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Floppy disk conversions and data recovery Services

Floppy disk conversions and data recovery Reviews...

Transfer 5.25 inch Floppy Disks for upload to CD or Dropbox

A stack of 5.25 inch floppy disks that were sent in when the client required their data to be uploaded to CD and DropBox. The client no longer had the correct disk drive to read the floppies.
A stack of 5.25 inch floppies ready for uploading their data

Juno Records Download, London
There were 45x Floppy Disks - no longer have 5.25 drive. The files were made in Lotus Symphony ( WR1 WR2 file extension) and Lotus 1-2-3 (for DOS) WKS files. Needed to also convert the .WKS and .WR1 .WR2 to open in Microsoft Excel Office. The old 5.25 floppy disks had encrypted files in an obsolete format. Apex not only recovered all of the data from the disks, but managed to decrypt the files with 100% success. Would highly recommend - it was very nice working with you.

Extract Word Documents from old 3.5in floppy disks

A row of 3 off floppy disks 3.5 inches awaiting Word file extraction. The disks are photographed at an angle with only part shown of disks 1 and 3.
3 floppy disks ready to have Microsoft Word files extracted

Phil Shirley, Crewe
Data recovery required. I needed to extract word documents from 3 old 3.5in 1.44 HD floppy discs. Excellent, professional, trusted service and great value for money. I would recommend to anyone who needs data recovery..

PC floppy disk conversion

An old mac floppy disk needing conversion to view the files on windows pc computer. It was used in an Apple Mac.
Convert Floppy disk for PC

Thame, Oxfordshire
We had a Sony micro floppy disk - unable to read on pc and needed conversion to pc compatible CD. Thanks so much for sending these two files. I had assumed that my late husband had not actually written anything under these headings. My son and daughter and I are very pleased with the information you have retrieved and the service you have given us so thanks again.. If I find any more old Mac disks I'll definitely send them to you given your excellent service and recommend you to others..

8 inch floppy disk file transfer to CD

THe 8 ich disk was made by Nashua had files from a Dec RT11-A (PDP11). The files were converted from the old word processor to view on modern Microsoft Windows PC.
8 inch floppy disk data recovery to CD

Transfer files from an 8 inch floppy disk to CD. The floppy disk spec was Single Sided Double Density SS DD 26 sectors per track, 77 tracks, 256 bytes 128 bytes per sector . The floppy was by Nashua marked "FD-1 D WP S.S.D.D. Soft Sec 26/128 9001-200" Professional Magnetic Media. Written on old DEC RT11-A (PDP11). Everything is great, thanks!..

Convert Macintosh 512k floppy disks to CD or Word

3.5 inch floppy disks from Macintosh 512k to be transferred to CD.
Transfer from Macintosh 512k floppy disks to CD and convert to MS Word

Fox Entertainment, California, USA
25 Mac 3.5 floppies from 1987 512k macintosh computer. The computer perished long ago and most documents were never printed or transferred. I needed to recover the data to transfer to CD (ultimately to print) mainly word documents. Recovery was excellent news! Also, your finding that the Mac was using an obsolete word processing software explains why I could never get the files to run on either Macs or PCs. Without your help, these all would have been lost to me. Thank you again for all your help on this. Warmest regards Very happy! You are the BEST! Having lots of fun reviewing old entries from 1988 and forwarding to a friend who is putting together a book on "Phantasm" films. You saved the day for us. :).

CF-2 Amstrad Floppy disks convert to Word

Amsoft CF2 disks which were written on an Amstrad Locoscript computer (probably 8512 8256 or 9512). These disks underwent conversion to microsoft word for editing and viewing on modern windows pc computer.
Convert CF-2 Amstrad floppy disks to CD

Birmingham University
Transfer 6 CF-2 Amsoft (Amstrad) floppy disks 3 inch to CD. The files were mainly written in Amstrad Locoscript and required converting to Microsoft Word for editing. Thank you very much.

Transfer old floppy disk for editing in Word

3.5inch floppy disks that was not recognised and would not open on the computer. It needed it's files transferred to Windows Word.
Apple Floppy disk transfer to Word

Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Old 3.5 inch floppy disc with some documents but not allowing access on the laptop. The disk may have been used in an Apple Mac computer. The files won't copy or open from the disc onto the computer it says that there is a problem doing this. When I try to open them it says the files are not recognised. I needed to be able to transfer them to PC Windows Word. .

