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We transfer files from Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks
News of our latest data transfer from Syquest Cartridges such as the 44mb, 88mb and 200mb Removable Hard Disk, Syjet 1.5gb, Sparq 1.0gb, 3.5 inch disks and Ez135. Services

News of our latest data transfer from Syquest Cartridges such as the 44mb, 88mb and 200mb Removable Hard Disk, Syjet 1.5gb, Sparq 1.0gb, 3.5 inch disks and Ez135. News...

Syquest disk transfer to Mac CD

Apple Mac formatted Syquest disk which is ready for transfer files to CD.
Syquest disk file read to Mac CD

Syquest disk conversion, Syquest were famous during the 1990s for their 5.25 inch series of removable disk cartrisges which could store an amazing (for the 1990's) 44MB,88MB or even 200MB! Fortunately we can still read these as they often hold Apple Mac word, excel, quark, tiff image photo files, which nobody ever thought they would need again... until they needed them again! So fear not, email or call us for a quote. Disks are usually transferred to CD in 1-2 days. .

Syquest 200mb disk cartridge convert to cd

A Syquest 200mb disk having data transferred to CD, DVD and USB drive
Syquest 200mb file transfer

Data Transfer, Syquest 200mb (Also made by Nomai Spin Peripherals) 5.25 inch removable hard disk cartridges were used around the 1990s but the drives are no longer made. We are often contacted by those who need transfer of files to say CD or DVD so email or call us now. Timescale usually 1-2 days..

SYJET Syquest disk file data transfer

A Syjet disk made by Syquest awaiting to have it's data read and copied to CD. These days most people have it read to USB memory stick or download.
SYJET Syquest disk file copy read transfer

Syquest Syjet data transfer, Syquest SYJET disks were popular during the 1990s, they also made the SPARQ EzFlyer disks. The disks drives are no longer made however we can transfer from Syquest Syjet disks used on Apple Mac or PC to say CD or DVD. Just email or call us now for a fixed price quote. Timescale usually 1-2 days..

Sparq Disk convert to CD ro DVD

This Sparq disk holds 1gb of data and is ready for file transfer.
Sparq disk read files to CD or DVD

Data Transfer, Syquest manufactured the Sparq 1.0GB disk around 1998 and commonly used on Windows 3.1 Windows 95 and Windows NT. We can recover the files and data off these disks and read them to say a CD or DVD which can be accessed on Mac or PC..

Mac Syquest EZ135 cartridge transfer to CD

An EZ135 cartridge that was used in an Apple Mac. The cartridge will shortly undergo data transfer of its files.
Mac Syquest EZ135 disk convert to CD

Data Transfer, During the 1990s graphic artists often used Apple Macs ( Mac OS HFS format ) to archive / back-up media artwork files and images to Syquest disks eg. EZ135 cartridge. We can convert these for use in modern G4 G5 macs and Windows PC computers by burning the data to CD's or DVD's..

EZ135 mb Syquest Removable Cartridge Transfer to CD

A Syquest EZ135 135mb disk with archive files ready for transfer to CD or USB.
EZ135 135mb Removable Cartridge File Transfer to CD

Data Transfer, The Syquest EZ135 135-MB disks were introduced as a direct competitor to the Iomega Zip drives. Later an EZDrive was offered with the uprated 230MB EZFlyer disks. We can read both types of EZ removable cartridges and burn the data to CD for use in Modern Mac and Windows PC Computers..

Syquest 44mb 88mb 5.25 inch data recovery

A Syquest 44mb data cartridge. The disk is 5.25 inches square.
Old Syquest 5.25 inch file transfer to CD

Data Recovery, A common claim by the sales people selling computer hardware is to assure the buyer that this is the technology of the future. But no-one says how long the future should last. Well that is what happened to a museum archive stored on Syquest disks. They now find no access to a serviceable Syquest drive because they are no longer made, however the data is locked on 44mb and 88mb Syquest disk cartridges. We have transferred the files to CD so enabling access by today's latest technology pc computers!.

Apple Mac Syquest Disk file transfer

A Syquest disk that has been used in an Apple Mac. This particular disk is 230mb as used in the EZFlyer drives.
Syquest Discs from old Apple Mac

Data Recovery, Syquest disks were once seen as the future of removable storage but these are now vintage items, the drives are no longer available. However they still contain valuable data and files that often needed on modern projects or for modification of old design drawings. We transfer files from Syquest data cartridges to CD for use in PC or Apple Macs.

