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We read Floppy Disk File Transfer Conversions Data Recovery Copy Files to USB CD Disk unreadable corrupt unknown filesystem 3.5 5.25 5 1/4 8 inch CPM
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5.25" Floppy Disk Data Transfer

A 5.25 floppy disk which was sent to us to retrieve the data. The client was unsure if the disk still worked but simply wanted the files emailing back to them. This disk was a mini Floppy disk although by today's standards it is very large for the compared to the amount of data it holds! It was designated MD2D meaning low density 360kb.
A 5.25 floppy disk from which the user required data to be retrieved

, A mining company had in it's possession a 5.25” floppy disk that a user wants data retrieved from. They had no idea if the floppy disk still worked, but requested us to retrieve the data and send it by email (its size was something around 50KB so no need for an external media like a USB stick. The disk had been in storage for a few years so the first thing we did was dismantle the disk to clean the magnetic surface, before placing it in a drive to read the files off. If you don't do that we find the drive head binds with surface contamination and can damage the magnetic coating..

Atari 5.25 floppy disk conversion

5.25 floppy disks from an Atari 810 computer which held text files from the user's dissertation, books, novels and  and essays.
Atari 5.25 floppy disk transfer

Atari computers, The Atari 800 computer had used an 810 5.25 inch Floppy disc drive. It was popular and we often receive disks with old text based files eg University Dissertations, books , novels, essays and diaries people had typed up - not realising that one day technology would move on and their work would be locked in a time capsule. We can transfer the files to CD and, if desired, convert these so you can easily open them
in Microsoft Word for editing/printing..

Apple ][ Disks Recovery.

Here is an Apple 2 / Apple 2E 5.25 floppy disks that held a a book novel files written on the apple word processor software. The Apple 2E had a green screen and popular in schools and colleges when it first came out.
Apple ][ Disks Conversion.

Apple ][ Disks Recovery., Apple ][ (Apple 2 se II) floppy disks were typically 5.25 inch. In the 1980s you would have had one of these in your office for word processing / spreadsheets, or your school may have had one Apple and some BBC Micros, but the Apple computer was always the one you wanted to use, with its imposing twin floppy drives mounted under the green monitor and its colourful logo. We are excited to offer a recovery service extract the files and convert them to a more modern format for use in Mac or Windows PC. The files can be converted to excel or Microsoft Word. Typically the disks were Single Sided Double Density 140k(140kb).

5.25 inch DS-DD floppy disk file transfer to CD

A DS-DD 5.25 inch floppy disk ready to have archive data recovered to CD or USB.
Old 5.25 inch DS-DD Floppy Disk Drive Data Recovery and Transfer

Data Recovery, We recently received a series of 5.25 inch 500kb / 360kb floppies which had been sitting in an archive store for a number of years. The disks appeared to be in good condition but were initially not recognised by the floppy drive. The disks were obviously heavily contaminated on the surfaces probably an oxide build up over the years. After undergoing our special recovery processes all the data was successfully recovered but it was a warning to the client that the remaining disks should be extracted to a CD as soon as possible. So email or call for a quotation now..

Covert old Mac Floppy disks to Windows PC for Claris Works

Converting old Apple Mac Floppy Disk to OSX, Windows, Microsoft Office, Word and Excel.
Transfer Apple Mac floppy disk Claris Works to Windows

Data transfer and Conversion, Apple Mac computers from the 1980s used 3.5 inch floppy disks which cannot be read in modern Macs or PC floppy drives. A popular office document program was ClarisWorks whose files need to be read and converted for use on Windows or Modern Mac OSX. Email or call us for file transfer to CD and conversion of Mac Claris Works files to Windows PC Microsoft Office or Works..

DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks transfer to CD

An 8 inch floppy disk from PDP11 Dec computer which required files to be transferred off to CD.
DEC PDP-11 8 inch floppy disks copy files to CD

Data Transfer, The PDP11 DEC computers used a special file system to store files on 8 inch floppy disks. Apex can now recover these files with their names and transfer them to a CD for use on modern PC Windows computers. Disks were typically 8 inch Single Sided Double Density SS DD 26 sectors per track, 77 tracks, 256 bytes 128 bytes per sector floppy disk eg. Nashua marked FD-1 D WP S.S./D.D. Soft Sec 26/128 9001-200 Professional Magnetic Media. Floppies were often written on old DEC RT11-A (PDP11) DECRT11A SZRT11A S-RT11A machines using RX02.

Copy Apple Mac Floppy disks to CD

Copying off word documents from and old Apple Mac floppy disk.
Apple Mac Floppy disks transfer to CD

Copy Files and Data., Old Apple Macs eg G3 and older machines, used Floppy Disks as the main form of data storgae and archiving. Files were often created using Clarisworks, MacWrite and Mac Write Pro documents. We can transfer files from the floppies to CD for MacOSX for AppleWorks or Microsoft Word on a PC. Just email or calll us for a quote..

8 inch floppy disks data recovery

Copying files from 8 inch floppy disk. These disks were used in CNC or old Word Processors, but we can convert many of them to modern Microsoft Office document files like Word or Excel.
8 inch floppy disc copy files to CD

Data Recovery and Transfer, 8 inch floppy disk drives are larger versions of the 5.25 floppy prevalent during early 1980's. If you have ever seen one of these disk drives they look like dinosaurs of the modern floppy drives.We can recover your data from 8 floppy discs and copy the files to a CD or email them back to you. There is still a lot of Military hardware, legacy computers and CAD CAM CNC machinery that use these disks as well as some old text files that people need to revive. Call or email us for a transfer / data recovery quote..

Amstrad 3 inch Floppy Disk File Transfer

A 3 inch floppy disk from Amstrad computer having files transferred and recovered, after which they will be converted to Word or Excel documents, or even pdfs.
Amstrad floppy disc Data Recovery Conversion to CD

Data Transfer, Apex Technology can now offer a service to read your old Amstrad and Schneider Floppy disks and transfer the files to CD for use in Modern PCs. Many files were written in LocoScript Word Processor and they can be converted to MS Word while retaining most of the formatting. This includes Amsoft Compact Floppy Disc CF2 Cartridges for Single (Flip Discs) and Double Headed Drives 180-kb and 720KB.

Mac DS DD 1.0MB Floppy disc transfer documents to PC CD

Transferring Word Documents from Apple Mac Floppy Disc.
Apple Mac Floppy Disc Word Document transfer to CD

Data Transfer, The Word Documents were held on Apple Mac 3M DS,DD 1.0 Mb/1.0 Mo Floppy Disk. The data files were originally typed up onto an Apple Mac around 1992. The files required recovery for use on a present day PC so they were transferred to a CD which could also be used in a Mac..

Floppy Disks not mounting on Mac Desktop

Data Recovery from an Apple MAc floppy disk that would not mount on the Desktop.
Corrupt Floppy disc not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, After years of storage Floppy disk coatings of iron oxide can decay meaning they cannot be read or mount on desktop - usually at a time you suddenly remember that critical file is on one from 1982. We can usually extract sufficient text or documents from such floppy disks to enable the files to be reconstructed..

Recover old CNC machine data from corrupt 5.25 inch Floppy disks

A CNC machine 5.25 inch floppy disk used to control machining patterns, but now requiring data recovery.
5.25 inch floppy disks read old cnc machine data files

Data Recovery, Many old CNC machines used 5.25 floppy disks to input configuration data. We recently got disks from a Siemens Sinumerik control system used on a CNC Gear Hobbing Machine. There were 2 off 360kb 5.25 floppy disks used to hold configuration data which could not be read. While there was a bit of corruption on the disks we managed to extract sufficient configuration data which was written to a fresh floppy disks to allow the machine to keep operating..

Old Floppy MO Syquest disk transfer to CD DVD

Transferring data and files from old legacy 5.25 floppy disks.
Vintage / old Floppy MO Syquest disk transfer to CD DVD

Data Recovery, A variety of Legacy data storage / archive transfers including from old apple mac floppies, 5.25 inch Floppy Disks files to CD Transfer and Data Recovery. SyQuest Disk Cartridge and MO File Transfer to CD DVD include Gigamo File Transfer. Iomega file transfer for ZIP Jaz Ditto tapes to CD DVD is a popular option..

Floppy Disk requesting format - data recovery

Recovery of Sage files from floppy disk.
Data Recovery Floppy Disk showing unformatted

Data Recovery, The old floppy disk is still in use and recently one arrived with SAGE accounting back-up files on it. When inserted into the computer floppy drive the disk requested format and could not be opened. The backup file was across two floppy disks. We have recovered the files to a CD and the customer now has their spreadsheets restored..

Mac Word Processor files Apple Floppy recover to Windows PC

Word Processor files being retrieved from Apple Floppy disk.
Recover Apple Mac Word Processor files from floppy to PC

Data Recovery, Macintosh floppy disks were used to store a variety of items, mainly we get requests for recovering word processor files from these Apple disks. We recently recovered a manuscript for an Australian Professor that was written in the early 1990's. After trying everything to recover the files in Australia he finally sent them to us. We were not surprised once the disks arrived that he had such trouble because the disks were not recognised by the apple mac computer. However using data recovery techniques we have successfully restored the word documents to Windows CD..

