Apple Mac Floppy Disk Transfer Conversions 3 5.25 inch Macintosh Discs

Mac Floppy Disks for Apple Macintosh 3.5 5.25 inch Discs Convert Transfer Extract Copy Read Files MacDraw ClarisWorks MacWrite, Windows PC,OSX Apple 2 2e ][ II
Apple Mac Floppy Disks Transfer and Conversions Services

Apple Mac Floppy Disks Transfer and Conversions

Apple Floppy got you foxed? Mac Floppy maxxed you out? Our friendly team is happy to help recover your data from these Apple Disks & Macintosh Disks.

Macintosh Floppy Disk Conversions

We convert from the following mac disks.

  • Apple ][ 5.25 inch Floppy Disks
  • 5 inch floppy disks diskware by Apple
  • Micro Floppy Disks
  • 3.5 inch floppies
  • 400k floppy disks
  • 800k floppy disks
  • 1.2MB 3.5 inch disks
  • Macintosh floppies
  • 1.44mb disks
  • DS/DD floppy
  • DS-DD floppy
  • 2HD IBM Format
  • SS-DD floppy
  • MF2DD floppy
  • MF2-DD floppy
  • MFD-2HD floppy
  • Double Density floppy
  • High Density floppy
  • Double Side floppy
  • Double Track floppy
  • Double Sided floppy
  • Single Sided floppy
  • 135-tpi floppy disks
  • 1MB 1.0MB 1.0 Mb Mo floppy disks
  • 800kb floppy disks
  • 400kb floppy disks

    • The disks are typically made by 3M, Imation, Sony, Verbatim, Diskware, Benchmark, Inmac, Memorex, TDK, Nashua, Opus Technology,SKC,Maxell

      Why Apple Mac Floppy Disk will not read in Windows or open on Modern Macs

      The old Macintosh Floppy disks cannot be recognised under Apple G3, G4, G5, or Intel Macs in anything over OS7. They were formatted using an filesystem encoding which is no longer used. That encoding meant more sectors were placed on the outer edge of the floppy disk, and decreased as you moved closer to the centre of the disk. This makes logical sense since the outer circumference of the disk is larger and can accommodate more data. Unlike the PC formatted floppy disks which used a consistent number of sectors regardless of which track you are on. The disks held 400kb for single sided mac disks and 800kb for double sided mac floppies. On modern macs files from old mac floppies are often seen as "Unix Executable" as OSX has no database for the older software file types or creator codes, therefore no frame of reference for how to handle the data.

      Mac Floppy Disk Conversions and File Transfer

      We have drives for 3.5" 5.25" inch Floppy Discs for converting the disks and transferring files from Macintosh and Apple ][ 2 2e disks. We can download the file transfer to usb,cd,dvd,hard disk or more often simply email the contents as the quantity of data is usually small. This includes converting files suitable for reading in newer macs OSX without floppy disk drives, or to Windows PC computers. On modern macs the files are seen as "Unix Executable" even though they may have been from ClarisWorks, Locoscript, etc. These old mac floppys disks were used to relieve pressure on the limited and expensive hard drive capacity of older apple computers. They provided a cheap media for software distribution, backup file archives, data transfer. Popular conversions/transfers are from Claris Works, MacDraw, MacWrite Microsoft MS Word to windows pc. These old disks were often used for old archive files, book manuscripts, photographs, images, cad files, spread-sheets, and graphics. There was even an old database file Microsoft FILE which we can convert - one of the few MS software made exclusively for the Macintosh - no PC version.

      Apple Mac Floppy Disk Data Recovery

      Where disks are damaged or format not recognised when inserted, or request to be formatted, then it may be the boot sectors or index sectors are damaged. If the disk is slow to copy files, or even hangs while copying data, then it is likely the disk surface is damaged. Or recovery techniques can extract all readable sectors from the disk and in most cases this is enough to piece together the original documents, or books, play manuscripts etc, or in some cases cause complete recovery of the file. So simply contact us if your mac floppy needs data recovery.