Syquest Apple Mac Disk transfer files to CD

An 88mb syquest disk that stored files from an old Mac computer.
Read old Apple Mac Syquest Disks to CD

Data Transfer, At one time Syquest data cartridges were seen as the future of modern storage however they were overtaken by large media tapes. The Syquest disks still hold much useful data from the past and frequently we recover Apple Mac files and documents stored on these Syquest data cartridges, often restoring the files to CD or DVD for use in modern Mac and PC's without Syquest Drives..

Old Syquest disk transfer to CD DVD

Old Syquest disk that was used in a vintage pc. The owner now required it to be read and files converted for a Windows PC.
Vintage / old Syquest disk transfer to CD DVD

Data Recovery, A variety of Legacy data are stored / archived on old Syquest 5.25 and 3.5 inch Disks. We transfer the files / data to CD. SyQuest Disk Cartridge drives are no longer manufactured and so transferring the data to CDs that can be read by modern Macs and Windows PC is a convenient solution..

Syquest 270mb 3.5 inch disk data transfer to CD

A Syquest 270mb removable cartridge that was sent for conversion from Apple Mac to Windows Computer.
Syquest 3.5 Removable Cartridge file data transfer

Data Recovery, An old pre-press Quark document lingered on stored on an old 270mb Syquest 90mm disk in the Archives of one University Printing Press department. No one thought they would need it until they did, and then they did not have a suitable Syquest 3.5 inch drive to transfer to Syquest to CD. We successfully transferred the Apple Mac data and placed it on a CD for use in Windows PC..

Syquest 200mb Removable Disk download data to CD

A 200mb Syquest disk cartridge having its files downloaded to DVD.
Download Syquest Removable Cartridge to Apple Mac DVD disk

Data Recovery, One Irish personnel agency had a database of clients backed up onto a 200mb Syquest 5.25 Removable disk cartridge. The disk read ok but they had no way of reading it - old Syquest drives have not been made for many years. We downloaded the data to Apple Mac formatted CD so they could use it on their Mac G3, G4 and G5 computers..

88MB Syquest Disk Data Recovery

Data Recovery from an 88mb Syquest Removable Cartridge.
Syquest 88mb Removable Cartridge Data Recovery

Data Recovery, Companies and Universities lock their important data away in Archives that no-one really thinks they will need again. One University Geography and Earth Sciences department suddenly needed ground survey data stored on an old 5.25 inch 130mm Syquest Removable Data Cartridge but had no Syquest drive to read the data. We recovered the files from the Syquest disk and placed them on CD to use in a Windows PC..

Syquest file transfer and data recovery

An 88mb 5.25 inch Syquest Data Cartridge.
File Transfer Data Recovery old Syquest Disks

Data Recovery, Apex is pleased to announce facility to transfer the following Syquest disks/cartridges to CD/DVD/hard drives: SyQuest SyJet up to 1.5GB SQ1500 Disk Cartridge, SyQuest Sparq up to 1.0GB Disk Cartridge, SyQuest EzFlyer EZ135 135MB ,up to EZ230 230MB Disc, Syquest 270MB SQ3270 3.5 inch Removable Disc, Syquest 105MB SQ3105 3.5 inch Removable Cartridge, SyQuest 200MB SQ2000 5.25 inch Disk, SyQuest 88MB SQ800CartridgesSyQuest 44MB, SQ400 5.25 inch Disk Cartridges..

Syquest 270MB 105MB disks data recovery

A syquest 3.5inch 270mb data cartridge sent to us for file transfer.
Syquest 3.5 inch 270mb 105mb disks download files to CD

Data Recovery, SyQuest 3.5 removable cartridges were common with Apple Mac users. The 270mb and 105mb 3.5-inch versions were competitors to Bernoulli (Iomega) 44 MB and Ricoh 50 MB cartridge. The Cartridge drive is SCSI and fairly rare in modern Mac's. We can read the data files from these disks and download the data to CD or DVD or even another hard drive..

News of our latest data transfer from Syquest Cartridges such as the 44mb, 88mb and 200mb Removable Hard Disk, Syjet 1.5gb, Sparq 1.0gb, 3.5 inch disks and Ez135.

News of our latest data transfer from Syquest Cartridges such as the 44mb, 88mb and 200mb Removable Hard Disk, Syjet 1.5gb, Sparq 1.0gb, 3.5 inch disks and Ez135. problems that we recover data from are listed below.
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We transfer files from Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks.