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We read and copy files from Jaz and Zip disks to USB, CD, DVD. Also Ditto Tapes Data Recovery
Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery Services

Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery News...

ZIP100 disks transfer to USB stick

The photo shows 2x Zip 100 discs along with their title sleeve. The disks are made by Iomega and are 100mb capacity. The label indicates they are PC100.
2 off Zip 100 discs with Word and Excel files

ZIP100 discs, Bedford, Bedfordshire, ....The disks dated from the late 90’s that the customer needed to have transferred to a format they can read on my Mac....

1-Step Backup Zip Disk File Recovery

A pair of PC100 ZIP disks photographed side by side.  The disk on the left is red, and the right hand one is blue. Both disks are manufactured by Iomega.
ZIP100 disks used to save .1-step backup

1-step zip disks recovery, Worcester, Worcestershire., ....The data was stored in files with .1-step extension....

Recover Data from Unreadable ZIP disks

A close up view of the inner disc from a ZIP disk which was sent for recovery. The client had tried to read the data but due to surface contamination over the years had left the disk unreadable.
recovering data from the magnetic surface of a ZIP disk that was unreadable

ZIP disks, Hackney, London., ....The disk outer covers have been removed to expose the magnetic disk inside....

Transfer Jaz Disk files

A close up of the labels from an Iomega Mac 1GB. The disk is preformatted for the Macintosh computer. Also seen is a PC 1GB disk to the right hand side of the image.
A Mac1GB Jaz Disk in the office for file transfer

Jaz Disk, , ....The client just did not have the hardware to extract the files....

Recover photos from an Iomega ZIP disk

Copying files from ZIP disk to CD.
Copy files from an Iomega ZIP disk

File Transfer, , ....According to the client there were no service providers in the Cayman Islands with an operational zip drive to retrieve the files to CD....

Mac ZIP 250-mb not mounting on desktop

A Zip 205mb that had trouble mounting on the Desktop of a Mac computer.
250MB ZIP Apple Mac disc recover files not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, , ....Direct competitors were the Superdisk 240mb and larger capacity 200mb and 270mb Syquest drives....

Mac Iomega Jaz disks convert to PC

A Jaz Disk formatted on a Mac ready for transfer to Windows PC computer.
Apple Mac Jaz disks transfer to Windows Computer

File Conversions., , ....We can convert these for use in Company Windows PC computers by burning the data to CD's or DVD's.....

100MB ZIP disc Super-BASE file recovery

A Zip100 disc which held a copy of Superbase database that needed rescue after the computer failed to recognise the disk in the drive.
ZIP 100mb SuperBase database recovery transfer to CD

Data Transfer, , ....This was a step up from the larger 44mb and 88mb Syquest drives available at the time....

Jaz Disk Transfer to DVD

A Jaz disk about to have it's files transferred to USB or DVD.
Iomega Jaz Disk File Recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....However often the drives require SCSI connections not readily available on many modern Mac's....

ZIP disk file recovery

A Zip100 disk that had its files saved after becoming corrupt.
ZIP100 disk with files not properly saved to media or corrupt

Data Recovery, , ....You often only find out later that the files won't open correctly....

Old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

A CD and Zip Drive shown together ready for transfer of files and data.
Vintage / old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

Data Recovery, , ....File conversion from these zip disks to CD and DVD are undertaken by Apex Data Recovery....

Jaz 2GB Disk download to DVD

A 2GB Jaz Disk that was used in an Apple Mac scsi drive, and now ready for downloading the information to a DVD.
2GB Jaz disk file data download to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....There are still many in circulation but the access to working ZIP or Jaz drives is diminishing....

Jaz 1GB Disk data transfer

This 1GB Jaz disk was used in an Apple Mac and sent to us for transferring the data to DVD or USB.
1GB JAZ disk file transfer to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....We often receive disks from the 90's used by Apple Mac users which we transfer data to DVD for use in modern Macs.....

Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery

Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
We read and copy files from Jaz and Zip disks to USB, CD, DVD. Also Ditto Tapes Data Recovery.