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We transfer or recover your data files from tapes to restore to usb, or hard disks. Tapes created by backup software like Retrospect, Backup Exec, Apple Mac
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Transfer files from AIT-2 Tape with Backup Exec

A pair of AIT2 SDX2-50C Sony tape cartridges that had files saved to them using Veritas Backup Exec software. The data was being restored to a USB hard drive.
Recover AIT-2 Tape Backup Exec files

Farnborough, Hampshire
I had a selection of SDX2-50C Sony tapes which were written to in a Sony SDX-500C AIT-2 Tape Drive using Veritas Backup Exec version 9.1 Rev. 4691. I knew that there is good data on these tape as I have backed up files many times and even restore the tapes. Needed to recover files (mix of documents, pictures and videos etc) to a 2.5 hard disk. Wow, that was quick work and excellent news..

Travan Backup Exec tapes transfer to hard disk

A Quantum Travan 40 tape that was used with Backup Exec . It was awaiting transfer to hard drive.
Backup Exec Travan 40GB tapes transfer to HDD

ITC Ltd, Bicester, Oxford
We had 2 Travan 20/40Gb tapes (Quantum Travan 40) marked Thursday A and B 2008. We were not sure of the software used to backup files to the tapes but suspected Backup Exec. The data was transferred to a hard drive for access under Windows. The service was great thank you..

Ditto 2GB Tapes by Sony for transfer to DVD

A Ditto Mini Cartridge made by Sony and model number QW QIC Wide 2GB 121.9m 400ft 1GB native. The files were being read from the tape and extracted to dvd or usb drive.
Transfer 2GB Ditto Data Cartridges (Sony)

Law Administration, Chelmsford, Essex
We had a series of backups held on 4 Ditto mini data cartridges tapes (Sony QW QIC Wide 121.9m 400 ft.). We no longer held the drive or software to read the data from these tapes but required the files extracting to DVD for review. Thank you for the swift turn around..

QIC Windows95/98 Backup file - extract files

A screenshot of several qic files ready for Data recovery. The QIC files were from a Windows 95 or Windows 98 computer and needed to be emailed or downloaded and saved to CD or USB drive.
QIC Win95/98 backup files- recover of files

There were 3 QIC files that had been used to archive / backup a Windows95/98 computer in 1980s. The QIC files stored many files and folders and these needed to be extracted so they could be restored on to a Mac computer to allow Word for Mac to open them. The files extracted files were emailed back. Thankyou for your efforts I have now got the extracted files..

Solaris Exabyte ufsdump tape transfer to CD DVD.

An Exabyte tape used in a Sun Solaris computer under ufs-dump, and needed files extracting via ufs-restore to a usb flash drive.
Solaris Exabyte tape transfer to CD / DVD ufsdump

Tectonic Analysis Ltd, Chichester, Sussex
Solaris often used ufsdump and ufsrestore to archive data files to tape, but the Exabyte Tape drive is no longer made. Many thanks for the recovery, glad there were no problems.

DC-6150 used on IBM AIX cpio for data transfer

A QIC tape used in an AIX IBM computer under cpio backup software.
AIX tapes cpio data transfer to cd

Taino (VA) ITALY
The AIX IBM 6150 Tape Data Cartridge held backup of unix files (AIX - cpio) in 1994. I no longer had the tape drive unit to read the QIC cassette anymore. I just received the mail this morning. All files readable, perfect. Thanks again and have a nice day..

Transfer Unix tar tapes to CD

A DC6150 cartridge that stored files from a Unix using tar backup archive software.
Convert unix tar tape to cd

Tensar Ltd, Blackburn
The files were stored on DC6150 QIC-150 6" Tape using a UNIX system with TAR backup software. The files needed to be transferred from the tapes as the original tape drives were no longer available. Thanks for your hard work.

DLT Backup Exec data recovery I/O error

A DLT 4 tape written using Backup Exec on Windows PC. There were i/o errors while trying to read the tape and copy files to the hard drive so was sent to us for recovery.
DLT tape Backup Exec Data Recovery I/O Error

CompanyName withheld. Aztec West Bristol
The DLT-4 tapes were written using Windows Veritas Backup Exec. There was trouble getting the files off the backup set as Windows kept failing with drive I/O error. Thanks again for your help on this..

