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We Transfer HDD Files from old Hard Drives HD Apple Mac,OSX, Scsi, IDE, ATA, PATA, Laptop Powerbook G3 G4 Amstrad PC HD20 HD30 ISA Controller Card
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Apple Mac SCSI laptop hard drive 2.5 inch data recovery

A SCSI hard disk drive from Apple Macintosh computers and PowerBooks. The old Macs used SCSI hard disk drives often by Quantum or Western Digital (WD) and this one is ready for file transfer.
Apple Mac SCSI laptop hard drive 2.5 inch file transfer

File Recovery., Data Recovery File Transfer., The Quantum Go-Drive 40S was used in old apple mac PowerBook laptops and notebooks. It has a rare 40-pin SCSI hard disk drive interface with a separate bank of 8 pins, which does not connect to standard SCSI cards. Apple Mac PowerBook pb 100 140 145b 150 160 170 series used 2.5 inch SCSI laptop hard drives such as as Quantum Go-Drive, GF40S022 and Western Digital WDS-2120.We can undertake data recovery and file transfer from these drive to another hdd or cd. Time scale usually only 2 days for transfer.Call or email us for a quote now..

Recover Retrospect backup files from Apple Mac tape

Retrospect tape backup files being recoveed from old Apple Mac to USB drive.
Retropect tape archive transfer

Retrospect Tape transfer, Retrospect was a backup application used on Apple Mac and PC to archive files to tape. We can transfer the files from the Retrospect DDS DAT or DLT tapes that were popular with Apple Mac during OS7 OS8 and OS 9. We can transfer the Retrospect files to CD, DVD or Hard drive. Just call or email us for a quote and fast turn-around - usually 1-2 days...

Convert PICT files to JPEG

Converting Pict files from old Apple Mac to JPEG .jpg files or Bitmap .bmp.
Convert PICT files to Bitmap

File Conversion, Apple Mac's used to use PICT files for storing graphical image data. Sometimes you need to batch convert a large number of the files to other formats say JPEG jpg, Bitmap bmp, for further processing. This is time consuming when the files are spread across many different folders as you have to spend ages re-directing software to each folder. We can provide a quote to mass convert PICT files for you. Just email or call us now..

Transfer files and data from old Apple Mac Hard Drive

Transferring files and data off old Apple Mac SCSI hard drives. The desktop drives often have 50pin flat connector that looks like IDE / parallel interface but a bit bigger.
Extract files from old Apple Mac Computer Hard Disk Drive

File Data Transfer., We are often contacted for file transfer from old Apple Macintosh computers including G3 G4, 128K 512K 512KE, Apple Macintosh Plus, Mac SE-30, Classic, Mac 2 IIx IIcx IIci IIfx IIsi IIvx, Quadra 610, 630, 650, 700, 800, 900, 950, Power Macintosh 6100/60, 7100/66, 8100/80, Macintosh Portable. Some of these use SCSI (large 50-pin flat ribbon cable) or ATA/IDE drives such as the 80MB Quantum Pro-Drive or Connor and Western Digital WD Hard Disk. We can transfer files to CD or convert files for use on PC..

Apple Max OS X-Server defunct raid data recovery

Recovering data from Apple Mac X-Server failed raid hard disk drives showing defunct or offline.
Mac OS-X X-Server defunct raid hdd file data recovery

Data Recovery, Mac OS X Server is Apple's server operating system. Sometimes it shows hard disk drives (HDD) as defunct or offline. X Server provides hard drive RAID arrays for data file storage and a range of Network Services AFP, AppleTalk PAP, IPP, Windows Samba Share folders as well as web server. We recover data from failed X Server raid arrays with 1 or 2 hard disks failed (usually they are assembled as 3 disk RAID-5 arrays). The disk still sound normal and are shown as offline or defunct. Call us for X server raid file data recovery..

Mac Tape File Transfer

Transferring a Retrospect backup archive from tapes that were originally written under mac OS9.
Mac Retrospect Tape File Transfer

Data Recovery, Retrospect backup archive tape software was common on PC's and Apple Mac's - particularly OS9. However with the cheapness of hard drives and optical media, many older tape drives are no longer in use or companies find themselves without the expertise to operate them. This is where we can assist by Transferring tapes off these old tapes onto CDD DVD or hard disk drives for use in PC's or Macintosh computers..

Formac not mounting on desktop - data recovery

Recovery if data from a Formac Firewire drive used on an Apple Mac.
Data recovery Formac partition lost not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, Formac are well known in the Apple Mac world for producing stylish external firewire usb and e-SATA drives. We sometimes receive calls of either a missing lost partition, the drive remains silent and not spinning up when powered, or that the drive is not mounting on the desktop. Sometimes the drive is not seen in the disk utility. Anyway you can give us a call for Formac data recovery..

500GB Lacie d2 Quadra Hard Drive Data Recovery

A Lacie D2 firewire hard disk being recovered to a USB hard drive.
Data Recovery Lacie d2 Quadra HDD

Lacie, The D2 Quadruple 500GB Lacie Hard Disk connects via eSATA / SATA, FireWire 800, FireWire 400 and USB 2.0. It includes a Shortcut Button to start any application and is bundled with EMC Retrospect backup and recovery software for Windows and Apple Mac OS..

3ware Sidecar for Apple Mac G5 SATA RAID recovery

Data being recovered from 3Ware SATA Raid Hard Drives.
AMCC 3ware Sidecar SATA RAID Mac rebuild data recovery

AMCC, AMCC Storage has launched the 3ware Sidecar aimed at Apple Power Mac G5 users. It is a SATA II hardware RAID including a 4-port PCI Express to SATA II controller in a 4-bay desktop enclosure..

Apple Mac Data Recovery HFS and HFS+ File Systems

Recovering data from Apple Mac iBook, G3, G4 and G5 computers.
Apple Mac HFS HFS+ data recovery

Data Recovery, Apex Technology are pleased to provide the new facility to recover data for Apple Mac users. Whether you own a Mac G3, G4, G5 or you lost your data on CD DVD USB or Firewire device, we have the equipment to bring your data back. All your hard work for Graphics, Images, Photographs and Multimedia video files need not be lost forever. We recover from HFS and HFS+ file systems and CD's and DVD's formatted in the Apple Mac Superdrive. We can return your data burnt to an Apple Mac formatted DVD+-R..

HDD File Data Transfer and Conversions

HDD File Data Transfer and Conversions problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Transfer files and data from Hard Disk Drives Apple Mac, SCSI, IDE, PATA, Laptop.
We Transfer HDD Files from old Hard Drives HD Apple Mac,OSX, Scsi, IDE, ATA, PATA, Laptop Powerbook G3 G4 Amstrad PC HD20 HD30 ISA Controller Card.