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We read files from SuperdDisks 120mb and 240mb LS120 LS240 disks and copy the data to USB, CD, DVD
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Superdisk Macintosh formatted File recovery

An Apple Mac formatted Superdisk that needed files converting and transferring to CD.
Superdisk Apple Macintosh Formatted File Data Recovery

Data Transfer, We recover files from Superdisks and transfer or convert them to CD. This includes 240MB and 120MB versions. The Superdisk Power Apple Macintosh computer came pre-installed with SuperDisk drivers for Mac OS9. The Superdisk provided a highly portable floppy type disk format before the advent of USB pen drives. These drives are no longer made or supported so email or call us for a fast recovery..

Copy Apple Mac SuperDisk to CD

An Imation SuperDisk 120MB received by us that needed to be read and have it's files copied to CD.
Read Apple Mac SuperDisk to CD

Superdisk data transfer, Apple Mac used to use Superdisks with storage capacity of 120mb and 240mb. The disks looked like 3.5 inch floppy disks. We have had cases with Quark Xpress Documents Files Data stored on the Super Disk and we converted the files to Microsoft Word for editing as the customer no longer had a Superdisk drive or Quark file conversion software. If you have similar case let us know by email or phone for a quote..

LS-240 Superdisk download files to CD

An LS240 Superdisk that needed it's files downloaded to CD.
Superdisk LS-240 download data to CD

Data Recovery, The 240mb LS-240 Superdisk came after 3M Imations LS-120, but faced competition from Optical CD storage disks. Recently we have extracted CAD Photos Images Spreadsheets and Word Documents from LS-240 disks for several companies who find themselves without a Superdisk drive..

Superdisk LS-120 copy files to CD

An LS120 superdisk which is going to have its files copied to CD.
LS-120 Superdisk file data transfer to CD

Data Recovery, The LS-120 Superdisk holds around 120mb of data in a format similar to a 3.5 inch 90mm floppy disk making it a highly portable removable media platform. SuperDisk is sometimes confused with SuperDrive by Apple Mac but is totally different. Often archive data is stored on these disks and the end user does not have access to an LS-120 drive - however we can transfer the data to CD for use in Windows PC or Apple Mac computers..

Superdisk file retrievial and convert to CD

An Imation Superdisk requiring files transferred to CD or USB.
Data Recovery from Superdisk

Data Conversion and Transfer, Our service includes restoration of file access and transfer of files from the old Superdisks. These disks wre produced for a short time in 240mb and 120mb formats. We have drives to read these disks and transfer files and data to CD. Sometimes this can include converting files to other word processing frmats from Apple Mac computers..

Superdisk corrupt files not mounting on desktop

File recovery from a Superdisk that no longer mounted on the Apple Mac desktop.
Superdisk file recovery not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, When files are saved to disks a long time ago there is no guarantee that they will open correctlywhen you need them later. That's what happened to the owner of a Superdisk which would not mount on the Mac Desktop due to corruption of disk media. We recovered all text and photos from the disk to enable the author to recompile the other report..

Panasonic Superdisk camera photo recovery

A Superdisk that was used to store photos in a Panasonic Camera.
Superdisk Photo recovery from Panasonic PV-SD4090 and PV-SD5000

Data Recovery, Panasonic PV-SD4090 and PV-SD5000 cameras were one of the few to use the superdisk to store photographs and images on. We recently recovered jpeg files from a Canadian who could no longer access the disk to retrieve the images. We have now placed the files from the Superdisk onto a CD and returned to them their memories..

Trouble reading Superdisk files

A SuperDisk that had problems opening and reading files in the computer.
Problem copying files from Superdisk

Data Recovery, The Superdisk was available in 120mb (LS120) and 240mb LS240. A disk was sent to us when the computer user had trouble opening files and problems in reading files from the removable media. The files and folders were displayed but there was trouble copying or downloading them to the hard drive. We have restored file access by transferring the files to a CD..

Superdisk transfer to CD for QA data retention

A SuperDisk requiring file transfer to CD.
Superdisk transfer to CD for Quality Assurance Data Storage

Data Recovery, A large engineering company came across a box containing old Superdisks containing legacy design data on vintage electronic components. The CAD drawings and spreadsheets required transferring to CD or USB memory stick so that the data could be accessed and read. There was a mixture of LS120 and LS240 Super-Disks which were required for data retention as part of the companies BS5750 QA standards. We restored the files to a Windows PC CD..

Superdisk files convert to CD

A Superdisk shown together with a CD. Superdisk conversions are now becoming more popular when saved to USB flash memory.
Convert Superdisk Data Files to CD

Data Recovery, A solution to convert data and files from Superdisk to CD DVD or Hard Disk Drives is available from Apex Technology. This includes disks by Imation, Panasonic, Maxell, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Intel and IBM. The disks were written in a variety of formats including DOS, Linux, Windows PC, Apple Mac OS-9 OSX OS-8, FAT as well as other file systems..

SuperDisk read, copy, transfer and data recovery

SuperDisk read, copy, transfer and data recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We read files from SuperdDisks 120mb and 240mb LS120 LS240 disks and copy the data to USB, CD, DVD.