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We transfer files and documents from MO disks and convert to pdf, jpg, tif. Magneto-Optical disks from document and medical scanners, DICOM images
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MO Disk Conversions and Data Recovery News...

File Recovery from 600MB Opticals made by Philips and used in Apple Mac

A Philips Magneto Optical disk shown with it's inlay card. The disk is a 5.25 inch MO disk that was from an Apple Mac. The customer no longer had a drive to read the disks so required File Recovery.
A 600MB Magneto Optical Disk awaiting file recovery

File Recovery from Philips MO Disks in Wandsworth, London, If you need to have files recovered from 600mb optical disks but no longer have a drive to read them, then we will be happy to undertake a transfer to say USB or CD. We can also download the data so saving time on return postage. These particular disks had been used by the customer in a Mac computer, but since the drives became obsolete years ago, they no longer were able to read MO disks..

ComSquared MO disks Conversion

MO disk used in Sun Unix scanner station. The system uysed ComSquared document management system to store documents on numbered Magneto Optical disks.
ComSquared Convert MO disks to pdf. This disk was taken from a SUN UNIX document scanner

Sun Com Squared MO disks, 30 Sony M.O. Disk 1.3GB disks - need converted to DVD, said the email last month from USA. The disks were from a Sun UNIX imaging system. The disks held paper reports that were scanned but customer could not access them at all despite looking for other companies that could do this recovery in USA but found none. Apex found the disks were created by ComSquared Systems. The Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) stored the files on Optical disks. Apex can now recover these to say TIF, PDF or other formats..

Microware Magneto Optical Disks Conversion

MO disks from Microware undergoing transfer to CD and DVD.
Microware Magneto Optical Disks read to CD

Microware MO disks, We can now recover files from MO disks used in Microware M3000 OS9000 OS-9/68k 68000 computers. We have recently transferred 1x Dysan 100 5.25 MO disk 512 bytes/sector which was used with OS9000 and OS9 68k. Files were transfered to CD or DVD. We also converted a Ricoh ROD5064F MO 512 b/s. Some of the files were backups from DOS, some were from a OS9000..

Medical DICOM Image MO Optical disk transfer to DVD

Dicom files extracted from MO disks (MOD) used in Medical Image CT CAT Scanners, Angiograms and X-Rays.
DICOM MO Optical disk transfer to DVD

File Transfer, Many medical images are stored as DICOM on Magneto Optical (M.O.) discs which are attached to CT / CAT scanners such as the Philips PET, Marconi, GE etc. We can read the disks and copy the DICOM images to DVD or CD or hard drive. We have even recovered from damaged MO disks that no longer read in the drive..

Maxell MO Magneto Optical 640mb RO-M640 disk transfer

A maxell 640mb overwrite MO disk awaiting data recovery.
Maxell MO Magneto Optical 640mb RO-M640 disk recovery

MO disk File Transfer, Maxell used to make a line of 640mb Gigamo Magneto Optical disks eg. the RO-M640. Many customers find they are now unable to read disc as suitable reader not available. Often the drive became obsolete but it was forgotten that useful files were still stored on the MO disk. We can read and copy the data to say a CD or DVD or hard drive - just email or call us now. Fast turnaround..

Shima Seiki MO Disk File Recovery

MO disk storing Shima Seiki sewing machine knitting pattern control software that had become corrupt and did not allow access to the files.
Shima Seiki Magneto Optical Disks recovery

File Data Recovery, Shima Seiki make flat knitting sewing machines and sometimes the controller software program or patterns are stored on Magneto Optical Disks often 3.5inch (90 mm) eg Sony SMO-230. The disk can get corrupt and prevent file access. DO NOT run scandisk as it will likely delete some of the files - we had this happen to one client! Simply email us for a recovery quote..

Akai Sampler files convert to PC Wav files

A MO disk from an Akai Music sampler that needed the music files transferred off to USB drive.
Convert Akai Music Sampler (3000xl etc) to Windows PC Wave files

Data Conversion, Akai Music samplers S Series (eg S-3000-XL) were popular during 1990s. A frequent request is to transfer music audio sound sample files to Wav from back-up disks eg Floppy or MO disks to Windows PC or Mac. We convert the files to wave pcm or mp3 (or others on request) from the MO disks..

Read or Open Files on Old Optical Discs (Gigamo)

A MO disk by Verbatim ready to have it's files read and transferred to USB. The metal slider cover has been opened to show light diffraction from the disk surface.
Read Data and Open Files from Old Gigamo Optical Discs

Data Transfer, Before CD and DVD, Magneto-Optical disks (MO) were a popular form of high capacity storage - however many of the MO Drives are no longer made. We can recover data files from old 3.5 inch discs referred to as GIGAMO. These look like a thick floppy disks and are often made by Sony Verbatim Philips or Maxell. When customers are unable to read disc as suitable reader not available they come to us to transfer the data on to DVD or CD or another hard disk drive (hdd)..

