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We read and copy files from Jaz and Zip disks to USB, CD, DVD. Also Ditto Tapes Data Recovery
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Windows 95 Gateway computer transfer files from ZIP disk to CD / DVD

3 ZIP disks are shown, made by Iomega, FujiFilm and Swap. The disks are queued together ready to have their data read to a CD or DVD. In more recent years customers have asked for files to be saved to USB or have download links for getting the files returned to them.
ZIP disks from Windows 95 computer ready for transfer of files

ZIP 100 disks, Henley-on-Thames, We have transferred files from ZIP disks used on a Gateway computer with Windows 95 on it to CD or DVD. These particular disks had been stored in quite a poor condition and so the data surfaces had become contaminated. Luckily we are used to dealing with this so managed to get them to read ok, with the exception of a few files which were fortunately not so important for the customer..

One-Step Backup Zip Jaz Drive data recovery

Iomega's OneStep (1-Step) backup used on Jaz and Zip disks. This is not to be confused with 1-step for Ditto Cartridge Tapes from Tecmar or Iomega Tools. These disks were undergoing restore to extract their files from the One-Step backup archive file.
One-Step Backup Zip Jaz Drive data transfer

File Transfer., One-Step Backup was a software sold by Iomega for use with Zip and Jaz drives. It was used under Windows 95/98/ME to save files. The One-Step software and Jaz / Zip drives are no longer available however we can read the disks and transfer the data to CD or DVD or another drive. Simply email or call us to discuss. Timescale usually 1-2 days..

Ditto and DittoMax Tape transfer files

An example Ditto Max tape including Flash-File. These are made by Tecmar and Iomega and need to be read or transferred to modern media as the tape drives and software is no longer made.
Ditto and DittoMax Tape copy files

Data Tape Transfer, The Ditto and Ditto-Max tape drives used to be made by Iomega and Tecmar but no longer available. We can read/transfer/copy/extract your files from these tapes to CD DVD or hard drives. The tapes had capacities from 250mb to 2GB and 10GB for the Ditto Max and used a variety of QIC, Travan TR1 TR2 TR3 cartridges. Call or email us now to convert your Ditto tapes..

Recover photos from an Iomega ZIP disk

Copying files from ZIP disk to CD.
Copy files from an Iomega ZIP disk

File Transfer, Recently we received Zip100 Iomega disk for copying of photos from it. According to the client there were no service providers in the Cayman Islands with an operational zip drive to retrieve the files to CD. Drop us an email if you have a similar file copying problem..

Mac ZIP 250-mb not mounting on desktop

A Zip 205mb that had trouble mounting on the Desktop of a Mac computer.
250MB ZIP Apple Mac disc recover files not mounting on desktop

Data Recovery, Iomega produced the ZIP 250mb in 1998 3 years after the 100MB disk. Direct competitors were the Superdisk 240mb and larger capacity 200mb and 270mb Syquest drives. These were fitted in many Apple Macs and we often get cases were the disk no longer mounts on the Desktop. We have recently successfully recovered graphic files from such disks to CD..

Mac Iomega Jaz disks convert to PC

A Jaz Disk formatted on a Mac ready for transfer to Windows PC computer.
Apple Mac Jaz disks transfer to Windows Computer

File Conversions., Media Compaines and graphic artists often use Apple Macs ( Mac OS format ) and backed up artwork files and images on Jaz disks 1GB and 2GB. We can convert these for use in Company Windows PC computers by burning the data to CD's or DVD's..

100MB ZIP disc Super-BASE file recovery

A Zip100 disc which held a copy of Superbase database that needed rescue after the computer failed to recognise the disk in the drive.
ZIP 100mb SuperBase database recovery transfer to CD

Data Transfer, During mid-90's Iomega made a removable ZIP cartridge of 100mb capacity in a 3.5 inch 90mm floppy disk format. This was a step up from the larger 44mb and 88mb Syquest drives available at the time. We recently received such a ZIP100 disk from 1996 containing d-base files. The disk was no longer recognised by the computer and several people had evidently had-a-go at getting data off it including removing the metal shield. However we managed to get the data back-ed up on to a CD and the client restored the file on the system..