Panasonic Word Processor floppy disk convert to CD

Panasonic Electronic typewriter which used 3.5 inch floppy disks to store word processor files. The disks needed conversions to Microsoft Word or Windows.
Convert Panasonic Word Processor floppy disk files

Telford, Shropshire
Transfer data from 3.5" inch floppy disks to CD - from old Panasonic Word Processor. The Panasonic KX-WL50 was used as and electronic typewriter and had LCD display with work saved to floppy disk. I needed the files converting to modern format eg Word or Windows format. Thank you for the transfer - best regards.

Old Mac Floppies convert to PC Word

1.0MB DS DD floppy disk from a Mac which needed it's files converting to Word on a PC.
Old Apple Floppy Disks convert to PC

Old floppy disks whose contents needed to recovered; One 3.5 3M DS,DD 1.0 Mb 1.0 Mo Floppy Disk and four 3.5 inch HD floppies. They were all MAC floppies. Converted the files for Word on a PC as well as plain text and rich text fomat (RTF). Also provided were .dmg files of the floppy disks for mounting in Apple Mac. I have got the package now, thank you..

Apple Mac Floppy Disks convert to CD

An old Mac Plu computer which used floppy disks to store MacWrite files that needed to be converted to Microsoft Office Word processor.
Old Apple Mac Floppy disks convert to CD

Aberdeen University, Scotland
We had apple mac floppy disks written on MacPlus MacWrite format and required conversion to Microsoft Word for PC. All fine. Thanks..

5.25 inch floppy disk transfer cpm and bbc disks

A 5.25 floppy disk made by 3M Imataion that was used in a BBC micro computer and stored files in the CPM filesystem.
5.25 inch floppy disk data conversion cpm and bbc disks

Moog Controls Limited, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire
We had 11x 5.25 inch floppy disks. Some floppies were cpm operating system and some BBC micro computer floppies. They needed to be converted to CD. I have received the disks this morning, many thanks..

Transfer Floppy disk files to PC

A Sony MFD-2DD floppy disk that contained Programming Source Code.
Convert Floppy disk files to PC

St Petersburg, Florida
We had a Programming Source Code Disk, Apple Mac formatted Sony MFD-2DD floppy but no longer have a suitable floppy drive to read the files. The files need to be converted to text suitable for a Windows PC computer. Thank you for the conversion..

Apple floppy disks transfer to CD

Old Apple Mac computer shown with 3.5 inch floppy disk.
Old Apple Floppy discs file transfer

Brent, London
Apple Mac Floppy Disks required file transfer to Windows PC for editing. The documents were written in mac word and clarisworks. The discs were read and filesconverted and copied to a CD. I just took delivery on the package and had a quick look. This is splendid work that you have done. Many thanks.

Amsoft CF2 copy files to CD

An Amsoft CF2 disk that was used in an Amstrad computer floppy drive and contained Locoscript files for conversion to microsoft word.
Amstrad CF2 floppy transfer to CD

Jena, Germany
Amsoft 3 inch floppy disks marked CF2 Compact Floppy for Single Head Drive including Locoscript files that needed to be copied to CD. Many thanks indeed. That's great! I can finally access some of my ancestor/family tree files that I thought were effectively lost because I no longer had the complete information. But now I have, thanks to you! With best wishes,.

Macintosh Floppy disks traqnsfer to CD

3.5 inch floppy disk from a Macintosh computer is pictured together with a CD denoting a transfer of data between the 2 media.
Convert Apple Macintosh Floppy disc to CD

National Library, Scotland
Sony MFD-2DD 3.5 disk which was used on a Macintosh around 1990. I suspect it's 800k. The files on it are PageMaker 3 that have been compressed with StuffIt. Needed to recover the data on this floppy disks to CD. The recovery news is great, many thanks..

MF 2DD apple Floppy disks to CD

An MF-2DD double density floppy disk from Apple Mac computer.
Convert MF 2DD Mac floppies

Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
The Mac SE old Apple computer was last used 1999. Needed to recover old Microsoft MS Word Files to be used on modern Word version. Also files on back-up floppy disks type Verbatim DataLife MF 2DD Apple Format and Maxell MF 2DD double density. Wow you are a genius. Thanks so much for that. I'm really thrilled that you managed to recover the data..

