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Transfer 3.5inch Magneto Optical Disks to CD

A TDK 230MB MO disk and a Verbatim 230mb disk are shown with the case inlay cards. These Magneto Optical disks measure 3.5inches and are commonly used on consumer products from the late 1990s to 2000s.
Two MO disks awaiting transfer to CD

I needed to Transfer two 3.5" 230 MB Magneto Optical Disk (one Verbatim 230 Optical Disk and one TDK MO-230 Magneto Optical Disk 3.5" 512bytes/sector) to CD or DVD. The disks are in good condition but I don't have a disk reader. The files on the diskettes have data that can only be read by appropriate software. A++ Service, very efficient and trustworthy. A great investment to preserve the data form your old disks, I would recommend it to everyone..

Transfer DICOM files from MO disk (MOD) to hard drive

DICOM images stored on an MO disk that had been used in a CT scanner.
CT Scanner files transfer off MOD (Magneto Optical Disks)

Paddington, London
We had 5 off MOD (Sony EDM-4100C MO Disks) each 4.1GB for transfer. These Magneto Optical disks were storing DICOM files from a Philips Select CT scanner which was a re-badged Marconi. Files were stored in Elscint-1 compression. Two of the disks had previously been for data recovery at another company. Thank you..

MO disk data recovery missing folders

A Sony SMO-230 3.5 inch Magneto Optical Disk ready for recovery of missing folders in Windows Explorer.
Recover lost files on MO disk

Oleana Ltd, Norway
Magneto-Optical MO Disk (SMO-230 3.5 inch 90 mm 230MB) used in pattern machinery - We could only view 8 folders in Windows Explorer when around 80 should have been visible. Tried running scandisk on the disk in windows but this made it a whole lot worse! Passed the disk to Apex for recovery. Thanks again for all your help. I've passed on your company name to the machine/design system manufacturers so hopefully you can get some more business from them and their customers in the future..

Sony EDM M.O. disk data recovery

A Sony EDM-128 MO disk that had file corruption.
Sony EDM M.O. disk data recovery apple mac formatted

Chicago, Illinois, USA
Old Magneto Optical Disk: a Sony Rewritable EDM-128 Disk (90mm or 3.5inch square model) from the early 90's written on an Apple Macintosh HFS system. The filesystem was corrupt although the raw disk data was readable. Got the disk, and all the data is there.Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate it..

5.25 inch MO disk file recovery

A Philips PDO MO disk measuring 5.25 inches wide that needed it's data transferring to DVD.
Copy files from MO disks to DVD

Hemel Hempstead, Buckinghamshire
Data was stored on old 5.25 inch MO disks from Sony EDM-1DA1s 512 byte/sector R/W. and Philips 1.3GB discs. The Magneto Optical Disks were read and files copied to DVDs for use in a Windows or Mac Computer. Thank you..

540MB MO disk transfer to CD

A 3.5 inch Magneto Optical Disc ready for file transfer to USB.
File transfer from old Optical MO disks to CD

Advanced Technologies and Services Inc, New Jersey, USA
We had a 3.5 inch 540MB Maxell Magneto Optical MO Disc but did not have MO disk reader to access the files so required the data transferred to a CD/DVD. A clone of the disk was produced as a file for further processing (proprietary format).

230mb MO Disks transfer to CD - Magneto-Optical disks

A Fujitsu Gigamo disk
Transfer files data Gigamo MO disk 230-mb to CD

MRC Lab of Molecular Biology, Cambridge
The old 3.5 inch 90mm MO drives are no longer made however useful data may be stored on these MO disks. Files were on a 230mb Gigamo MO Disk and required transfer to CD. Thank you for the transfer..

