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We recover data and transfer files from CD & DVD disks when scratched, or error message, disks not finalised and corrupt unreadable disc could no longer be read
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CD or DVD suddenly stopped working - Repair / Recovery

File Recovery undertaken on CD or DVD disks when they cannot be read or not recognised No Disc error.
DVD or CD no longer works - Recover Repair Data access

Data Recovery, Althought they were hailed as the indestructable data / video storage solution CD and DVD do deteriate over time. A Video or File Data CD or DVD that worked over a year ago when it was recorded, might suddenly stop playing or show No Disc / empty when read now. We recover files and video from such problems so call or email us now for a fixed quote and fast turn-around..

Panasonic Video Recorder DVD error when adding movie to disk

DVDs from a Panasonic DMR video recorder can be recovered even when the disc can not be read or shows up as No Disc, Empty or blank.
Error adding footage to DVD in Panasonic Video Recorder

Video recovery, We have received a Packard Bell DVD-R 4.7GB used in Panasonic Digital Video recorder DMR-E50. When adding video from camcorder to disc, an error message occurred and the disc could no longer be read (it had not been finalised). We reovered the video to a new DVD on the day it arrived so Call or Email us now for a fixed price quote..

Double Layer DVD+R recovery

A Double Layer DVD+R turned to face the recording side showing the darker rings where video has already been burnt to the disk.
Double Layer DVD-DL data recovery

Data Recovery, We recover or transfer files from many types of optical storage technology, including double-layer, dual-format DVD and DVD+R double-layer disks often used for video creation and other data-intensive applications. The first DVD recordable drive from Toshiba Samsung Storage Technologies features 16X DVD+R specification and 12 times the capacity of a CD at 8.5GB for a wide range of video, music, image and data storage applications..

Recover files from scratched CD

Scratch or cracked CD or DVDs undergoing video recovery.
CD shows as empty - scratch on reflective side

Data Recovery, CD-R are often used to store family photos or archive office word / excel documents. After a while you may return to these CDs / disks, and to your horror they are showing as empty and will not read - perhaps they have got scratched on the underside or cracked slightly. Email or call us for a data recovery quote and we shall transfer your files to a new CD..

Philips DVD Recorder unplayable DVD-RW

A DVD from a Philips DVD recorder showing up as unplayable can still have it's video data recovered
Error DVD-RW on Philips DVD Recorder

Video Recovery, A DVD+RW Verbatim 4.7gb disk was used to record films from a camcorder. However sudden power failure during recording live movie on the Philips DVD Recorder resulted in an unplayable disk. The Video was recovered to a new DVD which could be played back on Computer or DVD Recorder.

Trouble reading or copying files from CD or DVD

Analysis of CD and DVD that are slow to read and show the files and folders and also had trouble copying data to the computer can be recovered.
Difficult reading data from CD or DVD, or computer hangs during copying

Data Recovery, When placed in a computer the CD or DVD may appear unrecognised or unreadable. Sometimes files and folders are shown but the computer hangs or copies files very slowly, or stops half way through reading files. Very often we can recover data and files from such problems..

Mac CD data recovery not mounting on desktop

This CD or DVD had trouble mounting on a Mac. The Mac just showed the spinning beachball when trying to access the disk.
CD DVD Apple Mac disk not mounting desktop file data recovery

Data Recovery, Apple Macs can sometime crash or hang when trying to access a CD or DVD with bad sectors. It will have trouble displaying files and folders on the disk and often leave the spinning ball when trying to mount the disk on the desktop..

Multi-Session CD DVD recovery

The CD and DVD laser attemting to read a multi-session CD or DVD. Sometimes disks that have been created in a multisession will not display all the files and folders on the CD or DVD, and hence needed their files recovering.
Recover file data multi-session CD DVD

Data Recovery, Roxio Direct CD, Nero drag-to-disk are two examples of the Drag-n-drop CD creation software available. Others include CeQuadrat Packet CD , Pinnacle Instant-Write, Prassi, Veritas, Sonic DLA, NTI FileCD, BHA B's CLiP. These aim to treat your CD or DVD like a removable hard drive by allowing you to highlight and drag files to the CD. They record the disks in several stages and are known as multi-session discs. Sometimes previous recordings on the disk disappear and you cannot see the files or folders visible in Windows Explorer. We can recover your data from such CD or DVD disks, and recover data from pre-vious sessions burnt to the CD or DVD..

Pioneer 16-layer read-only DVD reaches 400gb

Blu Ray disk data recovery
Pioneer read-only DVD data recovery

Pioneer, Pioneer has made a 400GB 16-layer DVD read-only optical disc. Its per-layer capacity is 25GB, equal to Blu-ray Disc (BD). This multilayer technology will also be applicable to multilayer recordable discs..

CD DVD Data Recovery Transfer and Convert Files, Corrupt disks

CD DVD Data Recovery Transfer and Convert Files, Corrupt disks problems that we recover data from are listed below.
We recover data and transfer files from CD & DVD disks when scratched, or error message, disks not finalised and corrupt unreadable disc could no longer be read.