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We read Floppy Disk File Transfer Conversions Data Recovery Copy Files to USB CD Disk unreadable corrupt unknown filesystem 3.5 5.25 5 1/4 8 inch CPM
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Maxell CF2-d disk conversion

5 off Maxell branded CF-2 floppy disks are shown, most in their cardboard sleeve. One diskin the lower right corner is shown on it's own. The disks are laid out side by side ready for conversion.
A Maxell CF2-d disk used in Amstrad Word Processor

Maxell CF2-D disks., 54000 Nancy, FRANCE, ....The customer from France, had text data stored on the double-sided diskettes....

8 inch Floppy Disk Data Recovery Memac Engine Control System

There are 2 off 8 inch floppy disks made by 3M shown side by side awaiting us to recover the files inside the diskettes to a cd or USB. The disks are dark grey in colour and with white hand written labels. Their printed labels indicated 3M SS SD single side single density 740-0 26 soft sectors / 128 bytes.
2 Floppy Disks used in a Ship's MEMAC Controller awaiting conversion

8 inch floppy disks, Denmark, Turkey, ....They were used aboard a ship for the Main Engine Monitoring and Control (MEMAC) system by Lanng & Stelman Software (Denmark) Frederikshavn....

Disk Image from Amsoft CF2 Floppy disk by Maxell and Amstrad

A CF2 floppy disk made by Amsoft is pictured along with it's cardboard outer sleeve. The disc is awaiting a forensic disk image or sector by sector bit by bit exact copy to be made, and have it's files extracted.
An Amsoft CF-2 floppy disc used in an Amstrad computer awaiting a disk image to be taken for forensic evaluation.

Amsoft CF2 floppy disks, Warrington, Cheshire. , ....A disk image was made which saves every bit of data from the disk to a single file....

Convert Amstrad CF2 disk to Microsoft Word

There are 2 CF2 disks made by Amsoft (Amstrad) and Maxell. These disks were sent to be converted to Microsoft Word and are pictured side by side. The discs are still in their original cardboard outer sleeves.
CF2 disks by Amsoft and Maxell that were used in single head floppy drive and ready for conversion to word.

CF2 conversion, , ....The disks were previously used in an Amstrad Word Processor/Computer in the 1990's....

5.25 inch floppy disk Retrieve Data

A 5.25 floppy disk which was sent to us to retrieve the data. The client was unsure if the disk still worked but simply wanted the files emailing back to them. This disk was a mini Floppy disk although by today's standards it is very large for the compared to the amount of data it holds! It was designated MD2D meaning low density 360kb.
A 5.25 floppy disk from which the user required data to be retrieved

Large Old Floppy Disks, , ....They had no idea if the floppy disk still worked, but requested us to retrieve the data and send it by email (its size was something around 50KB so no need for an external media like a USB stick....

Atari 5.25 floppy disk conversion

5.25 floppy disks from an Atari 810 computer which held text files from the user's dissertation, books, novels and  and essays.
Atari 5.25 floppy disk transfer

Atari computers, , ....It was popular and we often receive disks with old text based files eg University Dissertations, books , novels, essays and diaries people had typed up - not realising that one day technology would move on and their work would be locked in a time capsule....

Apple ][ Disks Recovery.

Here is an Apple 2 / Apple 2E 5.25 floppy disks that held a a book novel files written on the apple word processor software. The Apple 2E had a green screen and popular in schools and colleges when it first came out.
Apple ][ Disks Conversion.

Apple ][ Disks Recovery., , ....In the 1980s you would have had one of these in your office for word processing / spreadsheets, or your school may have had one Apple and some BBC Micros, but the Apple computer was always the one you wanted to use, with its imposing twin floppy drives mounted under the green monitor and its colourful logo....

DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks transfer to CD

An 8 inch floppy disk from PDP11 Dec computer which required files to be transferred off to CD.
DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks copy files to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Apex can now recover these files with their names and transfer them to a CD for use on modern PC Windows computers....

Copy Apple Mac Floppy disks to CD

Copying off word documents from and old Apple Mac floppy disk.
Apple Mac Floppy disks transfer to CD

Copy Files and Data., , ....Files were often created using Clarisworks, MacWrite and Mac Write Pro documents....

8 inch floppy disks data recovery

Copying files from 8 inch floppy disk. These disks were used in CNC or old Word Processors, but we can convert many of them to modern Microsoft Office document files like Word or Excel.
8 inch floppy disc copy files to CD

Data Recovery and Transfer, , ....If you have ever seen one of these disk drives they look like dinosaurs of the modern floppy drives.We can recover your data from 8 floppy discs and copy the files to a CD or email them back to you....

Amstrad 3 inch Floppy Disk File Transfer

A 3 inch floppy disk from Amstrad computer having files transferred and recovered, after which they will be converted to Word or Excel documents, or even pdfs.
Amstrad floppy disc Data Recovery Conversion to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Many files were written in LocoScript Word Processor and they can be converted to MS Word while retaining most of the formatting....

Floppy Disks not mounting on Mac Desktop

Data Recovery from an Apple MAc floppy disk that would not mount on the Desktop.
Corrupt Floppy disc not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....We can usually extract sufficient text or documents from such floppy disks to enable the files to be reconstructed.....

Supercalc floppy disk convert to Excel

Supercalc spreadsheets being recovered from 5.25 floppy disk and converted to Microsoft Excel office.
Supercalc convert to Excel file held on DOS floppy disk

Data Recovery, , ....We have successfully recovered Supercalc files and transferred them to CD for several large engineering firms....

5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for QA data retention.

Disk Imaging for Data Retention from old floppy disks to meet quality assurance standards.
5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for Quality Assurance Data Storage

Data Recovery, , ....There were about 70 disks a mixture of DS-HD and DS-DD 5.25 inch vintage disks which were required for Data Retention Quality Assurance Requirements BS5750....

DS-HD Floppy Data Download to CD

Downloading files from 1.2MB DS HD (high density) floppy disk.
1.2MB Floppy DS-HD 5.25 inch file data download to CD

Data Recovery, , ....A building was to be extended and to save money the old Survey and CAD data stored on 1.2MB Floppy disks was to be re-used....

Data Recovery merging 2 floppies to make one good file

Combining and merging the data from 2 floppy disks in order to produce one good file. An old software program was resued from 2 identical but faulty disks with bad sectors. The Good sectors from each disk were read ok then merged together to make a complete working copy of the program.
Rebuild File from merge of 2 identical 5.25 Floppy disks to make one good file

Data Recovery, , ....So it was for a Dubai Consultant who needed a palette loading program extracted from a 1.2mb (1.6mb un-formatted) DS-HD floppy disk....

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We read Floppy Disk File Transfer Conversions Data Recovery Copy Files to USB CD Disk unreadable corrupt unknown filesystem 3.5 5.25 5 1/4 8 inch CPM.