 and disc showed on the first go. When copying files, it froze. Now the disc won't show up again. The File Sysyem was rebuilt / repaired and access gained to the data was restored. Thank you very much - this material definitely helps my cause. My wife is ecstatic..

Akai Sampler MO Disk convert to Wave Files

A MO disk that was used in an Akai Music sampler. The disk was sent to us for recovering the stored audio files and converting them to wav format.
Recover music files from Akai Sampler MO Disc

Norwich, Norfolk
There was a large number of music files created on an Akai Sampler 3000XL. The files were saved on 3.5 inch Gigamo Magneto Optical MO Disks. The audio files were required to be converted to wav (wave) files for use on a Mac or PC Computer - imported into the sampler software. The sampler files were successfully converted to music wav files on cd / dvd..

Mac ClarisWorks floppy convert to CD

A Floppy disk containing Mac Clarisworks for conversion to Windows.
Convert ClarisWorks files from old Apple Floppies to Windows PC

London N4
The Apple Mac 3.5 inch 1MB InMac floppy 800kb convert to CD + convert Mac Claris Works files to Windows PC Microsoft Works. Many thanks. Disks received and copied to hard disk..

CNC machine Floppy Disks control files

A 5.25 inch floppy disk that was used in an old CNC machine and stored configuration files.
Data Recovery old CNC 5.25 floppy disks program files

Newcastle University
The old Siemens Sinumerik control system on a CNC Gear Hobbing machine used 5.25 inch floppy disks to input configuration data. The 360kb 5.25 floppy discs were corrupt / unreadable and required configuration data file extracted from the CP/M file system for a gearbox design. I have received the data thank you..

Merge 2 corrupt files to produce a good copy

Combing parts from 2 files and merging them together to make one good file.
Combine 2 files to produce a good copy from merged sectors

Chep, Dubai, UAE and South Africa
We had the last 12 months searching South Africa and the UAE for a company to assist with this problem with no joy. The data was stored on a 5.25 inch floppy disk which contained a valuable program file for our client. The file was corrupt / had bad sectors. We found a second copy which had its good sectors copied and combined with the first file to produce a complete working merged copy of the program..

Convert disks from Document Archive Systems, old filesystems and recover data and files

Convert disks from Document Archive Systems, old filesystems and recover data and files problems that we recover data from are listed below.
We recover documents from corrupt disks, old filesystems, electronic document management systems, MO and Optical Disks, File Servers, DICOM, PACS, MODs MO discs.