Iomega Jaz Zip and Ditto Conversion and Data Transfer Reviews

We read Jaz, Zip disks by Iomega as well as Ditto Tapes and convert to USB, CD, and DVD
Jaz, Zip and Ditto Transfer, Read and Copy file data Services

Jaz, Zip and Ditto Transfer, Read and Copy file data Reviews...

Ditto Max Tape file recovery

A Tecmar Ditto Max tape cartridge cassette that needed data recovering. Ditto tapes are also made by Iomega.
Data Recovery from Ditto Max tapes

Binghampton, New York, USA
I needed to recover data off some old Iomega and Tecmar Ditto Max tapes with capacities 10GB 7GB 5GB 3GB and 2GB. I had tried on an old computer and an old ditto drive but no luck. Iomega told me that the one of the tapes was too wrinkled to be read correctly and that it would cost around $3000 to have it recovered. So I chose Apex instead - so happy to have found you!.

Transfer of Jaz discs to CD/DVD

A 1GB Jaz disk that was received by us and needed files copying.
Jaz disk copy files to CD/DVD

We had 2x1GB Iomega Jaz that were PC formatted disks. Over the years we lost SCSI facility during computer upgrades so we could no longer connect the Jaz Drive to Winows computer. All (the recovery) looks good. Thanks For your help.

ZIP disk backup copied to CD

A Zip disk that was used with One-Step backup software and nneded files restored.
Copy backup files from ZIP disc to CD

ZIP Disks recovery was required. I had recently backed up several files (using Windows 98SE and One-Step Backup) to two ZIP 100 disks. Then removed Windows whilst installing Ubuntu. Now, my desktop computer cannot detect the ZIP drive that is still plugged into it. I required the files (1-step not password-protected) be copied to a CD or DVD that I could put into my laptop - or even the desktop. Many thanks for such a rapid response..

Zip disk transfer to CD

A Zip PC100 disk awaiting file transfer to CD.
ZIP PC100 discs copy files to CD

Alylesbury, Buckinghamshire
Iomega ZIP PC100 Disc 100 mb to transfer the stuff from old iomega ZIP 100 disc on to a cd so that files can be downloaded to laptop computer.Many thanks (for the recovery).

File Transfer from Jaz and Zip Disks

A 2GB Jaz disk made by Iomega. This disc type is sent to us quite often for file transfer.
Copy files from Iomega Jaz and Zip discs to CD

Schiedam, The Netherlands
Jaz 2GB disk and Iomega ZIP 100mb transfer to cd. Just wanted to let you know that I just received the package. Thanks for making this easy and trouble free..

Jaz disk transfer

A Jaz Disk with 2GB data capacity. The other type held 1gb.
Jaz disks convert to CD / DVD

During the 1990s Iomega Jaz Disks were used particularly on Apple Mac computers. These drives are no longer made so required to convert/transfer the files and data to say a CD or DVD for use in modern computers or Windows PCs. Thanks for your help..

Transfer files off old ZIP disks

A Mac100 Zip disk with 100mb capacity.
Copy files from ZIP disc to CD

West Ross. Scotland IV54
Zip100 Iomega 100MB disk for pc/mac required images and pdfs transferred to CD from the 100mb disc as I did not have access to the technology to open it and modern computer can only run cd roms. Apex Downloaded images off the disk onto a cd-rom - Many thanks..

Transfer Image files from ZIP disk

A Fujifilm ZIP disk in it's jewel case with cover. The disk was sent to us for recovery of images and pdf files.
Transfer photos from ZIP disk

Inverness, Scotland
Zip100 Iomega 100MB disk for pc/mac - images and pdfs were saved onto an iomega zip 100mb disk a number of years ago. No longer have access to the technology to open it - the modern pc can only run cd roms. We downloaded images off the disk onto a cd-rom. Very many thanks..

Jaz Disk data recovery / cloning to DVD

An Iomega Jaz disk with rare capacity of 2GB. Most were only 1GB and then got superceded by DVDs.
Iomega Jaz disk data transfer to DVD / CD

Shocking Music, Worthing, Sussex
There was no access to an old Jaz Cartridge drive so file data transfer from the Jaz to a CD or DVD was required. Great news indeed! Thanks for returning my jaz discs..

File Transfer ZIP-100 old Mac disks

A Mac formatted ZIP disk.
Mac Zip disk convert to cd

Lichfield, Staffordshire
ZIP100 x2 Old format discs that needed to be saved onto cd for mac use. Great news on the recovery! Payment will be made tomorrow! kind regards.

Mac 100mb ZIP Disks transfer to CD

A red ZIP 100mb disk
Apple Mac ZIP disc transfer to CD

London E11
The Mac 100mb ZIP Disks were no longer recognised when inserted into the Zip Drive. The files required transfer to CD in Apple Mac format data. Goodness me that was fast service. Super!.

ZIP-750 containing several files which can not be read or copied

A Zip750 disk which the customer had trouble reading the files from and sent it to us for data recovery.
Data Recovery from 750mb ZIP disk difficulty copying files off

Hi Tech Systems SA,Geneva, Switzerland
We had a ZIP750 containing several files which can be read some important files could not be copied and had trouble reading them or copying them off the ZIP disk. Again many thanks for your service.

Transfer 1GB Jaz disk to DVD

A Backup Jaz disk 1GB laid on its back.
Mac Jaz Disk backup files transfer to DVD

Pebble IT Ltd, London. SE11
1GB Jaz Disk backup files transferred to DVD as there was no access to vintage Iomega Jaz Disk drives. We have received and all is good thank you..

2GB Jaz Apple Mac disks transfer to DVD

A Jaz disk being recovered
Mac Jaz disk transfer to DVD

Ferrell Jacobs Ltd, London
Photos on 2GB Jaz Apple Mac disks had to br transfer to DVD since modern apple mac did not have scsi attachment suitable for Jaz drive. Good news indeed! Thanks again!.

2GB Ditto Tape transfer to CD / DVD

A Ditto 2GB Tape requiring data transfer.
Transfer Ditto tape to CD DVD

Essex Council, Chelmsford, Essex
No access was available for an Iomega Ditto tape drive so files required converting from Ditto tape to CD or DVD. Thanks..

Jaz, Zip and Ditto Transfer, Read and Copy file data

Jaz, Zip and Ditto Transfer, Read and Copy file data problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We read Jaz, Zip disks by Iomega as well as Ditto Tapes and convert to USB, CD, and DVD.