ZIP disk file recovery

A Zip100 disk that had its files saved after becoming corrupt.
ZIP100 disk with files not properly saved to media or corrupt

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When files are saved to disks there is no guarantee that they were saved correctly. You often only find out later that the files won't open correctly. That's what happened to a recently received Fujifilm ZIP100 disk (IBM Formatted) - The word documents containing text and pictures would not open correctly. Possibly the files didn't save properly or there was corruption of disk media. We recovered one complete document and all text and photos from the disk to enable the author to recompile the other report. This Disk Conversions & Transfer was filed under words like ZIP disk corrupt file data recovery repair.

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We can provide Disk Conversions & Transfer for Zip Disks. This case was related to ZIP100 disk with files not properly saved to media or corrupt.