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We read and transfer files from Tapes to disks such as USB drives, HDD, CD, DVD. We can recover backup or archive data from the tapes and save it to modern media
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Ditto Tape conversion transfer and file extraction

A Ditto Max tape cartridge made by Iomega, including Flash-File logo. Later these tapes were made by Tecmar, but we can recover the files from them. We can also re-attached the tapes when they have become de-spooled from the reel.
Ditto Tape conversion transfer and file extraction

Ditto and Ditto Max data recovery, , ....The service includes cases for re-spooling tapes when the tape has become detached from the drive wheel or hub....

Convert Unix tape to CD

A Unix tape that was made by 3M, model DC6150. This QIC-150 cartridge held CAD drawings that needed to be extracted and saved to a CD.
Unix tape convert to CD or DVD

Data Recovery, , ....They no longer had a Unix computer system or QIC tape player to extract the data....

QIC Tape Lost or Forgotten Password Data Recovery

A QIC-80 tape cartridge with it's outer case removed exposing the tape reel mechanisms. These small tapes were  often used in HP Colorado Backup, Windows 95, 98 backups, Seagate and Backpack we have been able to recover the files even when the password was forgotten or the drive belt snapped.
QIC Tape Cartridge Data Recovery - Forgotten Password

Data Recovery, , ....Such tapes were often used on Windows (possibly NT 4 or Windows 95 / 98), the software that wrote the data to the QIC80 tape may be HP Colorado, BackPack by Micro Solutions and many others....

AIX CPIO tape file transfer to CD

A DC6150 tape used in AIX Unix system undergoing file transfer. The tape needed files restoring via CPIO backup program.
IBM 6150 AIX cpio backup tape files to CD

Data Transfer, , ....The other day we received IBM 6150 Tape Data Cartridges from 1994.Similar tapes are made by Graham Magnetics (Epoch DC), 3M & Verbatim DC 6150....

Colorado Tape copy files to CD

An HP Colorado backup tape that was used in Tracker Jumbo and Surestor cassette drives. These were re-badged QIC Mini-Cartridge with capacity 250mb and 680mb and can be read to USB, CD, DVD or hard drive.
HP Colorado Tape Cassettes copy files

Data Copying File Transfer, , ....We can recover the files from these QIC and Travan cartridges and transfer them to CD for reading on modern Mac or Windows PCs.....

Audio DAT Tape Convert to Wav files

A Maxell Audio DAT cassette with music recordings that needed to be converted to CD or USB drive.
Transfer Audio DAT to CD

Data Transfer, , ....Tapes are often 60 or 90 minutes in length and recorded to a 4 mm magnetic tape contained in a casstte cartridge....

LTO Ultrium Tape Transfer

An LTO Ultrium tape drive front face in black used to read LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3 data cartridges and save files to a hard drive.
LTO Ultrium Tape Data Recovery

Data Transfer, , ....The service includes LTO1 LTO2 LTO3 LTO-1 LTO-2 LTO-3 data cartridges.....

Sun Solaris Exabyte Mammoth Tape data recovery

A Dysan Exabyte Mammoth 8mm tape used on a Sun Solaris. The software used to back data up to the tape was unknown but we managed to read the low level data to work out it was saved using ufs-dump facility. So we used ufs-restore to extract the files to USB hard drive and DVD.
Mammoth Exabyte Sun Solaris ufsdump tape data recovery to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....A client had such a 2.3GB Dysan Exabyte tape written with ufsdump under Sun Solaris Operating System (OS)....

UNIX QIC Travan tape data transfer to CD

A QIC travan tape used in a Unix system to operate CNC machine.. The files were stored using tar so we restored them to a CD and made the files readable on a Windows PC.
QIC Travan 150mb tape Unix data transfer to CD

Data Recovery, , ....An engineering company had CNC machine data stored via Unix system to QIC tapes using TAR program but now found themselves without a UNIX system, tape drive and someone to operate it all!....

Quantum DLT Tape File Transfer to DVD

A series of DLT tapes shown lined up in a row. The tapes were used with Retrospect on an old Apple Mac under OS9 software. They had their data read and transferred to DVD and USB hard disk.
DLT tape Retrospect backup transfer files to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....The design of the tape drive was such to minimize wear on the tape and they have provided a reliable removable storage media....

Design CAD data DAT Tape download to DVD

A DAT tape shown at an angle to the camera. The original computer system or software was unknown but it held some vital CAD drawings that needed to be downloaded to USB.
DAT Tape AutoCAD files download to DVD

Data Recovery, , ....A CAD design company near Leeds found it had to do modifications on an old CAD files steelwork design drawings archived on DAT tape which they did not know the computer or software used to store the data....

DC-6150 QIC-150 6

A DC6150 Tape by 3M shown with it's cassette cartridge cover. This tape was used in a Unix/Linux computer system to back files up but the client no longer had the reader to extract the data, but needed it saving to a Windows PC USB.
Convert Unix DC-6150 QIC Tape to CD

Data Recovery, , ....They no longer had a Unix system or tape reader to extract the data....

Tape Transfer and File Restoration News

Tape Transfer and File Restoration News problems that we recover data from are listed below.
transfer, read, copy tapes to usb hard disks, external hard drives, hdds, dvd, cd.
We read and transfer files from Tapes to disks such as USB drives, HDD, CD, DVD. We can recover backup or archive data from the tapes and save it to modern media.