Transfer files from 5.25 inch MO discs 5.2 GB and 2.3 GB

Transferring images from a 5.25 inch MO disk.
5 1/4 inch MO discs file transfer

Data Transfer, 5.25 inch MO discs are often used for medical archives and in Medical Imaging equipment, however the disc readers are no longer made. The discs are made by Verbatim, Maxoptic, Sony to mention a few. We can transfer files from 5.2GB and 2.3GB MO disks and retrieve images to DVD..

PC-Doc-SE 9.1GB MO Disk Data Transfer

A Magneto Optical Disk that was used to store scanned documents is shown with it's slider cover open and ready for data recovery to DVD.
PC-Doc-SE 9.1GB MO disks file recovery transfer

Data Recovery, Apex is pleased to include a facility to extract files/data from the legacy PC-Doc-SE document management / storage system. The files are often stored on 9.1GB MO Disks (MOD) and as happened in the latest project they were to be transferred to a NAS device for easy distribution to the company. The old PC-Doc system did not write any file structure to the MO disks - instead this was stored in a database and however the two sources were tied together to create a nas document retrieval system...

Verbatim and Philips re-writeable MO disk transfer

A Verbatim MO rewritable MO disk that was sent for transfer of it's files and data.
Verbatim and Philips re-optical MO disk file transfer

Data Transfer, We recently received the following Magneto-Optical disks - Verbatim re-writable 2.6gb MO Disk, Philips Re-writable 2.6GB MO Disk 1024-bytes/Sector. The drives for these are no longer made. The disks were in Apple Mac format and we transferred the data files to a DVD recordable so it could be opened in a more modern Mac G4/G5..

9.1GB 8.6GB 5.2GB MO Magneto Optical Drive Disk Transfer to CD DVD

Magneto Optical disk up to 9.1gb capacity being prepared for transfer of data.
Data Recovery 9.1GB 8.6GB 5.2GB MO disk file transfer

Data Recovery, We have the solution to transfer data and files from 9.1GB 8.6GB or 5.2GB Magneto Optical Disks to CD, DVD or Hard Drive. Makes includes disks by Sony, HP, Verbatim, and others. These disks were typically written using Sony IBM, or HP Magneto Optical drives which are no longer manufactured. Disks may be formatted using DOS, Apple Mac OS-9 OS-X OS-8, Windows, FAT as well as other file systems..

Data Transfer from 230MB Sony M.O. Disk

A Sony EDM-230B MO disk that had been used to store photos and now undergoing transfer of data to CD.
Data Transfer 3.5inch Sony M.O. Disk EDM

Data Recovery, One photographer specialised in flowers and fauna images and had an important set of photos stored away on a 90mm 230mb Sony M.O. Disk EDM-230B. These disks were common with Apple Mac owners for multimedia files. We undertook data transfer from Magneto-Optical disk to CD to enable the files to be viewed on his Apple Mac laptop..

Gigamo 90mm MO disk data file transfer

A Gigamo disk in our lab ready for data transfer to USB flash drive.
Gigamo Data Recovery File Transfer to CD DVD

Data Recovery, GIGAMO is a 3.5 inch 90mm magneto-optical (MO) disk with up to 2.3GB of storage capacity. The drives have SCSI interface - something which is less common in work-horse PC's and Macs today, having been taken over by SATA. Disk sizes are 128MB, 230MB, 540MB, 640MB and 1.3GB media, and commonly we are asked to transfer Gigamo files to CD, DVD, USB Flash memory or even another hard disk drive..

Magneto-Optical MO disk file recovery to CD or DVD

A Magneto Optical disk made by Philips stored in it's orginal jewel case shortly before having it's archive files recovered.
Philips MO disk data transfer to CD or DVD

Data Recovery, Recently we have assisted a vintage car club in obtaining their old pre-press files that were archived on Philips 5.25 inch 130mm Magneto Optical rewriteable Double Density disks. The disks still read ok - we often find this type of media does store data reliably, it was just they did not have access to an Magneto-Optical drive to extract the data..

Visupac 5.2GB MO Disk Data Transfer

MO disks from a Zeiss Visupac PACs DICOM system for migration. The data is being read off the MO disks to USB hard disk or CD, DVD.
Visupac MO disk file transfer recovery

Data Recovery, Apex is please to include data transfer from the Zeiss Visupac 5.25 Magneto Optical Disks to Hard Drive or DVDs. These MO discs are part of a proprietary visual health system. We have transferred such files to DVD or CD for use in Windows PC or Mac systems..

MO Disk Conversions and Data Recovery

MO Disk Conversions and Data Recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We transfer files and documents from MO disks and convert to pdf, jpg, tif. Magneto-Optical disks from document and medical scanners, DICOM images.