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We transfer files from Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks
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Syquest 200MB and 88MB File Transfer to CD DVD

A Syquest 200mb cartridge disk ready for file transfer.
Syquest 200MB and 88MB copy files to CD DVD

National Oilwell Varco, Texas, USA
Syquest 200mb and Nomai Spin Peripherals 88mb 5.25 removable hard disk cartridges. No device to read these discs so needed transfer of files to say CD or DVD. We received the dvd with Syquest files on it, and our thanks for the work!!.

Transfer Syquest disk to cd Apple Mac format

A pair of Syquest Disks that needed their data transferred to CD.
Convert Syquest Disk to CD

44MB Syquest Disk that no longer had the drive to read it. Required transfer contents to a CD. Currently use a Mac but I had no idea what was used for the original - given it was design work it was probably another Mac. Thanks for the transfer, that's excellent..

Transfer 88mb Syquest disks to CD

An 88mb Syquest disk sent to us for reading its contents.
Read Syquest 88mb disks copy to CD

Brussels, Belgium
There were 6x Syquest Disks 88MB removable harddisk cartridges which required to transfer the data to cd or dvd as I no longer had the Syquest drive for these. They were previously used on an Apple Mac. I received the data,thank you very much, kind regards..

200mb Syquest Disk Apple Mac for transfer to CD

A Syquest 200mb 5.25 inch cartridge that was used in an Apple Mac, and needs to transfer the files.
Transfer Mac Syquest disc to CD

Reading University, Reading UK
200mb Syquest Disk Apple Mac for transfer to CD. Just to confirm we received the package today. We have tried the CD and all seems ok.Thanks for an efficient service..

Syquest Ezflyer Apple Mac transfer to CD

An EzFlyer 230mb Syquest disk that was used on an Apple Mac and now requires it's files transferred to CD.
Ezflyer disc transfer to CD from (Mac Syquest)

Strategic Design Alliance, Leeds
Syquest Ezflyer Apple Mac transfer files to CD for use on Mac or PC. Thanks for such a prompt response to this work.

Sparq 1 GB disc transfer files to CD

A Sparq 1.0gb disk in need of having it's files copied.
Sparq Disk (Syquest) copy data files to CD

Isle of Man
I had a 1gb syquest sparq 1.0GB disc that had been lying around for years. However the drive was no longer working/available. Needed to recover the data and transfer files to a CD. Thanks for you help.

Convert Syquest 44MB to CD

Converting a Syquest 44mb disk to cd.
Recover data from Syquest 44mb disk to CD

Bath, Somerset
The Syquest disks were locked away for the last 10 years but the Syquest drive no longer worked. We required to transfer all files from the SQ400 44mb disk to cd. Many thanks..

Transfer Syquest 270mb files to CD

A 270MB Syquest disk awaiting transfer of files to CD.
Read files from Syquest Disk

London E8
Syquest 270mb SQ327 3.5 Disk. Disk was functioning, however there was no access to a SQ3270 drive / reader. The data was transferred to a CD.

270mb Syquest Disk for transfer to CD

A Syquest 270mb disk. They also made the 105MB disk cartridge. This one was sent to us for transfer to CD.
Transfer 270mb Syquest Disk to CD

Cranfield Forensic Institute, Shriveham, Swindon
270mb Syquest Disk for transfer to CD. It is great news about the transfer of my SyQuest disk data. Thank you!.

88mb Syquest Disk for transfer to CD

Recovering data from a Syquest 88mb disk.
Recover data from Syquest 88mb disk to CD

Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth. Ceredigion
88mb Syquest 5.25 inch Disk for transfer to CD. Thanks for the speedy service! I have passed the invoice to our accounts.

44MB Syquest Disk Cartridge Data Transfer Recovery to CD

A Syquest 44mb disk having data recovered.
Syquest 44MB Removable Cartridge File Recovery

PerroGraphics Ltd, Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire
44mb SyQuest 5.25 removable cartridge to recover data to CD since we no longer had a Syquest Drive. Thank you for extracting the material. Best wishes..

File Recovery Syquest 5.25 inch removable cartridge

Data recovery on a Syquest 5.25 inch cartridge.
Syquest 5.25 inch removable cartridge data transfer

Byam Shaw School of Art, London
Files were stored on 44MB and 88MB Syquest 5.25 Hard disk Removable Cartridge SQ400 SQ800. They were in Apple Mac format. Thank you for your help and the rapid service.

200MB Syquest Mac disk cd transfer

Syquest 200mb transfer
File Transfer from 200MB Syquest Disk

Kilkenny People, Ireland
The disc was a SyQuest 200 mb disc, used Apple Macs. Thanks for all your help. Again thanks for everything.

44MB Syquest disk file data transfer to CD

old syquest transfer
5.25 inch 44mb SyQuest cartridge transfer to cd

University of West England, Bristol
Legacy Syquest Disk data file transfer to CD was requested as there was no access to the required Syquest drive. Thanks!.

88MB Syquest disc data recovery

A 88mb syquest disk awaiting file transfer.
File Transfer 88mb Syquest 5.25 disk to CD

Repaircraft PLC, Cranleigh, Surrey
Data Transfer from old Syquest 5.25 inch disk to CD - 88mb Syquest disk.

Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks

Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks problems that we recover data from are listed below.
We transfer files from Syquest EZDrive Syjet Sparq disks.