File Transfer Mac ClarisWorks files from Floppy Disks

Conversion and Transfer of old clarisworks text and spreadsheet documents and storing files on modern USB or CD.
Transfer ClarisWorks Files from Apple Mac Floppy disks

Data Recovery, The old 400kb and 800kb floppy disks cannot be read in Windows PC floppy drives or recent Mac's. These disk belong to older vintage Macintosh computers. These legacy computers are no longer made. These old floppy disks may contain Claris-Works files, quark, spreadsheets, databases, images, photos, drawings and documents. We have facility to read these mac 3.5 floppy disks (1mb, 720kb, 800kb, 400kb). We perform floppy file transfer to CD which may be read in Windows PC or Apple Macs..

Supercalc floppy disk convert to Excel

Supercalc spreadsheets being recovered from 5.25 floppy disk and converted to Microsoft Excel office.
Supercalc convert to Excel file held on DOS floppy disk

Data Recovery, The Supercalc spreadsheet program came in a large box mostly containing manuals of how to use it! Many firms find they need access to the Supercalc spreasheets via Microsoft Excel but often the old files are held on 5.25 floppy disks popular in the DOS era. We have successfully recovered Supercalc files and transferred them to CD for several large engineering firms. The files were converted for use in Excel..

5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for QA data retention.

Disk Imaging for Data Retention from old floppy disks to meet quality assurance standards.
5.25 floppy disk transfer to CD for Quality Assurance Data Storage

Data Recovery, A large refrigerant system design company had come across some old 5.25 discs and they needed the data transferred from onto either a CD or a memory stick so they could access the archive. There were about 70 disks a mixture of DS-HD and DS-DD 5.25 inch vintage disks which were required for Data Retention Quality Assurance Requirements BS5750. We restored the data to CD to enable access by Windows PC..

Unreadable Legacy 5.25-inch floppy disks Lotus Symphony

Unreadable 5.25inch floppy disks having Lotus Symphony files and data recovered.
Unreadable old DS-DD 5.25-inch floppys with Lotus Symphony

Data Recovery, A member of the Washington Post had a dozen 5.25-inch floppy disks (Double Sided Double Density) which were used in a PC in the 1980s. Some similar disks in the group were readable recently with a 5.25 inch drive. But this dozen were not readable. The computer message suggested they were corrupted or unformatted.However they contained data which was thought to have been deliberately erased, or the disks may be old (they were sitting for about 20 years in a closet.) The discs may contain valuable information for a book project in a series of files written in Lotus Symphony, they were not from an Apple computer. We successfully read the files and moved the data off the floppy discs to CD..

DS-HD Floppy Data Download to CD

Downloading files from 1.2MB DS HD (high density) floppy disk.
1.2MB Floppy DS-HD 5.25 inch file data download to CD

Data Recovery, Archiving data is great as long as you can get access to the archive. A building was to be extended and to save money the old Survey and CAD data stored on 1.2MB Floppy disks was to be re-used. However there was no ready access to a Double Sided High Density floppy disk drive. The disk was sent to us and we downloaded the data to CD for use in modern Windows PC..

Data Recovery merging 2 floppies to make one good file

Combining and merging the data from 2 floppy disks in order to produce one good file. An old software program was resued from 2 identical but faulty disks with bad sectors. The Good sectors from each disk were read ok then merged together to make a complete working copy of the program.
Rebuild File from merge of 2 identical 5.25 Floppy disks to make one good file

Data Recovery, Many archive programs and files are stored on old 5.25 inch floppy disks - a legacy from an earlier computer age. So it was for a Dubai Consultant who needed a palette loading program extracted from a 1.2mb (1.6mb un-formatted) DS-HD floppy disk. We were sent the disk and it was unreadable however we eventually found a Museum in United States who still had a copy but no way of reading it. We found neither disk was entirely readable however using data recovery techniques we merged both files to make one good working file..

Apple Mac-Write floppy disk transfer to Windows PC

MacWrite files being transferred from Apple Mac floppy disk.
Recover mac-write files from floppy to PC

Data Recovery, Vintage Macintosh floppy disks were used to store a variety of items. We recently recovered a book a Professor in Australia was writing in the early 1990's. Apparently he had exhausted all avenues trying to recover the files and we were not surprised once the disks arrived because they were not recognised by the apple mac computer. However using data recovery techniques we have restored the word documents and he was delighted..

Transfer and Convert Floppy disks

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We read Floppy Disk File Transfer Conversions Data Recovery Copy Files to USB CD Disk unreadable corrupt unknown filesystem 3.5 5.25 5 1/4 8 inch CPM.