Transfer 5.2GB MO Magneto-Optical Disks to DVD / Hard Drive

A 5.25 inch MO disk with the metal slider pulled to one side so you can see the surface where data is stored together with the burn marks from the laser when saving files.
MO 5.25 inch 5.2gb disk file transfer to DVD / hard drive

Medical Engineering Lincolnshire NHS Trust, Grimsby
Magneto Optical Disk 5.2gb 5.25inch required data reading from them to a DVD. I have received the parcel, and all appears to be working correctly. I am very grateful for your quick and efficient service. You have delivered exactly as we specified. As and when the need arises in the future, I shall be more than happy to use your services again..

Transfer 3.5 Optical Disc to CD

A Maxell 640 magneto Optical disk in need of file recovery.
Convert Optical disc to CD

Centre Screen Productions, Manchester
The file data was written to a Maxell 640 RO-M640 Magneto Optical disk. Unable to read disc as suitable reader not available. The recovery is brilliant news - thank you very much..

90mm 230MB MO disks file transfer to CD

A close up of Gigamo disk by Fujitsu. This 1.3gb disk needed the stroed files transferring to CD.
Data Recovery from 90mm Gigamo 230MB MO discs

Loeb Aron and Co, London, EC2-R
The required files were stored on a 90mm 3.5 inch 230MB Gigamo MO disk and required data transfer to a CD so it could be read in a normal computer. Many thanks.

MO 230MB TDK Mac formatted data transfer

A Gigamo disk by Fujitsu.
TDK MO Disk transfer to CD

London, W6
Mac formatted MO Disc 230MB TDK data transfer to a PC and Mac formatted CD was required since we no longer had access to a magneto optical disk. Thank you..

5.25 inch Magneto-Optical Disk rescue files to DVD

An MO disk that needed its files rescuing.
5.25 inch MO Optical disc rescue files to DVD

Forschungszentrum GmbH, Karlsruhe / Stuttgart, Germany
The data was held on Verbatim re-writable 2.6gb MO Disk, Philips Re-writable 2.6GB MO Disk 1024-bytes/Sector and in Apple mac format. The data was rescued and transferred to DVD for reading by Windows PC and Apple Mac. Just to let you know I received the disks and was able to download the rescued files.Thanks and best regards.

Transfer Verbatim 230 MO disk to CD

A Verbatim MO disk received in our lab for converting to CD.
Verbatim 230 MO disk convert to CD

Damac Properties, London
Verbatim 230 MO Rewriteable Optical Disk to be converted / transferred to CD-ROM for Windows PC. The files are now downloaded, thank you for the rapid response..

MO640 Teijin 640MB MO disk data recovery

A Teijin 640mb MO disk
Teijin 640MB magneto-optical disk data recovery to CD

International British Nuclear Services, Warrington, Cheshire
Data Recovery from Teijin 640MB MO Disk to CD files and data. Thank you..

Transfer 230mb Sony Fujifilm MO disk to CD

A 3M 230MB MO disk - only the top part shown with the data surface holding the files on view because the shutter is open.
3M Sony MO disks data recovery to CD

Cambridge University Press, Cambridgeshire
3M, Sony, Fujifilm 230mb Gigamo MO disks for transfer to CD. Disks were Apple mac format and converted to work on pc. Thanks very much. Have put the invoice through for payment now..

Magneto Optical File Data Transfer to DVD

A Philips Magneto Optical Disk in it's Jewel case awaiting data transfer.
5.25 inch MOD convert to DVD

Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheshire
1.3gb 5.25 inch Philips Magneto Optical Disk (re-writable, double density, 1024 Bytes/Sector) required file data transfer due to no access to the old MO drive technology. Thank you for the speedy service..

Convert 230MB MO Disks to CD

A Gigamo disk ready for file transfer.
File Recovery 230MB MO Discs to CD

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
File Transfer from 230MB MO Gigamo Disks onto CD for use in a PC. Many thanks for the quick response and the good news! Many thanks.

Transfer 640MB MO Disks to CD

Gigamo to CD transfer.
Data Recovery 640MB MO Discs to CD

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge
Transferring old 640MB MO Disks to CD from Printing system. Thanks very much..

MO Magneto-Optical Disks

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