Jaz Disk Transfer to DVD

A Jaz disk about to have it's files transferred to USB or DVD.
Iomega Jaz Disk File Recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, Jaz disks appear to have been very popular with Apple Mac users a few years ago as an economical storage method for images, multi-media and video files. However often the drives require SCSI connections not readily available on many modern Mac's. We can provide data recovery from these Jaz disks to say DVD or another Hard drive..

ZIP disk file recovery

A Zip100 disk that had its files saved after becoming corrupt.
ZIP100 disk with files not properly saved to media or corrupt

Data Recovery, When files are saved to disks there is no guarantee that they were saved correctly. You often only find out later that the files won't open correctly. That's what happened to a recently received Fujifilm ZIP100 disk (IBM Formatted) - The word documents containing text and pictures would not open correctly. Possibly the files didn't save properly or there was corruption of disk media. We recovered one complete document and all text and photos from the disk to enable the author to recompile the other report..

Extract Files from Ditto Tape Cartridge

A 2GB ditto cartridge made by Sony that was sent in for files to be extracted to DVD and USB drives.
Extract Ditto Tape Cartridge files

Data Recovery, The Iomega Ditto and Ditto Max tapes were aimed at small business file back-up and archive storage. The Ditto tape drives are no longer made. We recently received a Ditto tape made during the 1990's which were involved in a legal fraud investigation by a Council. The files were extracted from the tape and transferred to a CD/DVD so that the could be opened on a Windows PC..

Old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

A CD and Zip Drive shown together ready for transfer of files and data.
Vintage / old ZIP disk convert to CD DVD

Data Recovery, A variety of Legacy data storage / archive files are stored on ZIP disks. File conversion from these zip disks to CD and DVD are undertaken by Apex Data Recovery. Converted ZIP discs include Apple Mac and Linux Zip disks, as well as Solaris and other operating systems..

Jaz 2GB Disk download to DVD

A 2GB Jaz Disk that was used in an Apple Mac scsi drive, and now ready for downloading the information to a DVD.
2GB Jaz disk file data download to DVD

Data Recovery, In 1998, at the same time as the 250MB ZIP disk, Iomega produced the 2GB JAZ disk and it was produced up to 2002. There are still many in circulation but the access to working ZIP or Jaz drives is diminishing. Many Jaz drives were SCSI interfaced and not readily connectable to modern Mac computers. We often get request to download files from these disks to CD or DVD..

Jaz 1GB Disk data transfer

This 1GB Jaz disk was used in an Apple Mac and sent to us for transferring the data to DVD or USB.
1GB JAZ disk file transfer to DVD

Data Recovery, Iomega's 1GB Jaz disk drive was very popular with design cad graphics and multimedia companies due to (for 1995 at least) its high capacity and performance. We often receive disks from the 90's used by Apple Mac users which we transfer data to DVD for use in modern Macs..

ZIP 750mb disk trouble copying files - data recovery

A Zip 750mb disk which will undergo data recovery to a CD. The 750MB is the largest disk Iomega produced, but was not that popular as CD writers became more popular.
750mb ZIP trouble copying files - data recovery to CD

Data Recovery, It was around 5 years after the ZIP-250mb and 8 years since the first ZIP-100mb drive that Iomega made the ZIP-750mb disk. This faced strong competition from the optical CD storage drives. We recently received a ZIP 750mb disk from Switzerland which was no longer readable by Windows PC. The client had trouble copying the file from the disk, however we successfully recovered the file and burnt it to CD..

Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery

Jaz Disk, Zip Disk, Ditto Tape read, copy, transfer and data recovery problems that we recover data from are listed below.
We read and copy files from Jaz and Zip disks to USB, CD, DVD. Also Ditto Tapes Data Recovery.