      Data Transfers 5.25" inch & 3.5" floppy disk to CD

      We also undertake data transfers from these discware disks to other formats. A popular data transfer or recovery for 5.25" inch diskware floppies which often contain archive data.

      Convert files from old mac's to pc's.

      Transfer files from Apple mac 400k & 800k floppy disks, Apple 2e, Apple ][, Apple 2, DS-DD MFD-2DD 135-TPI ClarisWorks, MacDraw files. Claris Works Word Spreadsheet files.
      Including Apple Mac SE, Macintosh 128K, Apple Mac 512K, Mac 512KE, Mac Plus, Apple Macintosh Plus, Mac SE-30, Classic, Classic II, Macintosh Color Classic, Apple Mac II, IIx, Apple Mac IIcx, IIci, Macintosh IIfx, Apple Mac IIsi, Macintosh IIvx, Macintosh Quadra 610, 630, 650, 700, 800, 900, 950, Power Macintosh 6100/60, 7100/66, 8100/80, Macintosh Portable, PowerBook 180, PowerPC PPC, G3, Newton

      Old Macintosh Computer File Transfers inc MacDraw Clarisworks to PC

      We transfer Claris-Works, Mac-Draw, Mac-Write and files from older vintage legacy Macs, including Macdraw to PC conversion. These include Mac 400k 800k 1MB 1.4M Doble Sided DS/DD floppy discs from:-

      Compact Macs 128K, Mac 512K, 512Ke, Mac Plus, SE, SE/30, Mac Classic, Classic II, Performa 200, Color Classic, Color Classic II, Mac II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIsi, IIfx, IIvi, IIvx, Performa 600

      Macintosh LC, LC II, LC III, LC III+, LC 475, Performa 400-430, Performa 450, Performa 460, Quadra 605

      500 Series 520, 550, 575, 580, Mac TV

      Centris/Quadra 610, 650
      Quadra 605, 610, 630, 650, 660av, 700, 800, 840av, 900, 950
      Performa 475/476, 630-638, 640
      LC 475, 630, LC 630 DOS
      DOS Compatible 610 DOS, LC 630 DOS.

      Typical Floppy Disk error messages
      Disk not mounting on Desktop

      The disk has a problem and will now be ejected
      Floppy will not mount on desktop
      Disk is unreadable or not formatted correctly
      Disk not read by drive

      File Repair Floppy Disks, Discs Recovery

      Failure, Format or deleted Floppy Disk
      Retrieving data off old floppies or damaged.
      Undelete files. File inaccessible. Floppy Disks, File Recovery.
      Unable to open a file, floppy, Disk Drive, Disc unreadable

      File Conversion for 3.5 inch floppy disks from a macintosh powerbook
      File Conversion for 3.5 inch floppy disks from a macintosh powerbook

      5.25 inch floppy disks from Apple II Conversions
      5.25 inch floppy disks from Apple II Conversions

      mac 3.5 apple disk awaiting file transfer and conversion
      mac 3.5 apple disk awaiting file transfer and conversion

      convert mac floppy disk 1.44mb 3.5inch
      convert mac floppy disk 1.44mb 3.5inch

      FAQs and Apple Disk conversion requests we receive
      • I am trying to retrieve data from some older floppy discs.
      • We have some Apple Mac disks we cannot read
      • Can you copy data from Macintosh Disks to Hard Drive
      • Disk not formatted when trying to access it.
      • Converting Apple Disk files
      • Convert Apple floppy disks
      • Transfer files from Mac disk

      Apple Mac Floppy Disks Transfer and Conversions

      Apple Mac Floppy Disks Transfer and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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      Mac Floppy Disks for Apple Macintosh 3.5 5.25 inch Discs Convert Transfer Extract Copy Read Files MacDraw ClarisWorks MacWrite, Windows PC,OSX Apple 2 2e ][ II.

      For further information on Apple Mac Floppy Disks Transfer and Conversions see this info