BBC 5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD

A floppy disk that was used in a BBC Micro computer that had old files the customer wished to use in an emulator.
Extracting old BBC 5.25 floppy disk files

I had some old 5.25 floppy disks for a BBC micro that I wished to use on a BBC emulator on my laptop. I had not accessed the disks in 15 or so years!!! They were Single Sided Double Density 180kb disks (the physical disk was DS/DD 500kb/360kb) written on an external Cumana 5.25 inch floppy drive drive. Excellent news on the recovery, thanks..

Retrieve contents apple mac floppy disks

A 3.5 inch floppy disk by 3M, which needed to have it's files retrieved from an old Apple Mac.
File retrieval from floppy disks on Apple Mac

London. WC2H
We had Apple Mac (old Apple Mac) floppy discs that needed converting to a PC compatible CD. The Apple Mac exploded and had the contents stored on the floppy disks. I received the CD of my lost files this morning - thank you!.

Kaypro 5.25 CP/M disks copy files

A 5.25 floppy disk from a Kaypro computer which held 10 sectors per track as opposed to DOS which generally manages only 9 sectors. The filesystem on the disk is CPM and needed its text files converting for a Windows PC.
Kaypro CP/M 5.25 floppy disks to CD

We had KAYPRO CP/M 2.2 with wordstar files on 5.25 inch floppy disks. These disks have 10 sectors per track used in Kaypro machines of the early 1980s from Non-Linear Systems. The files were read and transferred/copied to CD. Thank you.

Floppy Disk files convert to MS Word

Floppy disk containing word perfect files for conversion to CD
Word Perfect Floppy disk conversion

London. N16
We had 2 Floppy Double Sided DS DD 3M disks but no longer have a floppy drive for these disks. The files were copied to CD and converted from Word Perfect to Micorsoft Word. Thanks for sending me the converted files..

Copy old mac floppy disks to Windows PC

Classic Mac Floppy disk
Transfer Apple Mac floppies to Windows

Wakefield, West Yorkshire
6xMac Floppy Disks (Verbatim and Sony) for transfer.Copies of material were put in PC Format. All files from apple mac classic hard disc. Stylewriter printer refused to print out. Apple Mac Centre were unable to help. Files were converted - I was able to open the sample file you sent and it seems fine..

Download files from old Mac floppy disks

A 3M Mac formatted floppy disk from an early Apple computer using MFS filesystem The disk is rated 1.0MB.
Apple Mac floppies - extract files to CD

IMGMedia, Chiswick. London. W4
The files were stored on old Apple Mac but the new modern apple computers had no way of reading them so the files were transferred to CD. The disks have just arrived on my desk. Thanks so much, this really helps us out a lot..

Mac floppy disks transfer to CD

An InMac Floppy disk
Transfer files from old Apple Floppies to Windows PC CD

London N4
Apple Mac 3.5 inch floppy disks 1mb inmac plus 80 800kb transfer to CD + convert Mac Claris Works files to Windows PC Microsoft Works. Many thanks. Disks received and copied to hard disk..

Transfer 5.25 inch old Floppy Disks to CD 360kb and 1.2MB disk

A CD and old floppy disk
File Recovery 5.25 inch Floppy Discs 360kb, 1.6mb

The Washington Post, Washington DC, USA
Transfer of files and data from the old DOS 5.25 inch floppy disks was performed. Good news indeed, thanks for the quick work. I have just authorized the payment. Please send the materials soonest. My thanks and gratitude, once again..

Transfer Mac Floppy disk to PC

A Mac Floppy disk from an Apple Computer.
Convert 3.5 inch apple mac floppy to CD

Perth Scotland
3M DS,DD 1.0 Mb/1.0 Mo Floppy Disk. Required files recovered for use on a present day PC - transfer to CD. File was not recognised - originally typed up onto a Mac around 1992. I am delighted that all has been recovered and will look forward to having the archive back in a viable condition. Thanks again for your assistance in this matter..