DC6150 tape file transfer unix HP Apollo

A Tape from an HP Apollo Domain machine that ran unix backup software to save files to the tape. The archive software was FEM Sesam 77 from Veritas / DNV.
Copy DC6150 tape files from unix HP Apollo backup

The tape was a DC6150 cassette used on an HP / Apollo Domain with a Unix type software. The Data Cartridge measures 4"x6"x1/2". The files required belonged to FEM Software - Sesam 77 from DNV (The Norwegian Veritas). Thank you very much for the swift and professional help you have given here..

DAT tape Sun Sparc Station transfer to CD

A DAT tape used on a Sun Sparc Station under Solaris 2 OS that needed files recovered to a USB disk.
Read DAT tape Sun Sparc Station copy to CD

Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey
Read DAT tape and copy files to CD / DVD. There were some old programming source code files archived from a Sun Sparc Station Solaris 2.x and stored on DDS DAT tape from 1998. Brilliant recovery. Thank you so much for such a quick turn around, you are an absolute life saver..

Unix AIX Solaris tape transfer to CD

An AIX DAT DDS1 tape with unix binary files. This tape was also sent with a DC-6150 for data transfer as the client no longer had a drive to read the tape.
DC6150 AIX Solaris tape transfer to CD

Retrieve data from Dat DDS-1 tapes & DC-6150 Data Cartridge Tapes AIX with Solaris source and other AIX binary files. No longer had tape drives or unix systems to read the data. Excellent (news on the recovery). I have received the tape thanks..

HP QIC-80 Mini Data Cartridge Transfer

An HP Colorado QIC-80 mini data cartridge used with Colorado backup software to save data to tape. This one is awaiting file recovery in our lab.
HP Colorado tapes file transfer to CD

Inverness, Scotland
HP Colorado Backup tapes mini-cassettes 250MB & 680MB. The tapes were marked Jumbo Certified QIC-80 DT 250 Mini Data Cartridges, Verbatim DC2120 Mini Cartouche & 3M MC 3000 XL MiniCartridge Taumat format. Data was stored using HP Colorado Memory Systems Backup Software and was recovered to a CD that could be read by Windows PC or Mac computers. This (the recovery) is excellent. I’ve been through the file list and it seems to contain all that I expected. Kind regards.

Sony mini Data Cartridge convert files to CD

A Sony mini data cartridge QTR-1 Travan tape awaiting file transfer to usb.
Sony Travan tape file transfer

Weybridge, London
QTR-1 Travan 400-800MN Sony Mini Data Cartridge tape for transfer - no longer had facility to read Travan Cartridges - tape contains CAD CAM drawings from Edusoft.Tape was written on Windows 95 98 machine. Thank you for recovering the data for us. It really has been a huge help..

Extract data from QIC tape to CD

A screenshot from Windows qic backup files emailed for data recovery.
Windows 98 QIC tape data recovery

Northumbria Police
Sony Mini Data Cartridge with windows 98 QIC file backup. Copy data to CD - clone if tape made. Parcel received thank you. I will definitely be recommending your company to anyone else in the force who needs this type of service..

Arkeia Back-up Tape recover files

A Sony DAT tape from a Unix system on an HP Server (Proliant). The tape was in for file transfer to windows pc.
Arkeia Archive DAT Tape file transfer

Chatham Gillingham
Sony DAT72 cassette tapes storing files via Arkeia Back-up Software on HP Proliant Server running Unix / Linux. The Operating System OS on the server got corrupted. The data was transferred to CD / DVD for use in a Windows PC Computer. Thanks for whatever you had done..

Transfer DAT Tape to DVD

A DDS3 DAT take made by TDK that was used to store files via Retrospect backups on a Mac OS9 machine.  It was awaiting data r=transfer from tape to USB drive or DVD.
Data Cartridge file transfer to DVD

Skyviews Inc, BARBADOS
TDK 4mm DDS3 DAT Tape transfer to DVD or hdd. File data was backed up to tape using Mac OS9 Retrospect software. Just to let you know DVD received safe & sound. Many thanks for your speedy service!.

Tape Transfer and Conversion Reviews

Tape Transfer and Conversion Reviews problems that we recover data from are listed below.
convert or transfer data from tapes to hard drive, nas box, hdd, usb, cd or dvd.
We transfer or recover your data files from tapes to restore to usb, or hard disks. Tapes created by backup software like Retrospect, Backup Exec, Apple Mac.