Apple Mac SCSI Hard Drive HDD Transfer Convert Files Data Recovery

We will transfer Mac hard drives to USB, CD, DVD or Download link. Apple Macintosh desktop and PowerBooks with SCSI, IDE, PATA, Parallel connected disks.
Apple Mac HDD Conversions Transfer Services

Apple Mac HDD Conversions Transfer

Apple Mac Hard Drive driving you crazy? Our friendly team is happy to help recover your data from your old Apple hardware and convert files to modern OSX or the Microsoft Windows PC computer. We can get your files off old parallel connected ide, scsi, firewire, and usb Mac formatted drives. This includes when the drive won't boot up, or fails to mount on your desktop. 2.5" and 3.5" inch drives can have their files and folders transferred off, and saved to USB, CD, DVD or download links.

Mac / Apple SCSI Hard Drive copy files to CD or DVD inc. 40pin Powerbook scsi laptop drive

We transfer files from old SCSI apple hard disk drives to CD or DVD. This includes the 2.5 inch Quantum Quantum Go-Drive and Western Digital WDS SCSI drives which have the rare 40 pin-out interface connector with a separate bank of 8 pins, which does not connect to standard SCSI cards. These were used in Apple Mac PowerBook pb 100 140 145b 150 160 170 series with model numbers such as GF40S022 and Western Digital, IBM WDS-2120.

A Macintosh Powerbook incorporating a SCSI 2.5 inch hard drive
A SCSI based Powerbook in our lab ready for file transfer

An IBM WDS-2120 120mb hard disk from an Apple Powerbook
A SCSI disk extracted from a Powerbook awaiting data recovery in our lab

An old Macintosh computer which uses internal SCSI 3.5 inch hard disk with parallel Ribbon cable connection
A Macintosh SE-30 awaiting recovery of data from it's internal 3.5inch SCSI hard drive which is connected via a parallel ribbon cable

SCSI Desktop disk drive transfer / conversion

The Mac desktop computers used 3.5 inch SCSI drives which are no longer directly supported on the Apple machines. The larger desktop 3.5inch SCSI drives were available up to the early Power Macintosh G3 as well as the earlier Mac Classic SE Plus and Quadra. The SCSI HDDs were usually made by Conner, Seagate Western Digital (WD) and Quantum. We can undertake data recovery and file transfer from these drive to another hdd, USB or CD. Time scale usually only 2 days for transfer. Call or email us for a quote now.

Mac G3 and G4 data transfer and file conversion

We can transfer data from the old IDE / PATA / ATA connected hard disks drives to say a USB drive or download link. We can also convert your G3 and G4 files for use in OSX, Windows, or Microsoft Office applications. Over the years we have also managed to convert some software specific file types to modern formats so images could be displayed, or files opened.

3.5 inch IDE PATA connected drives from G3 and G4 ready for transferring data to USB
Mac G3 and G4 hard drives with parallel ata connectors undergoing data recovery

Convert files from old vintage mac's.

Save Vintage mac hard drives to USB, CD or DVD.
Transfer files from Apple mac ClarisWorks, MacDraw files. Claris Works Word Spreadsheet files.
Including Apple Mac SE, Macintosh 128K, Apple Mac 512K, Mac 512KE, Mac Plus, Apple Macintosh Plus, Mac SE-30, Classic, Classic II, Macintosh Color Classic, Apple Mac II, IIx, Apple Mac IIcx, IIci, Macintosh IIfx, Apple Mac IIsi, Macintosh IIvx, Macintosh Quadra 610, 630, 650, 700, 800, 900, 950, Power Macintosh 6100/60, 7100/66, 8100/80, Macintosh Portable

Old Macintosh Computer File Transfers inc MacDraw Clarisworks to PC

We transfer Claris-Works, Mac-Draw, Mac-Write and files from older vintage legacy Macs, including Macdraw to PC conversion. These include Mac 400k 800k 1MB 1.4M Doble Sided DS/DD floppy discs from:-

Compact Macs 128K, Mac 512K, 512Ke, Mac Plus, SE, SE/30, Mac Classic, Classic II, Performa 200, Color Classic, Color Classic II, Mac II, IIx, IIcx, IIci, IIsi, IIfx, IIvi, IIvx, Performa 600

Macintosh LC, LC II, LC III, LC III+, LC 475, Performa 400-430, Performa 450, Performa 460, Quadra 605

500 Series 520, 550, 575, 580, Mac TV

Centris/Quadra 610, 650
Quadra 605, 610, 630, 650, 660av, 700, 800, 840av, 900, 950
Performa 475/476, 630-638, 640
LC 475, 630, LC 630 DOS
DOS Compatible 610 DOS, LC 630 DOS.

A Mac hard drive made by Western Digital undergoing transfer of data to USB A 2.5 inch Apple Mac scsi hdd transfer to cd old Vintage Macintosh computer with files from it's hard disk being transfer to USB

Apple Mac HDD Conversions Transfer

Apple Mac HDD Conversions Transfer problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Apple mac Macintosh hard drive transfer or hdd transfer scsi drive transfer to USB or CD or DVD. Old Apple Macintosh .
We will transfer Mac hard drives to USB, CD, DVD or Download link. Apple Macintosh desktop and PowerBooks with SCSI, IDE, PATA, Parallel connected disks. .

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