5.25 MO disks including MOD and WORM transfer and conversion

We read and transfer files from 5.25 inch MO, MOD, Magneto-Optical Disks. Data converted from corrupt, DICOM discs, Jukebox systems, Document and Medical Scanner systems
Recovering data and files from 5.25 MO disks Services

Recovering data and files from 5.25 MO disks

We can read data and copy files from 5.25 MO disks. The disks are also measured as 130mm. The data can be saved to usb memory sticks, Hard drives, digital upload/downloads, or other optical disks such as CD or DVD. These disks are sometimes known as MOD or Magneto Optical disks.

Transferring MO disks

In some instances they are simply used as standalone storage or backup media for Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple Mac computers. However the cost of these disks at the time they were made, was prohibitive for much of the home/domestic market, so we tend to get them sent from commercial, education, military and health services and companies. They are popular with long term file storage systems such a medical image archives, electronic document archive scanner, MRI, CAT and PET scanners, Tomography, Angiogram and Xray Photograph backups. A list of recent MO disk data recovery work we have undertaken is below.

  • File Recovery from 650MB Optical disks
  • Magneto-OpticalDisks from MRI Medical Scanner in proprietary format for access under Windows PC
  • Recover data from a Microware M3000 OS9000 drive
  • Resurrect an old database from MO discs used by one of our researchers
  • OpenText MO Disks convert to TIFF or tif from an Enterprise content management (ECM) EDMS and name files with doc ifnid and disk set ifnds numbers.
  • Transfer Magneto Optical disks from Philips scanner angiogram archive DICOM images to hard drive. Camtronics XA / Inturis Image Server built on Windows NT.
  • Recover DICOM Medical Images from Plasmon and Mediscribe 9.1GB MO Disks . The disks were used in a GE Medical Imaging system
  • Recovering COMADTG recording files from Plasmon MO disks in a NICE telephone system by Rennaissance or BT Nortel. Disks had errors "Media not migrated" or "Wasn't read from Media"
  • Transfer from Sony 9.1GB EDM-9100B RW ReWritable MO DISKS to DVD
  • HP 9.1GB WORM MO Disk from SAP system software - proprietary IXOS Open Text OpenText formatconverted to Html and Tiff files
  • Download information from Sony M.O. disk 640 2048 byte/sector
  • Soft-Co PCDOC Enterprise EDMS system transfer
  • KOFAX based Electronic Document Management System migration
  • Extract data from a medical image scanner (CAT scan) connected to a Sun Workstation and produce DICOM images
  • Transfer Apple Mac Formatted MO disk which the customer no longer had the drive to read
  • Convert Magneto Optical disks were storing DICOM files from a Philips Select CT scanner which was a re-badged Marconi system.
  • Retrieve image files from MO disks 5.2gb 5.25 and 2.3GB to DVD
  • Recover Verbatim 2.6gb MO Disk and Philips Re-writable 2.6GB MO Disk in Apple mac format
  • Recovering data from a number of 9.1GB Magneto Optical Disks. The data is MS Word and PDF documents using btrieve file system Softco PCDoc
  • Extracting information from HP Optical Disc Jukebox with 42 Optical Discs “Backups” and transferring them to be interrogated by an off the shelf generic windows system.
  • Convert Sony M.O. Disk 1.3GB disks from a Sun Systems UNIX document imaging system by Com Squared Systems to usb hard drive or DVD
  • Recover Philips SPI GYROSCAN R5.3 COMPATIBLE MO disks.
  • Panasonic KV-F510 and KV-F51 Electronic Filing System MO disks.
  • Transfer DIP Document Image Processing System MO disks.
  • HP-UX Unix Workstation HFS (High Performance FileSystem) formatted Magneto Optical transfer written by HP Sure Store Optical 2600 fx (or 5200 ex) test measurement data software
  • Akai DR16 MO disk (Mitsubishi 2.6GB MH2G6U 1024 bytes/sector). Convert data to WAV + CD + MP3 format.

5.25inch or 130mm MO disk makes and model numbers

We recover data from disks made by Sony, Verbatim, Mediscribe, Philips, Plasmon, Fujitsu and Mitsubishi. They range in capacity up to 9.1GB, with common sizes being 1.3gb, 2.6gb, 5.2gb. These large disks have a metal slider protecting the optical data recording surface. They have 2 red write protect tabs which we slide to lock during our data recovery phase.

Recovering data and files from 5.25 MO disks

Recovering data and files from 5.25 MO disks problems that we recover data from are listed below.
Transfer MO discs, MOD, convert WORM disks, read files and copy to USB hard drive, including Jukebox disks, duke-box system, scanner systems.
We read and transfer files from 5.25 inch MO, MOD, Magneto-Optical Disks. Data converted from corrupt, DICOM discs, Jukebox systems, Document and Medical Scanner systems.

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