5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD

A CD, old 5.25 floppy disk and a modern 3.5 inch flopy disk together.
Legacy Floppy disc transfer to CD

Star Refrigeration Ltd, Glasgow Scotland
A load of archive engineering drawings were stored on legacy 5.25 inch floppy discs. We required data transfer transfer old 5.25 discs onto a CD or memory stick. Thanking you for the successful transfer!.

Cromemco CDOS format Floppy disk transfer to CD

An old flopy disk used in a Cromenco operating under CDOS.
5.25 Floppy disk Cromemco CDOS file recovery transfer to CD

Vermont, New Hampshire, USA
The data was on old Cromemco CDOS 5.25 inch Floppy disks which required file transfer to CD for use in a windows PC Computer. Great news. Thank you for your efforts..

Mac floppy diskette convert to CD

A Floppy disk from an old Macintosh.
Convert Macintosh diskette files to CD

Maidenhead, Berks
Macintosh OS8 or OS9 formatted diskette MF-2HD Double Sided High Density. The new floppy diskette driven by OSX 10.4 would not read the disk drive so it had to be converted to CD which could be read by Mac OSX machine. Received data with thanks.

Apple Mac 3.5 Floppy Disks transfer to CD

A CD and old floppy disk from an Apple computer.
File Transfer from old Apple Mac 3.5 disks to CD

London SW14
Modern Mac computers do not contain floppy disk drives anymore. These Apple mac 3.5 inch floppies needed to transfer files and data to CD so they could be read into a Mac - Disks received - many thanks..

Transfer files from 2S/HD floppies to CD

A 2S HD floppy disk ready for transfer. This one was from Germany and 5.25 inch in size.
Data recovery old 2S/HD floppies

10th Planet Ltd, London W1F
5.25 2S/HD double sided high density floppy disk transfer to CD due to lack of access to old style floppy drive. Thanks - our accounts have put in the payment, which should go through on Monday. Have a lovely weekend.

Convert 500kb DSDD floppies to CD

A 500kb 3M Floppy disk
Extract files from 5.25 inch floppies

Bognor Regis, Sussex
Transfer archive files from 5.25 500kb 3M DS, DD floppy disks to CD. Thank you..

5.25 Floppy disc transfer to CD

An old floppy disk transferring data to CD.
File Transfer 5.25 Floppy disc to CD

Career Concept, London W1D
Transfer old 5.25 floppy disk to CD. Many thanks for your work and professionalism. All has arrived intact and the disk is fine.Thanks again..

Transfer old apple mac-write floppies to cd for Windows pc

A floppy disk containing old MacWrite word processor files from an Apple OS7 computer.
Mac 3.5 inch floppy disk document transfer to CD

Melbourne, Australia
There were 4 vintage floppy disks that held a book in written in Mac-Write Mac OS7. The disks were 3.5 inch 800kb. I have to say I am absolutely delighted by the recovery news. Now transferred it to another of our computers and, bingo! Again, many thanks indeed - it is the core of a book I now have to resurrect. The service was both brilliant and fast, thank you so much..

CAD Drawing on 5.25 Floppy disc transfer to CD

5.25 inch floppy disk.
Transfer CAD files from 5.25 Floppy disc to CD

JCMT Architects, London
The cad archive files were stuck on old 5.25 Floppy disc and required converting to CD for modern pc system. Thank you for the recovery..

1.2mb DSHD 5.25 floppy disks transfer to CD

Floppy disk transfer to CD
Legacy 5.25 inch DSHD floppy disk transfer to CD

English Sanoha Trust, Hemel, Herts
The old survey plot data files were held on 1.2mb DS-HD 5.25 inch floppy disks and required file transfer to CD for a PC to read. - thanks.

5.25 inch floppy disks from 286 machine transfer to CD

Floppy to CD.
Transfer old 5.25 floppy to CD

Scubed software, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire
5.25 inch floppy disks from 286 machine transfer to CD. Payment has been made today. Please release the files once you are happy. Thanks.

Floppy disk conversions and data recovery

Floppy disk conversions and data recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We recover Floppy Disks File Copying Reading Data 3inch 5inch 8inch 3.5inch 5.25inch Converting Files Microsoft Word Perfect Apple Mac OSX Corrupt Disc Xerox.